Weekly Amazon Seller News - June 15th, 2021

“Policy updates and reminders for US seller-fulfilled returns: Effective August 16, 2021” (Source: Amazon News) 

  • Starting August 16, 2021, Amazon will automatically authorize US return requests that fall within Amazon’s return policy.
  • Return requests that are out-of-policy or category-exempt will continue to be sent for manual authorization.
  • Sellers are required to provide either a returnless refund, a domestic return option, or prepaid international return shipping for international seller-fulfilled returns.
  • For international seller-fulfilled returns that do not follow the above policy, Amazon may refund the buyer on your behalf and charge the amount to your seller account.
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“Amazon Hijacking: 5 Ways to Protect Your Listing Right Now” (Source: JungleScout) 

  • Competitive listing hijackers are only successful when a seller isn’t aware they exist.
  • This article reviews what Amazon hijackers do, how you can protect your listings, and how to take action if something happens.
  • The 5 tips for fending off hijackers include: to monitor listings closely, build your own eCommerce site, brand your products better, file a complaint with Amazon, and enroll in brand registry.
  • Check out the link below for more details! 
  • Read the full article here 

“How to Prepare an Amazon Product Launch in 2021” (Source: Helium 10)

  • This isn’t a comprehensive list of everything your particular product needs at launch, but helps sort through a few of the major things brands MUST NOT MISS while preparing to launch your product on Amazon.
  • The checklist includes tips and explanations for the following staples of product launch. 
  • Revisit the competition, keywords, photos, videos, product documents, influencers, maldives launch strategy, and finally setting up PPC and actual launch!
  • Check out the article at the link below for details on each one. 
  • Read the full article here

“Amazon will overtake Walmart as the largest U.S. retailer in 2022, JPMorgan predicts” (Source: CNBC) 

  • According to JPMorgan research released last Friday and based on their current estimates, Amazon is on track to overtake Walmart as the largest U.S. retailer in 2022.
  • Amazon’s U.S. retail business is the “fastest growing at scale,” according to the company’s analysts. 
  • Between 2014 and 2020, Amazon’s U.S. gross merchandise volume, or GMV has grown significantly faster than both U.S. adjusted retail sales and U.S. e-commerce.
  • In 2020 it climbed 41% year over year to $316 billion, while Walmart’s GMV is estimated to have grown 10% year over year to $439 billion in 2020.

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