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Our Values


One of the issues many sellers have with Amazon is inaccuracy. We value accuracy to make accurate metrics and accurate reporting part of the way we do business.


We believe in staying lean and keeping costs low and flexibility high. We’re committed to growing carefully and maintaining our lean team of experts and professionals.


We value long-term commitment in business. Our strength is in our experience. We don’t believe in “get rich quick” schemes or approaches to marketing and selling on Amazon.


We are always transparent about our pricing, our commitments, our team, and the sales and metrics that are important to our customers.

The Team of Experts


Ary Ashoor

Ary Ashoor is co-founder of Lab 916 and currently serves as managing partner. Ary manages the data insight department and is the primary Amazon optimization consultant for Lab 916’s expanding portfolio of clients. In addition to overseeing the agency operations and direction, Ary is leading the innovation of Lab 916’s e-commerce analytics software.

Vincent Vu is co-founder of Lab 916 and currently serves as managing partner. In addition to building client relationships, Vincent actively engages in public speaking about the Amazon space. He is passionate about building legacy e-commerce brands through cutting-edge digital marketing initiatives, an ability he’s cultivated after launching five successful brands from the ground up on Amazon.

Vincent Vu


At Lab 916, we know exactly how to make your Amazon effort a success.

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