10 Best Amazon Seller Forums To Make It On Amazon

As more people are pivoting towards a career in business on Amazon, they are finding it absolutely crucial to know more about how eCommerce works. And who better to tell them how it works than their fellow Amazon sellers? This need to connect has brought forth the origin of Amazon Seller Forums.

These forums aim to help sellers connect with other sellers, share mutually beneficial experiences, discuss common problems, ask for assistance, provide assistance and make business contacts. So let’s have a look at what exactly these Amazon Seller Forums are for.

What is Amazon Seller Forum

Amazon Seller Forum is a website for Amazon sellers where they get to interact with other Amazon sellers and help each other out.

It is a goldmine for new sellers as they can get first-hand advice on how to kick-start their businesses from people who have already done it. Amazon Seller Forums help sellers inquire about services and help solve issues. Sellers also get to share their practical experiences so that others can learn from it. This helps not only to build mutual respect for each other but is also profitable for businesses as they get the opportunity to make more business contacts.

Nonetheless, it has to be kept in mind that each forum is regulated by its own set of rules and guidelines. Anyone who wants to post anything must abide by all the rules. If any of a seller’s actions violate the guidelines of a forum, they preserve the right to ban their account.

Categories of Amazon Seller Forums

Amazon Seller Forums can be categorized into 3 sections based on the kind of questions asked in the forums. These are:

  • Sell on Amazon Seller Forums
  • FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) Seller Forums
  • Announcement-Based Amazon Seller Forums
  1. Selling-Based Amazon Seller Forum

The type of Amazon Seller Forum that has questions related to selling on Amazon fall under this category. These forums have other Amazon sellers and sometimes even representatives from Amazon answering these queries. Concerns associated with listing management, reports, help for sellers, shipping, returns, management of orders and feedback are also included in this category.

2. FBA-Based Amazon Seller Forums

Any queries on FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon), FBA orders, customer services, inventory, and shipping are a part of this category.

3. Announcement-Based Amazon Seller Forums

These forums are intended to convey the announcements from Amazon to its sellers so that they do not miss out on any new developments.

Why you need Amazon Seller Forums

With the competition rising in the eCommerce industry, it is becoming increasingly challenging for sellers to apply the right tactics to stay ahead of the game. Under such circumstances, help from your fellow Amazon sellers who have already experienced it can keep a new seller up to date with the latest trends of the season. 

Here are some reasons why you need Amazon Seller Forum for your business:

  • Advice from experienced people on how to run your Amazon business

These forums gather people of different levels and years of experience on Amazon. Consequently, new sellers get to learn from the journeys of experienced sellers and ask for first-hand advice on the problems they are facing. 

  • Solving common issues

Since these platforms are bringing together people with different kinds of Amazon businesses, a person with a specific issue can also find another person with a similar issue. As a result, they get to discuss their common problems and resolve them together more easily. 

  • Unraveling strategies

With a new seller, it is only natural to not know about the latest strategies or the intricacies that are working behind the growth of a business. Amazon Seller Forums provide these people with the most handy platform to discuss these techniques together so that they can grow together. You also get an idea of what is working and what can be improved in what way. 

  • Awareness of trends

Because of the various algorithms at play, the internet can be quite difficult to master for someone new. Amazon is the same. Any new seller is expected to feel flustered as there is no straight way to make your business run. This is where people who are already running their businesses on Amazon can help as they are already aware of what trends are going on at the moment. Basic queries on how to achieve more profit through less investment with the help of Amazon Wholesale or learning more about  Keyword Optimization for Amazon– you are likely to get it all answered by your fellow sellers. 

  • Building a network

Any business requires a person to build a network to prosper. They are the keys to making a business successful. Amazon businesses are not any different. These forums provide the best opportunities for sellers to connect with each other making business contacts along the way. 

Top 10 Amazon Seller Forums

The Amazon Seller Central forum deals mostly with queries about selling on Amazon. So there are numerous posts on basic selling, strategies, and trends of selling. Along with these, you are most likely to also find assistance for new sellers, inquiries about FBA and Amazon payments. 

This forum is a seller’s haven as its aim is to help Amazon sellers with all their selling-based issues. You will discover a lot of people with similar interests and problems. There are even ongoing discussions on the latest trends to update everyone. 

Moreover, there are links to informative pages so that people can easily access the information they are looking for. These links lead to FAQs as well in order to provide people with the necessary data. So if you are looking for a way to keep updated on the latest trends of selling on Amazon, this forum is the way to go. 

