Weekly Amazon Seller News – May 25th, 2021

Every week, our team of experts round up the most important news for Amazon business owners. Here are all of the bite-sized news nuggets for the week of May 25th, 2021.

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“Improve your apparel images to connect with your customers” (Source: Amazon News) 

  • Amazon’s internal studies show that customers prefer to see apparel products displayed on a diverse range of models.
  • To give customers the best possible experience, you may see your off-figure images for adult apparel replaced with on-figure equivalents. 
  • Amazon suggests that you use on-figure images for your Main images to support this experience.
  • Check out the post at the link below to navigate tips about how to improve your apparel images.
  • Read the full article here

“Amazon FBA restock limits and IPI threshold updates” (Source: Tamebay) 

  • As of May 16th, 2021, Amazon FBA restock limits have been decreased so that your products can be received as quickly as possible. 
  • To review your restock limits and maximum shipment quantity, go to the Inventory Performance dashboard or your Shipping Queue. 
  • Also, as of July 1st, 2021, the IPI threshold for storage limits will change to 500 (previously 450).
  • If your IPI score is below 500 during the week of the 17th of May 2021, and the week of the 21st of June 2021, storage limits will apply for Q3 2021. 
  • Storage limits will continue to be evaluated on a quarterly cycle.
  • Sellers who maintain an IPI score of 500 or greater will continue to have unlimited storage for standard-size and oversize items. 
  • Read the full article here 

REMINDER: “Check your Payment Service Provider before May 31, 2021” (Source: Amazon News)

  • This is a reminder that From May 31, 2021, if you use a bank account from a non-participating PSP, you will be subject to a longer disbursement reserve period of up to 21 days after the latest estimated delivery date.
  • Please check that you are using a participating bank. If you are, then no action is required.
  • To view the list of PSPs that have met Amazon’s requirements go to Updates regarding Payment Service Provider Program.
  • Amazon will continue to update the list weekly.
  • Read the full article here

“Amazon Urges Sellers to Offer Free Shipping” (Source: eCommerceBytes) 

  • Amazon sent an email to merchants this week with the subject line, “Facts and Myths about Free Shipping” to urge sellers to offer free shipping.
  • The email included a list of facts and myths about free shipping and proceeded to advise sellers on how they could change their settings to offer free shipping for Standard Shipping.
  • You can view the list of facts and myths at the link below.

Read the full article here

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