You Need to Be Driving Off-Amazon Traffic to Your Amazon Store – The How & Why

We’ve discussed the importance of driving outside traffic to your Amazon listing when we talked about using social media to build your brand.

While Amazon offers reach to shoppers already looking for products and ready to buy, your scope widens significantly when you take your marketing efforts beyond the platform.

Amazon Stores recently rolled out a game-changing new program: Amazon Store Insights. With this recent development, sellers are now able to track daily visitors, views, views per visitor, sales, and units sold.

With these metrics in hand, savvy sellers are now able to effectively quantify their off-Amazon marketing strategies.

Off-Amazon Traffic: Let’s Review

Leveraging Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads to direct traffic to your listing gives you a huge competitive advantage over sellers who confine themselves to solely AMS.

Plus, this method is Amazon-approved: they want as many people as possible on their platform, so outside traffic is welcome.

The only disadvantage of this method when compared to AMS is the lack of data reporting to back up advertising efforts.

Until recently, there has been no way to measure how many views or sales came from a specific channel— unlike Amazon ads, which offer trackable metrics.

What Are Amazon Stores?

For those unfamiliar, Amazon Stores are an opportunity for brand-registered sellers to collect their products and information about them into a multi-page catalog within Amazon.

It’s the perfect landing page to direct off-Amazon traffic, as a well-designed Amazon Store can showcase multiple products and present a wide range of branded content, all in one place.

Another bonus of driving traffic here: your competitors do not appear on this page. Product detail pages, of course, feature the “Sponsored Products Related To This Item” carousel along with possible sidebar ads that could divert attention.

An Amazon Store is a more immersive experience for the customer, where only your brand and your products exist.

What’s Changing: Amazon Store Insights

The Amazon Store Insights feature is a long-awaited, much-needed way to track the effectiveness of external marketing campaigns.

Insights measures 4 traffic sources, as follows:

  1. Amazon Headline Search ads: Traffic from clicks on a Headline Search ad
  2. Amazon organic traffic: Organic traffic from search results or brand detail page links
  3. Tagged sources: Tracks performance of specific off-Amazon traffic
  4. Other: Uncategorized traffic that does not fall into one of the above categories

Tagged sources are the measurement of interest to us today, as they offer the groundbreaking ability to quantify off-Amazon advertising campaigns.

How To Use Tagged Sources Data

Ready to break down your data? For only a few steps on your end, Amazon Store Insights can start tracking for you.

After launching an off-Amazon advertising campaign, such as a Facebook Ads prospecting campaign to reach your brand’s target audience. Create a lookalike audience based on their email list. Log into Amazon Store Insights and set up a source tag to track the performance of this specific campaign.

The source tag is added to the Amazon Store’s URL. Amazon can attribute every visit and any resulting sales to that traffic source.

If you’re not already driving off-Amazon traffic to your Amazon store, this new development is every reason you need to get started. Learn about using social media to build your brand for a great starting point.

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