How to Sell on Walmart Marketplace

Walmart Marketplace is an eCommerce service that lets businesses sell products online. A business can list products for sale, set prices, and receive payments through the online payment system. 

Selling on Walmart Marketplace might let vendors reach a large audience of consumers. With a user-friendly platform and easy payment system, this is an excellent way for businesses to sell their products.

Businesses should consider carefully how they want to market and sell their products on the Marketplace. The platform is easy to use and popular with other sellers, so it’s important to design a marketing strategy that will appeal to this audience. This article will provide tips on how to sell on, including tips on product listing, pricing, and marketing.

What is Walmart Marketplace and What Makes It Different from Others?

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Several years ago, the new store service was launched and allowed customers to pick up their orders online and pay in the store.

Walmart took part in the online market in 2009 when it launched the marketplace – a platform for letting third-party retailers sell their products on

They helped many retailers across the country to sell their products on their websites. This was to enable them to sell more products effectively and help them get more customers.

It is estimated that the platform has 300-400 retailers in the country, some of them big names like eBags, ProTeam, and Wayfair. Products from third parties are sold under the marketplace on the website. This allows us to differentiate them from the usual items that Walmart sells in stores.

So, similar to Amazon’s online marketplace, the marketplace is a platform where big or small businesses can sell their products to consumers. With the marketplace, businesses can access a large audience of potential customers, and receive payments from buyers directly. Stores that sell products through the marketplace must meet the standards for quality, safety, and customer service.

Third-party vendors in the marketplace need to comply with some policies and guidelines. Businesses must list their products accurately and truthfully and must meet all product listing requirements.

Prices on the marketplace must be reasonable, and sellers may not artificially inflate prices. Sellers are also required to comply with the payment policy, which requires them to accept payments through the online payment system.

Inventory management is critical for professional sellers. It is important to keep your product inventory accurate and up-to-date so that you can meet customer demand. Product listing is also important. Sellers should list their products clearly and concisely, and include accurate product information.

Selling on Walmart Marketplace can be a positive experience that is rewarding for both the e-commerce business and the customer. The product catalog on the marketplace is extensive, and there are a variety of products to choose from. As a seller, it is important to list amazing products that are appealing to potential buyers. It is also important to set prices that are reasonable and to ensure that payments are processed quickly.

Why You Should Consider Selling Your Products on Walmart Marketplace

With a massive audience and low entry barriers, the platform is a great platform for online sellers to market and sell their products. The capabilities of the platform, combined with the well-known customer base, make it an excellent choice for businesses looking to sell products online. Sales channels that work well in the marketplace include online ads, social media, and email marketing.

Online businesses can sell products on the marketplace by signing up for an account and listing a product. Businesses can list products for sale in a variety of categories, including health and beauty, toys and games, home and garden, and electronics.

Millions of sellers sell products on the platform every day, so there is no need to be intimidated. With the right tips and strategies, business can be a lucrative opportunity.

1. Large Audience

Walmart’s marketplace has a large audience of potential buyers. With over 50 million products available, there’s a good chance that someone who is looking for it will find your product.

2. Fast Delivery Times

The marketplace products typically arrive within two days, depending on the shipping option you choose. So, you can start to market your products quickly and easily, with no need to wait for long periods. Customers love quick and easy transactions, so this is an important advantage for businesses in the marketplace.

3. Low Cost of Entry

Starting a business in the marketplace is not as expensive as you might think. You don’t need to have a large inventory or a lot of money set aside – all you need is a product and an online store account.

4. Reports and Statistics

Walmart offers businesses a wealth of reports and statistics that can help them understand how their products are performing. This data can help make decisions about marketing your products, and to improve your business overall.

The platform gives you clear insight and metrics on your sales performance. The marketplace is great for multi-channel retailers because it gives them a lot of flexibility and offers them much better reach.

Some retailers like to use eBay and Amazon as their marketplaces. However because there are fewer competitors in the marketplace, many sellers are now using the platform.

But gaining Walmart approval to sell on their marketplace can be difficult because they choose their sellers selectively, and only those who provide outstanding products and services. They give preference to those who integrate their systems and provide full-stack solutions.

5. Customer Feedback

Selling products on the platform allows you to get feedback from loyal customers. This feedback can help you improve your products, and create a better experience for customers.

Walmart Fulfillment Services, What It Is and How It Can Help Sellers

Walmart’s marketplace is a website that allows sellers to list and market items online. Sellers must have an account and register to use an account and start doing business on the platform. When registering, sellers must provide basic data such as name, contact information, as well as address.

Once registered, sellers can start listing products by creating an online store. Sellers can list products in a variety of categories, including items for sale online, home goods, and electronics.

When a buyer clicks on a product to purchase it, the seller is notified and receives a payment for the product. If the buyer does not purchase the product, the seller can either relist the product or receive a refund for the product.

