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We Manage Your Amazon Account So You Don't Have To

Delegate all of your Amazon strategy so you can focus on growing your business.

Dedicated Strategist

An expert strategist and operations manager for Amazon dedicated to your business success. From devising robust strategies to executing them, we handle everything.

Data & Reporting

With our Amazon account management services, you can drive your business decisions with insights drawn from comprehensive data analysis and proprietary reporting.

Technical Task Work

Leave the technical heavy lifting to us. Our experts are experts at navigating through Amazon's intricate back-end tasks.

Invest In A Quality Team And Get Quality Results

We are always part of your team and guide your brand to success on Amazon.

Your Amazon Management Team Should Handle All The Below:

We think we've covered everything, but if we left something out, just make a note and we'll include it in your marketing plan.

Listing Issues Catalog Management
Reactivate Listings Update Listing Attributes
Resolve Suppressed Listings Brand Name Update
Correct Pricing Errors Support Flatfile/Bulk Files
Address High Return Rate Recategorize Listings
Recover Stranded Inventory Merge ASINs
Secure Missing Buy Box Create Listing Variations
Fix Variation Reviews
Address Missing Best Seller Rank
Inventory Management Account Health
Inventory Planning Address IP Violations
Reconcile Inventory Manage Suspected IP Claims
Inventory Removal Issues Resolve Authenticity Complaints
Reserved Inventory Handle Product Condition Complaints
Product Dimensions Remeasurement Address Product Safety Issues
Manage FBA Inventory Over 365 Days Resolve Listing Policy Violations
Manage Restricted Policy Violations
Operational Support Non-PPC Promotions
Account Health Check Create Coupons
New Market Expansion Create Promotional Discounts
PPC Reports Organize Lightning Deals
Manage Subscribe and Save
Implement Small & Light Program
Create Bundle Listings
Shipment Management Customer & Order Support
New Shipment Creation Remove Bad Feedback
Product Addition Issues Address Non-Compliant Reviews
Late Shipment Management Resolve Multi-Channel Fulfillment
Shipment Reconciliation Manage FBA Order Issues

We Let You Choose The Right Service For You

We’ll provide all the support you need to keep making progress towards your goals.

Standard Management - $1000 per month

  • Includes all essential Amazon account management services.
  • Standard customer support with a guaranteed response time.
  • Monthly reporting with basic analytics.
  • Suitable for smaller businesses or those new to Amazon.

Professional Management - $2500 per month

  • Includes everything in Standard Management.
  • Priority customer support with faster response times.
  • Enhanced reporting with more detailed analytics and insights.
  • Bi-weekly strategic consulting sessions for account growth.
  • Access to additional resources like basic design and marketing support.
  • Ideal for medium-sized businesses looking for more tailored support.

Enterprise Management - $5000 per month

  • Includes all services offered in Professional Management.
  • Personalized account manager dedicated to your account.
  • Instant priority support and fastest turnaround times.
  • Comprehensive, custom reporting tailored to your specific needs.
  • Weekly strategic consulting sessions with deep dives into performance.
  • Full access to advanced design, marketing, and strategic resources.
  • Accommodates specific, complex needs of large businesses or those with unique requirements.

You Asked, We Answer.

Still have a question we didn't answer? Include it in your marketing plan request and we'll get it answered.


Why choose a specialized Amazon account management service?

Managing an Amazon account requires intricate knowledge and constant attention. With Lab 916’s specialized Amazon account management service, you get expert oversight that navigates the complexities of Amazon’s marketplace, saving you time and maximizing your profitability. Our team brings specialized skills in areas like listing optimization, inventory management, and advertising strategies, ensuring your Amazon business thrives.


What makes an exceptional Amazon account management agency?

An exceptional Amazon account management agency, like Lab 916, offers comprehensive services covering every aspect of your Amazon presence. This includes strategic planning, listing optimization, competitive analysis, advertising management, and performance tracking. Our team’s deep expertise and proven track record ensure your Amazon business not only grows but excels in a competitive marketplace.


What are typical contract terms for Amazon account management?

At Lab 916, we understand that each business has unique needs. Our contract terms are flexible, tailored to align with your specific Amazon goals and operational requirements. Whether you need short-term project support or long-term strategic partnership, we offer contract terms that suit your business model.


Who retains ownership of Amazon account data and creative content?

You retain complete ownership of all data and creative content associated with your Amazon account. Our role is to enhance and optimize your presence on Amazon, but all assets, from product listings to advertising creatives, remain under your ownership. We believe in transparency and empower you with full access to your account information.


Will I have full access to my Amazon account during management?

Absolutely! With Lab 916 managing your Amazon account, you maintain full access and visibility. We believe in a transparent partnership, where you’re always informed and in control. Our goal is to work alongside you, ensuring seamless integration with your business operations.


How is the fee structure determined for Amazon account management?

Our fee structure is customized based on the scope of services required and the complexity of your Amazon account. We offer both percentage-based and flat fee structures, designed to align with your business objectives and budget considerations.


What scale of business do you cater to for Amazon account management?

Lab 916 caters to a wide range of business sizes, from emerging brands to established Amazon sellers. Our services are scalable, ensuring we can support your growth journey, regardless of whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your existing Amazon presence.


Do you specialize in certain product categories for Amazon account management?

Our expertise spans a broad spectrum of product categories on Amazon. From consumer electronics to beauty products, Lab 916 has extensive experience in diverse niches, ensuring that we can tailor our account management strategies to your specific product category and market dynamics.


How do you integrate with existing Amazon operations?

Our approach is to seamlessly integrate with your existing Amazon operations. We adapt to your established processes, working with your current account setup and strategies, to enhance and optimize without disrupting your ongoing business activities.


How transparent is the reporting and communication process?

At Lab 916, we prioritize clear, consistent communication and transparent reporting. By availing any of our Amazon account management services, you’ll receive regular updates on account performance, campaign effectiveness, and strategic insights, ensuring you’re always informed and can make data-driven decisions for your Amazon business.

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