Introduction: Echotape, renowned for its high-quality adhesive tape solutions, sought to escalate its market presence and sales on Amazon. The objective was clear: surpass their previous year’s performance by a significant margin.

Challenge: Despite having a solid product line, Echotape faced the challenge of amplifying their Amazon presence and converting it into substantial sales growth.

Strategy: To address this, our approach encompassed comprehensive consulting, including a deep dive into Echotape’s existing Amazon setup, strategic account management, and targeted advertising. We focused on optimizing their product listings, enhancing SEO, and deploying data-driven advertising strategies tailored to their unique product range.

Execution: Key elements of our strategy included:

  • Revamping product descriptions for better engagement and search visibility.
  • Implementing a robust Amazon advertising strategy through Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands.
  • Continuous adaptation of our tactics based on real-time analytics and consumer behavior insights.

Results: Our strategic approach led to a monumental success, with Echotape experiencing over 130% sales growth year-over-year on Amazon. This growth not only met but significantly exceeded their initial objectives, solidifying Echotape’s position in the competitive online market.


Echotape’s case is a prime example of how a cohesive strategy combining expert consulting, diligent account management, and targeted advertising can lead to phenomenal growth on Amazon.

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