The Walmart Fulfillment Services is a program that allows Walmart to fulfill orders for products sold on the marketplace. Fulfillment services allow them to quickly and efficiently deliver products to buyers. Fulfillment services also help sellers receive payments for products sold on the marketplace.

This service makes it easy and quick for buyers to purchase products from sellers on the marketplace. Fast shipping, easy payment processing, and reliable customer service are just a few of the benefits that sellers can enjoy when using Walmart Fulfillment Services.

Walmart has created a similar service to Amazon, to help sellers sell more products on the Walmart Marketplace by taking advantage of Amazon FBA.

For sellers who need their orders fulfilled immediately, WFS may be an ideal solution. WFS makes selling products on the website easier, allowing sellers to get more customers while generating additional income from their products.

All items that you sell through the platform will automatically become part of Walmart+, which allows customers to receive their products in just two business days (not necessarily during peak season, which is September to January).

Buyers can simply shop with to make a purchase and ship the products to any of their fulfillment centers. Your items can be arranged and shipped out to customers within two business days of receiving them.

They charge sellers a basic selling fee of 4% to 5% of the revenue from each sale they make. Amazon charges 20% to 30% of revenue from each sale it makes. You will not pay a subscription fee every time a customer orders a product from the platform, and it is quite common for sellers to have orders fulfilled within a week.

You will likely be charged a fee for referring customers to the website, depending on the type of products that you sell. This usually costs between 6% and 15% for each sale that an affiliate makes on its site.

How To Sell on Walmart Marketplace? Tips for New and Existing Sellers

Selling products on is simple. We will outline the steps necessary to get started, including setting up an account, creating a product listing, and submitting your product for sale.

Step 1: Create an Account

To sell products on the platform, you first need to create an account. To do this, visit the marketplace’s website and click on the “Apply Now” button.

Once you have registered, you will be prompted to provide some personal data including name, email, and a new password. You will also have to write your business information, including the business category and your business address.

You will need to get approval before you can start selling products. You can check your email for an approval notification once you have registered.

Step 2: Set Up Your Partner Profile

After you have successfully created an account, the next step is to set up your partner profile. Here, sellers can add information about their bank account, tax identification number, and other business information.

Set Up Your Partner Profile

The partner profile is important because it will let customers contact you directly. Also, you need to add a photo and a short description of your business.

Step 3: Create a Product Listing

To sell items on the marketplace, you have to set a product listing first. To do this, visit the “Product Listing” section of the marketplace website and click on the “Create Listing” button.

Sellers need to include information about the product, such as the product’s name, price, and quantity. They will also have to include information about the product’s description, features, as well as specifications. Information about your product’s shipping and handling fees will be required as well.

Step 4: Submit Your Product for Sale

After listing the product, you ought to submit it for sale. The process is quite simple and will require some product information, product images, and pricing information. Once your product is approved for sale, you will be able to start generating sales leads and expanding your reach on the platform.

The approval process for product listings on the marketplace is quick and simple. Once you have submitted your product listing, Walmart will review the application. If your product listing meets their standards, the company will approve it and notify you of the approval decision. This application process can take around 24 hours.

The sooner you submit your product, the sooner you can start generating sales leads and expanding your reach in the marketplace.

Sellers can’t direct shoppers to their products directly; orders are shipped in plain boxes with Walmart marketing material in them. Although your company name may not be included in every item that a customer buys from you, some of those shoppers will likely visit your website to learn more about that item.

Plus, you are the one who determines the inventory you need, the price, the customer service and the fulfillment process. This helps you to build your business in a way that customers remember you and your products.

In the Walmart Seller Center, you can easily test the checkout process, the cancellation process, and even the refund process. You’ll be able to see where customers are experiencing bottlenecks during the checkout process and how they might affect their ability to make a purchase. Keep an eye out for long checkout processes, because 27% of customers abandon their shopping carts after a long or complex process.

You’ll get paid regularly for the products that you sell on To sell on the platform, you don’t have to pay a fee every month. You just receive a referral fee each time someone sells an item that you’ve recommended. They range from 6% to 20%, based on the amount of product sold.

Step 5: Generate Sales Leads and Expand Your Reach

To generate sales leads, you can use the built-in marketing tools available on the platform, or you can enlist the help of a professional marketing company. By expanding your reach on the marketplace, you can reach a wider audience of potential customers who are interested in buying your products.

7 Key Selling Tips to Be a Better Seller on the Marketplace

When selling products on the marketplace, it is important to follow a few simple tips.

1. Inventory

Listing your item is not the only important thing to do. You also need to be sure there is enough inventory of your product. List the quantity you are offering, and also list the availability of the product.

It is important to monitor and manage inventory to avoid losing sales or having your products returned. If you notice your products are selling slowly or not at all, it may be time to adjust your listing or increase your shipping costs.

