Valentino by Mario Valentino

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Delving into the luxury niche

Valentino by Mario Valentino is a luxury handbag brand that has been crafting designer leather goods and accessories since 1952, and looked to evolve with the market by moving into Amazon. We took them on as a long-term project, keeping their Amazon inventory current with the new collections for each season.

Getting everything in order

With a high volume of inventory to contend with, we first focused on organizing everything into a format compatible with Amazon’s backend. We created unique, identifiable seller SKUs for each item and distilled descriptive and indexing information across an upload-ready flat file.

Pushing through the ranks

Valentino designs speak for themselves— they just needed a little help from us in the way of ranking. We optimized each product detail page with all the information that would feed Amazon’s algorithm and boost their rank to the first page of SERPs.

Collecting clicks

We researched the most applicable and profitable keywords through multiple platforms, then administered a Sponsored Products campaign to drive qualified traffic to each fresh set of inventory upon uploading.

A customized experience

Amazon Stores are an opportunity for brands to replicate the in-store experience and occupy a landing space for interested customers within Amazon. We created one to showcase products, tell the Valentino story, and create an immersive experience for the shopper that reflects the history and caliber of the brand.

Protecting the brand

Our client is the only authorized distributor of Valentino by Mario Valentino products in North America, so we enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry and made monitoring for infringements part of our management tasks. When an unauthorized third party seller cropped up, we were proactive in getting their listings removed to protect our brand integrity.