Introduction: At Lab 916, our expertise in Amazon marketplace optimization was put to the test with Mayorga Organics, a Latino-owned coffee company known for its organic specialty-grade coffees. Our mission with Mayorga Coffee was to revitalize their Amazon presence, addressing several underlying challenges to unlock their full potential on the platform.

The Challenge: Despite enjoying considerable success on Amazon, Mayorga Organics faced significant hurdles in managing their Amazon channel effectively. With no internal team dedicated to Amazon’s creative and technical aspects, their advertising and content strategies were falling behind, hampering their growth.

Our Strategy: We embarked on a multi-faceted plan to overhaul Mayorga Organics’ Amazon strategy, focusing on catalog optimization, brand consolidation, and a complete revamp of their advertisement approach. Our key areas of intervention were:

  • Resolving catalog inconsistencies and enhancing product page visuals and content.
  • Unifying their Amazon presence under a cohesive brand store.
  • Reigniting their advertising campaigns, previously unattended since 2021.

Stellar Outcomes: Our strategy led to transformative results:

  • Advertising Sales: Skyrocketed by 551%, with orders jumping by 448%.
  • Increased Engagement: Ad spend grew by 910.05%, and ad clicks surged by 600.82%.
  • Enhanced Web Metrics: Sessions increased by 23.15%, and the average sale per unit rose by 20.44%.

Looking Forward:

Buoyed by these successes, our ongoing partnership with Mayorga Organics is poised for even greater achievements. We’re focused on continuing to refine their advertising strategies and solidifying their dominance on Amazon.

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