2. Pictures and Description

When you list your product, it is important to include high-quality pictures and a detailed description. Make sure to give customers an idea of the product’s features before they decide to buy it. Include all the information, such as the color, size, and specifications of the item.

Use a professional, high-quality picture. Also, provide a detailed description of the product. Your description should be detailed enough that buyers can understand what the product is and how it works. This will help potential buyers find what they need in the marketplace.

3. Audience

It is important to target a fixed audience. This means that you need to know your target market, and what they need on the platform.

When selling products, it is also important to make sure to list high-quality items. This will help attract more buyers and keep them interested in what you offer.

The primary product categories on the platform are food, home goods, and apparel. Businesses should list products in the most relevant categories to the target market. It is also important to pick a category that has high traffic. By selecting a high-traffic category, businesses can ensure that their products are more likely to be found by potential buyers.

Loyal customers are a key to success. When a customer searches for a product on the platform, the first result will be from the business that is the most relevant and has the best item ratings. If a customer clicks on a product from a business that they do not know, they will be directed to the product pages for products from more established businesses. To increase the chances of appearing in the search results, it is important to list high-quality products that apply to the customer’s search terms.

4. Pricing

When selling products on the platform, it is important to set a fair price. Consider the shipping and production costs. Also, be sure to set an affordable price for your target market.

One key factor to success is competitive pricing. Sellers should set prices that are lower than the competition, and monitor competitor prices. The platform’s payment system makes it easy for sellers to receive payments, so it is important to set competitive prices that are affordable and fair.

Competitive pricing means that sellers must be creative when pricing their products. For example, sellers can set prices based on specific features of their products (e.g. a product with a higher price might include additional features that make it more valuable). It is also important to consider the marketability of a product. For example, if a product is not commonly sold on the marketplace, then the seller might want to set a higher price to ensure that buyers are willing to pay for the product.

5. Payment

The marketplace’s payment process is straightforward and easy to use. All you need is a valid credit card and start getting your products out there. However, if you would like to use PayPal as your payment option, you will need to set up an account first.

Walmart partners with and to process payments made by Marketplace partners. You must have either of these services to receive payments from the platform. Sellers who pay seller taxes as shown on their W-8ECI tax returns can only use Payoneer.

Besides the shipping information you have already entered, you’ll find a range of shipping templates you can use to help you plan your shipping strategy.

6. Shipping


When shipping products, it is important to follow the platform’s shipping guidelines. Failure to do so may cause the platform to return or reject your product.

Include accurate shipping information in your listing, including your item’s weight, dimensions, and destination address. Use an appropriate shipping method and service, and include your shipping cost in your listing.

The shipping rates for the marketplace differ depending on the product. To find out the shipping rates for a specific product, click on the “Shipping & Handling” tab on the product page. It will list the shipping rates next to the “Buy Now” button.

7. Promotion

Promoting your products is essential for success. Post accurate product information, including the item’s brand, model, and quantity. You can also include promotional images and videos in your listings.

Promoting outside of Walmart Marketplace can also be beneficial. For example, you can make a post about your products on online auction websites or social media platforms.

Retailers who want to sell products on the platform should first create an account. After creating an account, sellers can make product listings for sale and define the prices. The platform will then process payments through its online payment system.

The Walmart Seller Center is the best place to start when selling products on the Marketplace. The Seller Center provides a user-friendly platform for businesses to list their products, set prices, and receive payments. Businesses can also access resources such as tips and advice, as well as customer support on the Seller Center.

When listing products, it is important to pay attention to the target market for the products you offer. Businesses should list products that apply to the target market, and which the target market will want to buy. Product listing tips include adding images of the product, pricing information, and product descriptions.

When determining the price of your items, it is essential to consider the competition. Prices should be able to attract customers, while also making a profit. Pricing tips include considering the cost of production, shipping costs, and other expenses associated with selling the product.

It is also important to market products on the marketplace. Marketing tips include creating a marketing plan, developing marketing materials such as product descriptions and images, and marketing through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

Walmart Marketplace’s Customer Care Explained

Walmart, which is among the world’s largest retailers, has built an amazing infrastructure in the online world. Its vast network of stores offers great customer support to its sellers. That’s why many businesses are attracted and wanted to know how to sell on Walmart marketplace.

From helping customers with the taxes they are because of the authorities to helping them manage the inventory, there is always someone to help them.

Customer Care is available 24/7 to help businesses with questions and problems with their account. Businesses can contact Customer Care by phone, chat, or email. Customer Care is highly responsive and helpful, and they will work with businesses to resolve any issues or questions they may have.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for them, and they take measures to ensure that businesses can sell their products with no problems. If there are any issues with a business’s account, Customer Care will work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Therefore, whether you are thinking of starting a new business or are an experienced seller, they offer a great way to sell products online with a customer support system that is available 24/7, businesses can sell their products with no problems. With a large customer base and an easy payment system, this is an excellent platform for sellers to market and sell their products.

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