Walmart Dropshipping: Everything You Need to Know

If you think Amazon is the deadliest shark in the Ecommerce Ocean, then you should know what statistics say. They say that Walmart is indeed the second-biggest retailing eCommerce platform online, and in 2021, it will increase by 8% rate in U.S. eCommerce revenue. The catch is, you can definitely do Walmart dropshipping with ease.

As per eMarketer, Walmart’s dropshipping pathway is only trailing Amazon and brick-and-mortar stores in terms of staying ahead of many other eCommerce websites such as eBay. If you’re a dropshipper, Walmart’s Marketplace can be financially beneficial for you.

This article will take you through the process of Walmart dropshipping. We’ll answer questions including: What are the benefits and drawbacks of dropshipping at Walmart? And we’ll go over top ideas for dropshipping at Walmart and so on!

What is Walmart Dropshipping?

Walmart dropshipping is a famous 1P and 3P business strategy. There are two parts to how it works.

  • Buying products at a wholesale cost from sellers and lists all products on its webpage.
  • Same as for 1P sellers, this manages listing optimizations, price, and everything else shoppers can see on

However, sellers are willing to take responsibility for any inventories and shipment orders placed on Walmart, whether directly from the buyer or a Walmart store.

Even though you are responsible for sending your purchases, Walmart will cover all shipping costs, covering two-day delivery. Your job is to get the product out from the door, then Walmart will take care of the rest. 

How to Dropship on Walmart?

Although the Walmart Marketplace seems to be a terrific location to sell, getting approved as a vendor or seller can be tricky. To begin dropshipping on Walmart, follow the below steps;

Step 1: Search Products and Suppliers

It’s not similar to Amazon product targeting – more like the other side of the coin. When investigating providers, keep in mind the following details:

  • Examine the supplier’s website for updates and whether they accept email orders. Local suppliers can typically supply products rapidly while dropshipping on Walmart. If you’re a new dealer, you should take advantage of the increased visibility that comes with the rapid shipment.
  • Check their organization and efficiency. Their alertness and timeliness in replying to inquiries, along with their ability to execute on your requirements, show this. Analyze their knowledge about the product as well.
  • Create a checklist that includes these data and every other criterion that you think is essential to make the process easier for researching potential vendors.
  • Study consumer trends and how much the products you’ll sell before determining which product/product niche to offer. 
  • Verify your items against Walmart’s Restricted Products list.

For any product research and analysis, use Google Trends and Facebook Audience Insights. Such tools might make you understand consumers’ behavior on products that you’re considering.

You can price your goods by comparing them to that of your competitors. Also, assess whether you would afford to undercut their prices.


Step-2: Apply to Sell on Walmart

Whichever method you select to sell things through Walmart, you will require approval. Walmart does have a strict application and integration procedure in place to choose excellent sellers who really can offer a great user experience.

walmart marketplace

Fill up the blank areas with the appropriate information. If you already have all of the material ready, it should only take you approximately 10 minutes to finish. To enroll, you should have this necessary information ready.

Authorization to sell at Walmart Platform can take up to 2 weeks, while onboarding could take up to 4 weeks.


Step 3: Go via Walmart Marketplace Seller Onboarding

To trade on Walmart, you’ll need to finish the onboarding procedure once you’ve been accepted. Your registration link will be sent to you through email. There are ten steps in the whole onboarding process.

Walmart Marketplace Seller Onboarding

An email will be sent to the authorized seller with instructions on how to finalize the enrollment process. Sellers will then be able to:

  • Make a user account
  • Complete tax forms
  • Accept the Walmart Retailers Agreement
  • Fill in the payment and delivery details: Hyperwallet or Payoneer

After that, the seller should fill out Walmart’s Partners Profile. This would include detailed information such as your company name, descriptions, logo, corporate policies, and much more that purchasers will view.

Whenever your storefront is up and running, you can list various products for sale. You may test the ordering procedure by posting 2 or 3 goods and conducting your orders. You will find all you need to analyze inside the Seller Center. This includes the following situations:

  • Order acknowledgment
  • Order cancellation
  • Order shipping
  • Order refund

You’re ready to proceed once everything has been appropriately confirmed. Walmart will do the last assessment of your account before allowing it to go live.

Your products are published successfully to Walmart Marketplace when your business store is live. Customers are allowed to buy your product or service in a few hours of being posted, and they’ll be accessible through a search in 24- 48 hours.

Step 4: Start Fulfilling the Orders

The speed with which your store ships and fulfills orders once it goes live is critical to its success. Walmart’s two-day shipment program is available to all vendors.

Start Fulfilling the Orders

The Two-Day delivery offer is an excellent approach to attract new customers and increase product sales. Fast shipment is also rewarded at Walmart, featuring Buy Box spots and a higher search rating.

Necessary to remember, though, that while using Walmart’s Two-Day delivery program can help you rank higher in search results, it isn’t for everyone. When you use the Two-Day tag, you’ll be able to give your consumers free countrywide shipping—at a charge to your company.

If your company can’t afford it, stick to standard shipping. Do not overpromise, then fail to deliver.

With Walmart, you may use Deliverr to fill orders immediately. That platform works hand-in-hand with Walmart’s Two-Day process to assure quick shipping and increased item availability. Walmart’s approved vendor for Walmart’s Two-Day fulfilling is Delivery.

Delivery may pick up your things directly from your supplier then keep them near your customers, allowing you to provide speedy shipping at a low cost. You pay a specific rate for fulfillment.

