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The August 1st deadline for vendors to meet efficient packaging requirements has arrived. The Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging Program, an initiative announced last Fall, directed Vendors to optimize their packaging by the Summer deadline — or else.

Who & What It Applies To

According to the letter sent to Vendors last year, which has been published by Fortune, the standards only apply to items “larger than 18” x 13” x 8” or 20 lbs. or more and sold through Amazon.”

In an effort to reduce the cost and amount of waste from packaging preparation, packing, and shipping, the Frustration-Free Packaging Program encourages vendors to ship items in “easy-to-open recyclable packaging” that is “in their original box – without the need for an Amazon overbox,” according to Amazon.

What It Costs

According to PCMag, “if the packaging is larger than it needs to be for the product inside, Amazon will fine a seller $1.99, but also reward them with a $1 if it isn’t.” 

Amazon states that if a customer requests that an item purchased come concealed in an Amazon overbox, there is no cost for the consumer.

Why It Matters

Vendors who don’t comply will be charged a fine per item, and may even be cut from Amazon’s site. On the bright side, if vendors meet efficient packaging standards before the deadline, they benefit from receiving credit and reduced shipping costs.

Products that fit the description above are certified by Amazon to ensure that Sellers and Vendors who sell larger items in North America can ship it in its original box, which will be designed to fully protect the item so that it arrives in good condition.

How It Affects All Amazon Sellers

Though the Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon is directing only Vendor-status brands at this time to make the change, it’s likely that the company will hold similar compact packaging expectations for all sellers in the future.

If you want to know more about Amazon packaging, check out the total breakdown of Amazon FBA packaging and shipping requirements.

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