Introduction: Lab 916 partnered with Wilbur Packing company, a family-owned farm with over a century of experience in agriculture, to introduce their brand, Looney Pruney, on Amazon. Focused on premium prunes and walnuts, Wilbur Packing faced the challenge of transitioning from a B2B model to a direct-to-consumer (D2C) approach on Amazon.

The Challenge: The Wilbur Packing company, established in 1869, had refined its B2B methods but needed to adapt to the evolving e-commerce landscape. Their goal was to build an authentic D2C brand on Amazon, a challenge compounded by the competitive nature of dried prunes on the platform.

Our Strategy: Lab 916 developed a five-year plan to launch and grow the Looney Pruney brand on Amazon. Our approach included:

  • Enhancing product listings with new copy, images, and A+ content.
  • Addressing the niche market competition with unique product offers.
  • Utilizing Amazon analytics for strategic decision-making.
  • Creating a brand website and Amazon storefront with original packaging design.

Outstanding Results: The results were transformative:

  • Total sales increased by 72%, from $667,625 to $1,151,026.
  • The number of units ordered and total order items both saw around an 80% increase.
  • We also introduced new product variations, brand videos, and ads, creating a cohesive brand experience for customers.


This case study highlights Lab 916‘s ability to navigate Amazon’s complexities and successfully launch a new sales channel for Wilbur Packing, significantly boosting their D2C presence and sales.

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