Weekly Amazon Seller News - March 30th, 2021

“All You Need to Know About the New Amazon Product Documents Program” (Source: Helium 10) 

  • Last week Amazon announced that Brand owners can now upload product documents like installation manuals, compatibility guides, and troubleshooting guides so that they will be available to customers on the product detail pages.
  • In some categories such as Beauty and Health and Wellness, experts predict that these documents will become “badges of honor.”
  • For example, one product might proudly make note of how they have Safety Information, a Certificate of Analysis, Specification Sheet and more, while their competitors do not.
  • If you have these documents, it probably would be best for you to get a jump start on your competition and upload them and start monitoring your conversion rate to see what kind of difference, if any, it makes.
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“Amazon 10-year Deal with NFL Means Restrictions for Sellers” (Source: eCommerceBytes) 

  • Amazon announced an exclusive 10-year deal with the NFL, an expansion of its current relationship with the football league.
  • In a notification sent to sellers of NFL-licensed merchandise, Amazon informed them they must become NLF-authorized sellers by May 24, 2021 in order to continue selling the products on its marketplace.
  • Amazon is implementing new restrictions in sports collectibles, too and the reaction from sellers indicates this will be devastating for many of them. But with less competition, it could be very good for those left standing.
  • Beginning April 22, 2021, sellers will no longer be allowed to self-authenticate their own Sports Collectibles products, and Amazon will require sellers to have their Sports Collectible products authenticated and/or graded by one of the companies it authorized.
  • Sellers will not be able to send inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers unless it’s compliant with the new policy.
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“Notification on new product types and attributes” (Source: Amazon News) 

  • In the month of March, Amazon introduced new product types and attributes to improve your product detail pages.
  • To view what product types and attributes were launched, refer to the Amazon Help page.
  • When creating a new listing, you can view these new product types in Seller Central when classifying your product in the Add a product tool and when selecting the appropriate template to download via Add a product via upload.
  • These changes will not affect your existing selection but you can provide these additional attributes by editing your products via Manage Inventory or by updating your listings in bulk.
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