Introduction: At Lab 916, we’re passionate about delivering advertising solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients’ goals. Our project with KOBO Candles is a prime example, where we were challenged to amplify their sustainability message within a limited budget, targeting an ACoS under 20% and a TACOS under 10% for Q4 2022.

The Challenge: A KOBO Candle, post-rebranding, faced a dual challenge: effectively communicating their dedication to sustainability and boosting market presence, all within a tight advertising budget. Our objective was clear — to create a campaign that was cost-effective yet powerful in reaching and engaging their target audience.

Our Strategic Approach: To meet this challenge, we employed a data-driven strategy. By conducting thorough keyword research, we optimized their pay-per-click ads, focusing on Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands. This approach was backed by continuous performance monitoring, allowing us to adjust bids and placements dynamically. Our strategy revolved around three key metrics:

  1. Ad Spend Efficiency: We aimed to keep the ACOS well below the 20% benchmark set by KOBO Candle.
  2. Market Penetration: Our goal was to increase visibility and reach within the target audience.
  3. Sales Growth: A crucial objective was to drive an uptick in sales, reflecting the effectiveness of the ad spend.

Results: Our campaign exceeded expectations:

  • ACOS of 11.9%: Far surpassing the target, demonstrating efficiency in ad spend.
  • TACOS of 4.5%: Indicating a strong correlation between ad spend and overall sales.
  • Significant Sales Increase: We observed a notable rise in total sales, outperforming the previous year’s figures during the same period.
  • Increased Web Traffic and Conversion Rates: The campaign not only attracted more visitors but also achieved higher conversions, thanks to our ongoing optimization efforts.

Future Plans:

Encouraged by these results, we’re excited to continue our partnership with KOBO Candles. We plan to delve deeper into keyword optimization and leverage Amazon Ads analytics to refine our advertising strategies further, aiming for even greater success in future campaigns.

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