Remember that you aren’t obligated to utilize a specific fulfilling service, although Walmart makes suggestions and provides shipping rules that sellers may find helpful.


Why Dropship on Walmart?

Walmart is especially beneficial to eCommerce businesses. You gain access to a well-known, dependable environment consisting of high-quality items, faster delivery times, and outstanding customer service when you shop at Walmart.

The following are some of the essential benefits of dropshipping on Walmart:


·   Fast shipping

With the next-day delivery option, Walmart’s logistical partners may ship various products to the customers right away. More immediate delivery or shipping means happier consumers, which increases the likelihood of repurchasing.


·   Low Overhead

There’s no charge to open a store on Walmart or register to sell on this platform. Whenever you make sales, you have only to give a referral fee; that’s it!


·   Sell vast Amounts of Goods

You can sell 35+ different types of products at Walmart. Everything you have to do now is assured your product isn’t on the corporation’s Prohibited Product catalog.


·   Launch Business Quickly

Walmart dropshipping relieves you of time-consuming tasks such as shop design and branding, allowing you to concentrate, especially on the most critical aspects of your business, correctly.

Indeed, it’s not accessible to Walmart dropship, but it’s not impossible either. To win client loyalty, you must first overcome a slew of competitors. There are also a few pricing guidelines to adhere to, as Walmart strives to provide its customers with the best value possible.

However, novice entrepreneurs or small enterprises experience obstacles that are exacerbated by a broader consumer base and lower overheads.


Pros of Walmart Dropshipping

Walmart dropshipping has many benefits. Let’s start by discussing some of the incredible benefits of drop shipping;

  • Consumers are more likely to trust the listings if you sell them under Walmart.
  • Walmart experts are in charge of listing development, so they also look after the content that makes sure your listing gets the most search engine traffic feasible.
  • Customers are more inclined to purchase Walmart-shipped and sold goods over one from an unknown brand.
  • automatically promotes products that it sells and delivers.
  • It controls all marketing and sales, boosting dropshipping products even higher in the rankings and making it more straightforward for your goods in the Buy Box.
  • Another advantage of dropshipping would be that Walmart will pay for transporting merchandise to customers. This eliminates brands of such a considerable cost burden, especially since Walmart pays on 2-day shipment most of the time.
  • If transporting your goods is prohibitively expensive, this factor alone may enable Walmart dropshipping to be worthwhile for your company.


Cons of Walmart Dropshipping

Despite its numerous benefits, dropshipping has a few drawbacks.

  • Because you offer your items or products at wholesale costs as a Walmart dropshipper, your profit margins may not be as high as they’d be.
  • Additionally, you cannot sell in bulk—in contrast to a 1P model, inside which Walmart purchases your goods in bulk through you.

Note: If you’re already a seller on Amazon, but don’t have enough growth, you might love to read about Amazon private label and increase your sales.

Tips for Walmart Dropshipping

While retailing on Walmart may give you a vast customer base as well as less competitiveness than that of other platforms, victory does not come easily. To make your Walmart dropshipping journey easier, follow the tips below.

1. Maintain an eye on business metrics

Without monitoring, you’ll never know how well Walmart dropshipping goes. By tracking the data, you can discover what works actively and what doesn’t.

2. Try to meet Walmart’s customer service expectations

Walmart uses a set of metrics to monitor seller productivity and performance on their system. Some examples of service quality indicators you can see below:

  •   Order failure rate of below 2% after ninety days
  •   Over 95% of shipments come on time
  •   A valid monitoring rate of greater than 99%

Sustaining these procedures entails promptly responding to all client inquiries and completing purchases. It also entails ensuring that cancellations and refunds are reduced and managed appropriately.

3. Streamline the product details

If you place your product details effectively, they may do a great deal of work for you. By strategically constructing your listings, you may increase the number of clients who find you, which results in increased product sales.



·   Is dropshipping permitted at Walmart?

When you use a dropshipping supplier, you’ll sell dropshipped product lines directly to the customers at Walmart. While dropshipping directly from Walmart to your consumers is not authorized, dropshipping through the Walmart platform is completely acceptable and approved.


·   What steps do you need to become a Walmart dropshipper?

If you’ve determined that the Walmart dropshipping model is indeed the best option for you and your business in the future, you’ll need first to fulfill the DSV program standards and register online. There are extensive, step-by-step guidelines on Walmart’s website to simplify the onboarding processing as simple as possible.


·   Is it legal to dropship through Walmart to eBay?

Dropshipping between retailers and markets isn’t permitted on eBay, though it’s still possible. The policy goes on to state what isn’t allowed on eBay: Selling something on eBay and afterward buying it from a different shop or marketplace.


·   How challenging is it to obtain approval to sell on Walmart?

Acceptance should be effortless if you operate your own warehousing or work with a reputable, unaffiliated fulfillment provider. However, if you depend on Amazon FBA, you may have difficulties. Walmart’s survey asks what proportion of the orders are fulfilled by Amazon.

Final Words

Walmart offers a slew of benefits to dropshippers, but it’s not without flaws. The marketplace wields considerable influence over retailers’ stores, and also any infraction may result in the removal of your products. Try selling on platforms other than Walmart to expand your business.

List your items on other online platforms such As Amazon and eBay, or construct a retail site with WooCommerce and Shopify to expand your sales. On these sites, though, there can be even more of a pricing difference between your items.

Alternatively, your profile will be deactivated by Walmart. So, you should be careful while doing Walmart dropshipping. Once you catch the market, your business will be on the right track for sure!

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