Weekly Amazon Seller News - April 13th, 2021

“Reminder: Provide product IDs (GTINs) for listings” (Source: Amazon News) 

  • Amazon recommends that you obtain your GTINs directly from GS1 (and not from other third parties selling GTIN licenses) to ensure that the appropriate information is reflected in the GS1 database.
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“It looks like Amazon is changing the dates for Prime Day again” (Source: Vox)

  • One year after Amazon moved Prime Day from July to October, the company is planning to hold its 2021 annual discount shopping event closer to its normal summertime slot.
  • Multiple internal and external sources say Amazon is currently targeting June to hold the 2021 Prime Day event. If Amazon moves ahead with this plan, the Prime Day multi-day sales event will most likely happen in the middle to latter part of the month.
  • Sources also say that Amazon has considered adding another shopping event around the fall, even with the return of Prime Day to summertime. It’s unclear if such an additional event is still under consideration.
  • Amazon execs may want to boost sales in the second quarter of the year to help with financial comparisons to the second quarter of 2020, when Amazon revenue grew an above-average 40 percent amid lockdown-fueled stock-up splurges.
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“Melting temperature attribute will soon be a required step for ASINs” (Source: Amazon News) 

  • To help improve the customer experience, Amazon has added a melting temperature attribute for ASINs. Starting April 22, 2021, this attribute will be a required step when you fill out information.
  • This includes new ASINs and all existing ASINs when you update any attribute on a product information page.
  • For meltable items, such as chocolate, lip balms, and wax-based products, select Yes for is heat sensitive and provide information about the product’s melting temperature.
  • Although melting temperature is currently an optional attribute, you should update your affected ASINs now so that they are current as of April 22.
  • If you offer temperature-sensitive ASINs that Amazon also offers, the product attributes may have been updated already.
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“Notification on new product types and attributes” (Source: Amazon News) 

  • In the month of March, Amazon introduced new product types and attributes to improve your product detail pages.
  • To view what product types and attributes were launched, refer to Amazon’s Help page.
  • When creating a new listing, you can view these new product types in Seller Central when classifying your product in the Add a product tool and when selecting the appropriate template to download via Add a product via upload.
  • These changes will not affect your existing selection but you can provide these additional attributes by editing your products via Manage Inventory or by updating your listings in bulk.
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