Weekly Amazon Seller News - May 4th, 2021

“Amazon confirms Prime Day will be in June” (Source: Cnet) 

  • Start prepping for Prime Day because according to multiple reports it’s set to kick off in mid-to-late June this year
  • Amazon said in its quarterly earnings report on Thursday that its annual Prime Day will take place in the second quarter, shifting from its delayed October slot in 2020. 
  • There is no confirmed, official date at the moment, but Amazon is concerned with transportation slow downs in July. 
  • Chief Financial Officer Brian Olsavsky specified during a press call that the event will take place earlier this year, in June.
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“New Brand Catalog Manager tool for brand owners” (Source: Amazon News)

  • Brand owners can grow their business by using the new Brand Catalog Manager tool in the Brands section on Seller Central.
  • This tool shows you who is selling your branded products, the average customer ratings of each product, your 12-month potential sales revenue opportunity, and more.
  • Watch the Manage your Brand Catalog video in Seller University or go to the About Brand Catalog Manager Help page to learn how the tool can help you manage your business.
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“Amazon Dumps Collectibles across a Number of Categories” (Source: eCommerceBytes) 

  • Amazon will no longer allow “collectibles” in a number of categories.
  • Items in affected categories currently listed in “collectible” condition will have to be reclassified as “new” or “used.”
  • The categories Amazon is banning collectible condition products are Video Games, Kitchen, Outdoors, Patio, Lawn & Garden, Tools & Home Improvement, and Appliances.
  • Sellers will be prohibited from listing these items beginning June 30, 2021, at which time Amazon will remove listings that don’t comply with the new policy.
  • If you have remaining inventory of the affected products in Amazon fulfillment centers, you will need to create a removal order after June 30th.
  • If no action is taken, the affected listings will not be available for sale in the Amazon store.
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“Update to Multi-Channel Fulfillment fees: Effective June 1, 2021” (Source: Amazon News) 

  • Reminder that Amazon’s next US Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) fee adjustment will take place on June 1, 2021.
  • You can review all the upcoming changes on the 2021 US Multi-Channel Fulfillment fee changes page.
  • Amazon also shared that they’ve recently launched many of sellers’ top-requested MCF features, (check out details about all features in the article at the link below)
  • You are now able to sign up to be put on the waitlist for the beta test of the unbranded packaging and international shipping features.
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“Amazon.com Announces First Quarter Results” (Source: Amazon) 

  • In an all-around blockbuster first quarter, Amazon’s own retail operations took a back seat to its marketplace. 
  • Online store sales rose 44% to $52.9 billion, with net product sales up 37.4% to $57.5 billion and physical store sales down 16% to $3.9 billion.
  • Amazon net sales soared 44% to $108.5 billion and net income more than tripled to $8.1 billion.
  • Its third-party seller services rose 64% to $23.7 billion, and “other,” which the company has said includes advertising, soared 77% to $6.9 billion. 
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