Amazon Seller Forums called FBA Warriors Forum

FBA Warriors forum is a Facebook group with an aim to help sellers on Amazon grow their businesses. This group provides every necessary information on FBA(Fulfillment By Amazon) through sellers who have direct experience with it.

The members of the group are encouraged to share their own stories so that the newcomers can learn from them and apply them to their own businesses. So if it is your dream to turn your business into a successful enterprise, this Facebook group is guaranteed to help you up the ladder on your journey to that destination.

Amazon Seller Forums on Reddit

This is a sub-forum on the popular social media platform Reddit. Because of its functionality, the members are very active making it easier and quicker for anyone asking for help. This also leads to people getting quick updates on the latest trends. 

The status bar displays words like “hot”, “trending”, “rising” etc to help people navigate to the information that is relevant to their businesses. Moreover, the sub-reddits allow you to gather information specific to your business so that you can implement them directly and get results that help businesses to reach their targets. 

Amazon Seller Forums Warrior forum

With more than a million active members, Warrior Forum is the biggest marketing community on the internet which focuses on updating its members with the latest trends on Amazon. It is also the oldest marketplace that allows people to find potential business contacts in order to expand the reach of the business. The active participation in different threads will also stabilize the status of a person as a pro member opening them up to better opportunities. 

These are some of the core issues covered in this forum:

AMZ Tracker Community Forum

AMZ Tracker Community Forum is one of the most renowned online sites for providing information on Amazon-related issues starting from basic selling questions to assisting people with FBA. 

The FBA assistance on this forum is specifically designed to include all kinds of tools to help Amazon sellers improve their business with steady growth. Features like blogs, sales trackers, and revenue estimators are also part of this forum. 

This platform is highly user-friendly as it lets the members look up questions according to topics, posts, or by dates. It also enables them to offer their own advice to the unanswered queries making it accessible for everyone. 

Startup Bros

This is the most popular eCommerce hub for new sellers interested in joining mastermind programs to learn about the Amazon business growth strategies, training courses to learn how to run the businesses, and live events to connect with fellow Amazon business owners. Signing up for these services allows the members to access the StartupBros information forum. This Amazon seller forum lets you dive into the world of Amazon sellers where you get to interact with people with similar interests and issues. 


This site has yet another popular Amazon seller forum with links to different informative blogs, sites and podcasts that can help you to navigate through the world of eCommerce on Amazon. The platform consists of a huge number of members who have the freedom to discuss everything related to Amazon and share their personal experiences of running and growing their Amazon businesses. Other topics of interest on this forum are:

  • Web Designing
  • Online Marketing
  • Online Fraud
  • Shipping
  • Packaging
  • Listing Orders etc.
  • eCommerce Fuel

eCommerce Fuel

This Amazon seller forum is specifically built to help professional sellers grow their businesses on Amazon. The target audience for this forum is the business owners who earn 6 to 7 figures of revenue annually through their enterprises. It allows its members to explore the world of eCommerce through mutual interaction and cooperation. Although its guidelines require its members to formally buy a membership that costs $49 monthly, it is definitely worth the useful tips found on the forum. 

  •  Web Retailer Forum

Web Retailer Forum

This platform is an educational community website for businesses on eCommerce sites like Amazon with more than 18000 global members at present. The website is composed of four main sections including the directory, the forum, the webinars, and in-depth. The forum of this site enables its members to discuss the newest trends, updated software relevant to their businesses, relevant strategies, and common problems faced while running a business on Amazon. 

The official members of this forum also receive weekly newsletters which inform them about the latest news, discussions, software, and reviews making it convenient for them to keep themselves updated. 

Full Time FBA

This Amazon seller forum, with more than 10000 members, is another group on Facebook targeting to convert part-time Amazon sellers into full-time sellers. This group imitates the Amazon seller forum websites and encourages discussions on running and improving Amazon businesses, sharing experiences of selling on Amazon, and also helping each other out through mutual cooperation and interaction.

The members have the liberty to promote certain products on the group, by taking permission from the admins. This group is highly active making it convenient for its members to receive answers to their queries.


Since eCommerce sites do not come with the benefit of meeting your colleagues in person, these Amazon seller forums are here to compensate for it by presenting you with the opportunity to connect with people of similar interests and problems as yours. These forums are excellent tools for helping people with their businesses and also enabling them to develop a communal bond over doing business on Amazon.

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