Weekly Amazon Seller News - November 10, 2020

“Higher Amazon advertising costs are expected during peak seasons” (Source: Digital Commerce 360)

  • Amazon advertising has substantiated itself as a valuable component of Amazon.com’s billions of dollars in revenue. 
  • While the consistently increasing number of advertisers on Amazon is great for Amazon’s pockets, it results in more competition for third-party sellers looking to survive on the marketplace.
  • Amazon’s “other” category—which mostly consists of advertising revenue, according to Amazon—was $5.40 billion in Q3 2020, a 50.5% increase year over year. 
  • Amazon ad sales grew 77% year over year in Q2 2020 and 67% in Q3. These sales were against the backdrop of early coronavirus shifts as shoppers moved online, but they were also during a time when Amazon was dealing with logistical problems concerning fulfillment.
  • During this time there was a 9.6% increase in the year-over-year quarterly breakdown of Amazon’s net sales by channel in the ‘other’ channel which mostly consists of advertising costs.
  • For this year’s Prime Day, the average spend on Sponsored Brand ads was up 263% year over year on day one of Prime Day and up 238% on the second day. 
  • With such strong growth for Amazon advertising, marketplace sellers must plan strategically around their marketing budget.
  • Despite the “very competitive ecosystem” of Amazon advertising, retailers only need to spend enough to get noticed, build a reputation, and increase rankings within the Amazon search engine. 
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“Global Express Program Overview” (Source: Amazon Seller Central) 

  • Global Express (GE) is an end-to-end global export program that allows you to list, sell and deliver products from your warehouse in the United States to worldwide customers door to door.
  • By joining this program, worldwide customers are able to search, browse and purchase your products on Amazon.com.
  • Amazon helps you identify which of your products are eligible for Global Express and you can benefit from Amazon negotiated international shipping rates from a trusted network of shipping partners to fulfill your international orders through Buy Shipping services.
  • Currently, the Global Express program is only eligible for Sellers in the United States. Eligible Sellers will receive the program enrollment link in email invitations. 
  • Once you click Enroll on the program page, Global Express Shipping Settings will be activated in all your Shipping Templates. 
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“Guide to holiday marketing with sponsored ads” (Source: Amazon Advertising)

  • Amazon kickstarted holiday shopping in October this year, and with that, many sellers began planning a head start on Holiday marketing, too.
  • Whatever your goals are this year whether it’s to take advantage of key sales days to introduce your brand and products to Amazon shoppers around the world, or to get more eyes on your biggest deals or scale a new product, holiday marketing is a chance for your brand to stand out on Amazon. 
  • Advertising with sponsored ads can help you, so Amazon prepared a holiday season guide on using sponsored ads and Stores before, during, and after this peak shopping period. 
  • First, you’ll want to check out the article at the link below, for a list of key dates to recognize in different countries, so you can plan to make the most of increased traffic.
  • Everything else comes down to planning and executing the best strategies for your brand. The guide has some points about how to drive Amazon holiday sales and grow reach, consideration, and conversions.
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“Frustration-Free Packaging: The Ultimate Guide for Amazon Sellers (and Vendors)” (Source: Business 2 Community) 

  • By 2030 Amazon wants its shipment emissions down by 50 percent. They call it Shipment Zero. But Frustration-Free Packaging is more than a decade older than Amazon’s newly launched Shipment Zero.
  • The program benefits sellers because it cuts packaging costs, sellers need less time to prepare and ship products, and they save packing materials.
  • It also benefits others because you can improve user experience with packages that are easier to open and it’s more earth-friendly because it uses recycled materials for packaging.
  • Amazon originally launched its Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) program with 19 products. 
  • Twelve years later, this program has avoided more than 1.4 billion boxes and grown to include over 1.3 million products.
  • With a Frustration-Free Packaging certification, you’ll shave the extra cost of packaging down to its essence while delivering exceptional customer experiences with your product packaging.
  • This guide has all of the information and steps you’ll need to get certified.
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