Weekly Amazon Seller News - January 12, 2021

“Amazon eases new seller delivery requirements as Covid strains carriers” (Source: CNBC) 

  • Amazon is relieving some of the pressure on third-party sellers who pack and ship their own orders due to ongoing coronavirus constraints on major shipping carriers.
  • Last August, the company announced that starting in February 2021, members of Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime program would be required to make deliveries on Saturdays and meet one- and two-day delivery targets.
  • In a recent note sent to sellers, Amazon said it was temporarily relaxing the delivery speed targets for SFP members in response to pandemic-generated “constraints on the logistics industry.” 
  • This means that Amazon will give SFP members a pass if they can’t ensure one- and two-day delivery speeds for a portion of shoppers.
  • “While we know sellers like you are working to raise the bar for Prime customers, we also understand that the pandemic has introduced constraints on the logistics industry that you depend on to meet customer expectations,” according to the note. “In recognition of these constraints, we are adjusting the one- and two-day delivery speed targets.”
  • As a result of the update, SFP members will only be required to guarantee delivery in two days or less for 55% of people who view their product listing.
  • Beginning in June, SFP members will be required to show delivery speeds of two days or less for 70% of people who view their product listing. 
  • Sellers will still be required to support Saturday or Sunday delivery and pickups, as well as provide nationwide delivery coverage, beginning Feb. 1.
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“Comprehensive online course: All you need to know to get started with Sponsored Ads” (Source: Amazon News) 

  • Amazon invited sellers to join an exclusive online advertising course where, in three weeks, over four webinars, sellers will learn how to set up strategic, goal-oriented campaigns. 
  • The course covers how Sponsored Ads work, how to create Sponsored Products campaigns step by step (with help from live demos), and the basics of budgets, bidding, keywords, and targeting, so you can structure your campaigns effectively
  • An Amazon Advertising specialist will be available throughout each session to answer your questions live.
  • You can register for the webinars to complete the course. Seats are limited and Amazon recommends registering early.
  • Available registration dates range from January 13th to February 23rd depending on which course you choose. Some only have 2 available dates, so you’ll want to check them out ASAP.
  • Course names include Sponsored Ads 101 – Help jumpstart your sales, Tips for optimizing and expanding your targeting strategy, Tips for optimizing your budgets and bids, and Tips for optimizing your keywords strategy.
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“Updates to the Inventory Performance Index (IPI) Help page and IPI FAQs” (Source: Amazon News) 

  • Your Inventory Performance Index (IPI) is a score that measures how efficient and productive you are in managing your FBA inventory. 
  • As you know by now, with the new year, Amazon lowered the Inventory Performance Index (IPI) threshold to 450.
  • As a reminder: If your IPI was 450 or above in week 51 of 2020, starting January 1, 2021, you are not subject to storage volume limits.
  • If your IPI was below 450 in week 51 of 2020, you will continue to be subject to storage volume limits. Amazon notified you of your next period limits, which will go into effect on February 1, 2021.
  • Amazon has recently updated the Inventory performance (IPI) Help page and IPI frequently asked questions Help page to provide additional guidance on how to understand, improve, and maintain your IPI score this year!
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“12 Amazon Vendor Conferences in 2021”(Source: Cruxfinder)

  • To remain educated on the newest points and considerations for Amazon, sellers need to stay informed with webinars, blogs, information websites, and peer boards.
  • And conferences are an important approach for distributors to remain updated on the newest developments and acquire mastery of the strategies essential to refine their methods and increase their gross sales. 
  • Cruxfinder has gathered a list of 2021 vendor conferences from the beginning to the end of the year. These occasions characteristic Amazon-led workshops, Amazon Sellers networking periods, and particular instruments and ideas for rising your on-line enterprise.
  • Stay conferences have quickly paused because of the pandemic, but you continue to have many digital conferences to select from. 
  • Now you can attend convention periods from the consolation of your personal workplace, wherever they are.
  • You can check out the list of the most effective Amazon vendor conferences to attend at the link below!
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