Introduction: HitchSafe, a specialist in secure storage solutions, set an ambitious target for 2023: to significantly outperform their last year’s sales on Amazon.

Challenge: The challenge was not just to elevate HitchSafe’s Amazon presence but also to translate this increased visibility into remarkable sales growth.

Strategy: Our strategy encompassed a thorough analysis of HitchSafe’s Amazon operations, expert account management, and a customized advertising plan. We focused on refining product listings for optimal SEO performance and implementing a dynamic advertising strategy.

Execution: Our comprehensive approach for HitchSafe included:

  • Enhancing product descriptions to boost customer engagement and search engine rankings.
  • Curating specific Amazon advertising campaigns, focusing on Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands.
  • Adapting strategies in response to evolving market trends and analytics insights.

Results: This strategic blend led to extraordinary success. HitchSafe achieved a phenomenal 209% growth in sales year-over-year on Amazon. This impressive leap forward not only met but vastly exceeded their initial targets, reinforcing HitchSafe’s market dominance.


HitchSafe’s journey underscores the power of a synergized approach that combines deep market analysis, strategic account management, and targeted advertising in achieving exponential sales growth on Amazon.

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