We win awards.

Our Amazon expertise wins more customers and wins awards, really. We were honored with the AMER Challenger Award at the 2023 Amazon Ads Partner Awards.

Amazon Ads Partner Awards 2023 Winner

At Lab 916, our mission transcends beyond typical Amazon management. 

We specialize in transforming challenges into triumphs – precisely why we’re the proud recipients of the 2023 Amazon Challenger Award. Our trailblazing approach for the KOBO soy-candle brand not only defied constraints but set new benchmarks, achieving staggering sales with astute ad spending.

we’re the proud recipients of the 2023 Amazon Challenger

Not Just Strategy, But Mastery in Execution

Lab 916 isn’t just about strategizing; we’re about execution that gets noticed. With a blend of creative ingenuity and data-driven precision, we turned a lean budget and tight timeline into a success story, achieving an impressive ACoS of 11.9% and a total ACOS of 4.5%. It’s not just about managing your Amazon account; it’s about elevating it to new heights of profitability and impact. A winning factor in the Amazon Ads Partner Awards.

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