Weekly Amazon Seller News - April 27th, 2021

“Change to returnless refund Amazon for international seller-fulfilled orders” (Source: Amazon News) 

  • Effective May 25, 2021, if you fulfill customer orders in the US from a country outside of the US, you must provide a valid US return address (for items under $25).
  • Amazon will use this address to generate prepaid return labels for customers on eligible return requests.
  • If a US return address is not provided, Amazon will issue the customer a refund for eligible returns under $25, without requiring the item to be returned (Returnless Refund Amazon).
  • Next steps: If you do not have a local return address, an international returns provider on the Solution Provider Network may be able to help.
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“Goodbye ASIN Level Quantity Limits, Hello Storage Type Level Restock Limits” (Source: Helium 10)

  • Effective April 22, 2021, FBA products are no longer subject to ASIN-level quantity limits.
  • Instead, restock limits will be set at the storage-type level, offering you more flexibility in managing your shipments.
  • While in some cases this is great news, there are some sellers for whom this is actually a net negative move, due to the new restock limitations that are now in place.
  • In a nutshell, your restock limits are at the account level now, not ASIN level, and they are by “storage type,” at the account level.
  • Sellers will have to customize their plan to navigate these inventory restock limits.
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“New size attributes required for apparel products listings” (Source: Amazon News) 

  • From April 26, 2021, you must provide standardized apparel size attributes when you create new listings, and update existing listings.
  • This includes for the product types: pants, shorts, overalls, swimwear, bra, corset, undergarment_slip, shirt, skirt, and hat.
  • Use of standardized apparel sizes will improve the customer shopping experience by providing consistent size values for apparel products across the store.
  • Instead of using free-form text for apparel sizing information, you must select values from a standardized list for size attributes.
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“Extend your small business reach with Amazon Explore” (Source: Amazon News) 

  • Amazon Explore is a new service that lets you bring customers to your physical store, virtually with one-to-one, personalized experiences.
  • You can sell products that a customer sees during the experience without setting up an online catalog.
  • You can also take a picture, add your product information at the point of sale, and Amazon will process the transaction.
  • And, you can easily schedule appointments with customers through an online portal. With full control over setting your availability.
  • Amazon is offering a free trial for existing sellers, and a promotional discount until July 1, 2021, to help reduce the cost of your phone and other gear.
  • This is a limited-time offer and limited to one set of gear (gimbal, phone, and headphones) per seller account.
  • Send an email to explore-shopping@amazon.com if you’re interested in this new service.
  • Read the full article here
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