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A complete refresh

LippyClip approached us with little Amazon experience, but an ingenious product to offer: a pouch designed to perfectly hold lip balms and clip anywhere, to make the dream of never losing your lip balm again come true.

They had built their own e-commerce channel on a custom domain and put together some basic listings on Amazon but were not seeing the sales that they had expected. Our job was to bring life to stagnant listings, create a uniform brand presence for LippyClip across this new channel, and implement the marketing strategies that would bring them the visibility and sales they needed to succeed.

The accessory they didn’t even know they needed

We recognized the appeal of the LippyClip for busy moms, bustling young professionals, students, and other on-the-go people who would welcome a little something to make their lives easier. From this understanding, we performed keyword research for these targeted audiences, so that the LippyClip would land right in front of the people who would fall in love with it the most.

Piecing together the words

The concept is simple enough, but what we found so special about LippyClip was its elegant problem-solving capacity and the mission behind the brand. After incorporating our high-performing keywords, we examined the product even more closely to uncover points that the original listings didn’t mention.

Highlighting that the LippyClip reduces waste by eliminating the practice of constantly buying replacement lip balms introduced an eco-friendly angle. We also upgraded “handmade in the USA” to be more specific and valuable, noting that LippyClip provides opportunities for women to master a craft.

Bringing it together

The wide variety of designs is part of what makes the LippyClip so special: anyone can find one that they love. However, each design had originally been uploaded separately. We remedied this by grouping the full spectrum of colors and styles into one big, beautiful variation listing for customers to browse through easily.

We know that increasing selection always creates a better user experience, and there were benefits on our end: this practice compiles the reviews left on any one design so that even the less popular SKUs could bask in the stars and positive feedback.

Bringing it together

Translating a brand

Crafting Enhanced Brand Content was a must for LippyClip, whose website showed us that they had existing strong branding and a valuable story to offer. Our task was to translate this brand identity from the website into the more restricted spaces on Amazon, creatively working around template restrictions to produce beautiful Enhanced Brand Content that drew the viewer into the LippyClip experience.

We transformed the blank white Amazon background into an editorial-style product feature and brand story with the colors, fonts, and language that define the brand: soft shades of coordinating pastels, clean, modern lines, and a passionate voice.

Attention, please

LippyClip is not only an inventive idea come to life, but a passion project with a mission to empower women by providing opportunities to work from home. After crafting all of this custom content for them to show off the product to its full capacity and tell the story behind the brand, we had to make sure that it reached interested eyes and ears.

An Amazon PPC campaign targeted towards their ideal customers brought a fresh wave of traffic to their newly optimized listing, bumping their sales from [sales before] to [sales after] within [timeframe].

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