Kobo Candles: The Award-winning Amazon Case Study

It’s not everyday that you get to read a case study that won the Amazon Challenger Award this year. It’s also not everyday that the team that won the award shares the marketing plan that got us all there.

When you’re a new brand in the candle space, you already know that there is going to be a lot of competition – each competitor is just as passionate and cunning as you about growing the brand. You need more than just a cool box or backstory – you need a full 360* strategy to win on Amazon, especially in 2023. 🔍

KOBO Candles came to us needing a marketing strategy to launch them on Amazon. We made them the plan that took them to another galaxy in such a short amount of time. This is what we do best, and we do it better than anyone else in the Amazon space.📈

Our first focus was how the customer’s eyes would perceive our candles. The main product image is the first thing that your customer sees before they click in to see more detail about our candles and the product images are the next thing they scroll through as they learn about our candles.🎨

We combined our creative eye with competitor brand research to create a visual feast with every single product image serving a specific purpose for the customer’s perceived questions.

With our product image optimization, we were able to win KOBO Candles:

💡251% increase in total sales YTD / 100-600% YTD sales increase for top seller products.

💡up to 70% increase in CTR in the second quarter and a 10% increase in CTR just in November

💡300-400% increase in Product Page Views for top seller products, translating into literally “Scroll-Stoping”

These metrics translate to real dollars in the pocket of our clients, and it doesn’t end here, in fact, this is just the beginning. 💥

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