Weekly Amazon Seller News - October 07, 2020

“Enhance your Prime Day and holiday strategy with Sponsored Display” (Source: Amazon Advertising)

  • Since Prime Day and the holidays are the busiest times of the year for shoppers, and in 2020 they all occur in Q4, the improvements to Sponsored Display can help you get you ready.
  • This year, Amazon has improved bidding for remarketing strategies to help your bids stay optimized during high-impact periods like Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.
  • This article gives tips and tricks for how sellers can tackle these high-traffic, high-sales periods with strategies that can reach new customers, supplement your existing Amazon Advertising efforts, and ensure your products stay top of mind with customers.
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“New feature: Manage multiple advertising accounts in a single dashboard” (Source: Amazon Advertising) 

  • Manager account is now available to sellers, vendors, and agencies in the Amazon Advertising console. 
  • With manager accounts, advertisers and their agencies can link multiple advertising accounts so that they can manage users, handle billing, and view account-level alerts, insights, and performance metrics in a single dashboard.
  • If you operate in multiple marketplaces, you can now link multiple country-specific accounts into a single regional manager account. 
  • You can link European accounts for UK, FR, DE, IT, and ES, or you can link North American accounts for US, CA, and MX.
  • This feature is currently available to all advertising console users who manage multiple accounts. 
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“Amazon Offers Prime Day Discounts To Boost SMB Partners” (Source: PYMNTS)

  • Last week, we mentioned that Amazon Prime customers who spend $10 or more at U.S. small businesses that are official “partners” of the company will get $10 discounts while shopping on Prime Day.
  • In a statement this week, Amazon provided new details about the previously announced program, which allows shoppers can search for businesses by category.
  •  Categories include home and kitchen, jewelry or handmade and may be sorted by geography, or by limited business-owner demographic traits such as “woman-owned,” “black-owned” or “military family-owned.”
  • Amazon also made it clear that taxes on items will not count toward the $10 purchase requirement, and if a shopper returns an item, Amazon will cancel the discount.
  • The small businesses eligible for this promotion are based in the country in which the promotion is taking place, and are registered with Brand Registry or participate in the Handmade program.
  • Specific products featured in the promotion are owned and sold directly by U.S. brand owners and artisans that are small businesses.
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“House investigation faults Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google for engaging in anti-competitive monopoly tactics” (Source: The Washington Post) 

  • Congressional investigators called in a wide-ranging report for sweeping changes to federal laws so that government regulators can bring Silicon Valley back in check.
  • The document caps a roughly 16-month investigation by the House’s top antitrust panel, which dives into the practices of the four tech giants.  
  • They found that each relied on untrustworthy means to solidify their dominance and evaded the federal regulators.
  • The House Judiciary subcommittee on antitrust’s report specifically revealed Amazon’s online retail dominance gives it monopoly power over third-party sellers on its marketplace.
  • Lawmakers also estimate Amazon controls about 50% or more of the U.S. online retail market, which is higher than analysts’ projections.
  • Read the full article here
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