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“Reminder notice: Business name and address to be displayed on Seller Profile page starting September 1, 2020” (Source: Amazon)

  • A quick recap about the change that begins today (September 1, 2020): Amazon will display seller’s business name and address on your Amazon.com Seller Profile page. This will roll out across all U.S. Seller Profile pages over the week.
  • Amazon says these features help customers learn more about sellers’ businesses and the products they are selling. They are making this change to ensure there is a consistent baseline of seller information to help customers make informed shopping decisions.
  • You are welcome to add additional information about your business and products that you think would be helpful to customers. However, remember that you should not include an email address or phone number – to prevent spam and abuse, customers and sellers are required to use the Buyer-Seller Messaging System to communicate electronically.
  • You can view and update your contact information by logging into your Amazon seller account, go to the Settings menu and select Account Info, in the Business Information section, select the links for the information you want to view and update.
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“Prepare for Black Friday & Cyber Monday – FBA Selling Tips for 2020” (Source:JungleScout)

  • With more consumers shopping online, the 2020 holiday season is going to be busier than ever before. This is one of the most critical times of the year for Amazon sellers to boost sales and profits. 
  • Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, e-commerce sales have soared. While some consumers may be reducing spending this season, those who are shopping are doing it online — and specifically on Amazon. 
  • On top of that, Amazon had to push Prime Day back a few months this year, so the new date could merge into an early holiday season meaning October, November, and December could potentially keep a higher-than-normal stream of shoppers that sellers need to prepare for.
  • The 7 steps to help you prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday include: review inventory storage limits, order enough inventory to meet seasonal demand, ship your inventory by critical dates, optimize your product listings, optimize your PPC campaigns, plan your promotions, and monitor sales and performance.
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“Best practices for ensuring product quality and authenticity” (Source: Amazon_News )

  • To keep your account in good health, these are best practices which will help you create a consistent buying experience.
  • Make sure you know your supplier. Reduce the risk of complaints by researching the manufacturers, resellers, and suppliers from whom you purchase goods.
  • Keep all documents and records of transactions, such as purchase orders and invoices establishing that you sourced products from reliable suppliers.
  • When you are offering a branded product that is already listed, make sure you list it under the corresponding ASIN. If your product is generic, do not list the product under a branded ASIN. 
  • When selling generic products that are compatible with a branded product, make sure it is clear that your generic item is not a product of that brand.
  • Clearly state whether your products are in new, used, or refurbished condition and list your products under the most appropriate Amazon category.
  • Store your products in a manner that will prevent breakage and damage to the product or packaging. Consumables must be stored in the appropriate manner to maintain freshness. 
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“3 Tips for Amazon Sellers Struggling With the USPS Slowdown” (Source: Inc.)

  • Anyone who fulfills their own Amazon orders faces a unique set of challenges amid the postal slowdown, here are some things to consider to keep e-commerce running smoothly.
  • Consider UPS or FedEx and extend order handling time on your Amazon accounts. 
  • Negotiate for the best rate. If you do make the switch and you have enough business, negotiate your rates and [it competitors against each other. In contrast to the USPS, there are more tiered rates on FedEx and UPS.
  • If you’re stuck with USPS Go to USPS.com, or whatever you use to print your labels, and print out a Scan Sheet (“End of day” form). The post office can use it to mark all the packages whose labels you printed that day as “in” at the same time. Tracking number will reflect that you mailed it on time and it’s stuck with USPS.
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“Amazon entering luxury brand arena in September: Report” (Source: Fox Business)

  • Amazon is moving ahead with plans to launch a luxury brand platform as early as September. The project, originally scheduled for the spring, was delayed due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • A $100 million marketing campaign is in development and a warehouse is being built in Arizona to accommodate the project. 
  • The marketplace will feature a dozen American and European brands, luxury retailers will have complete control over their virtual stores, and they will have access to Amazon’s vast network of suppliers. 
  • A new marketplace would be the latest entry for Amazon into the retail fashion space. The company has ramped up its efforts over the past few years, launching Prime Wardrobe back in 2018 and Personal Shopper in 2019. 
  • Read the full article here
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