Top 7 Unrivaled Strategies to Win Walmart Buy Box

The Walmart Buy Box can play a prominent role in boosting your online sales. But winning the Buy Box is tricky. The mass number of sellers joining the platform and the number of similar items from multiple sellers (over 1000,000) makes the competition a little more complicated.

Walmart has many retailers with a shared inventory. Since the “buy box” aligns with the retailer, Walmart includes all sellers under the highest-performing list for such a product. Winning the Buy Box is time-consuming but worthwhile because it’s connected to performance and sales.

Today, we’ll explain Walmart’s Buy Box, its importance for sellers, and the factors that impact the chances of winning a Buy Box.

What is the Walmart Buy Box?

Walmart Marketplace’s Buy Box is very comparable to Amazon’s Buy Box. Customers can quickly buy the things they search for by clicking the blue “add to cart” button. This button benefits both the buyer and the seller.

What is the Walmart Buy Box

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Walmart Buy Box functions similarly to Amazon in most ways. The seller’s product that appears at the top of search results is decided by an algorithm. This enables them to enhance traffic and conversions while increasing their visibility to their customers.

Why Is Walmart Buy Box Important For Sellers?

It’s an essential component of the overall shopping experience that enables you to have the greatest advantage in sales and revenue.

Increased online sales are possible via Walmart Buy Box. Thanks to the Buy Box service, customers benefit from an efficient and hassle-free shopping experience provided by Walmart.

Having control of the “buy box” is important for merchants, as consumers are more likely to purchase items from the listing that appears first. The winner’s product is the one that gets shown and added to the shopping cart whenever people click the “Add to Cart” icon on the website.


What Are The Requirements To Win The Walmart Buy Box?

Every seller must satisfy some essential criteria to be eligible for the Walmart Buy Box;

  • Be sure that your prices are comparable to those of your competitors.
  • Keep an eye on the sellers who compete with you and their pricing.
  • Ensure that each product is always available in your stock.
  • Walmart should consider either providing free shipping or maintaining extremely cheap shipping charges.
  • Deliver the products on time or even ahead of schedule.
  • Your product must receive favorable feedback from satisfied customers.

How To Win The Walmart Buy Box?

Winning the buy box isn’t easy. On Amazon, it’s quite challenging and competitive. While popular products might have 10 to 30+ sellers competing for them, others are comparatively low.

How To Win The Walmart Buy Box

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On the other hand, things are very different in a marketplace such as Walmart. Because there are fewer sellers, the likelihood of winning its buy box increases. 

The Walmart buy box algorithm considers some valuable aspects when determining how you increase the possibilities of winning the buy box, and those factors are given below.

1. Competitive Pricing

According to the Walmart Marketplace algorithm, the buy box is frequently awarded automatically to the seller who offers the cheapest or lowest price for each item. Sellers must ensure they offer the lowest price while keeping an eye on vendors, rivals, and prices.

For instance, if you have a product that you’re selling for $20 and another seller has the identical thing but is selling it for $19.99, the latter wins the Buy Box.

This creates a highly competitive industry, but it does, of course, help customers save money on their purchases. Walmart also allows you to win the Buy Box over your competitors if you offer “free delivery” to consumers who spend $20 or more.

Competitive Pricing

The fact that Walmart currently provides free 2-day shipping on purchases above $35 means this isn’t always the case. As a result, you must play wisely by developing a planned approach to assure victory.

2. Stock Availability

Another notable ranking factor that ranks Walmart Marketplace Buy Boxes strongly is stock availability. Walmart ensures that you can satisfy new demand while also covering sales volume. As a result, it’s critical to ensure proper inventory management.

Stock Availability

When your product becomes “out of stock,” you’ll be knocked out of the top results quicker than expected. To avoid similar errors, set up an automatic warning whenever your products are no longer in stock.

3. Content Quality

Sellers should provide an engaging consumer experience by displaying product content thoroughly. To produce incredible listings, include complete product titles, details, features, bullet points, and photographs.

Content Quality

You must meet Walmart’s performance standards, which contribute to good product ratings and consumer purchasing experiences, increasing the possibility of winning the Walmart Buy Box.

The following is a list of the seller performance standards for Walmart Marketplace:

  • 2% for 90-day Order Defect Rate
  • Rate of On-Time Shipments >99%
  • Tracking accuracy rate > 99%

These are Walmart’s essential quality service indicators, indicating that you are a reliable supplier. To qualify for Walmart’s Buy Box placement, sellers must satisfy specific performance measure standards. The “buy box” belongs to the seller who meets the most criteria for it.

4. Good Reviews and Ratings

Winning the Buy Box highly depends on reviews and ratings. Walmart values customer discretion, and Walmart’s algorithm automatically removes your listing if your product has unfavorable reviews, costing you sales and cash.

Good Reviews and Ratings

Most customers only purchase a product after reading reviews. Maintaining positive ratings is crucial because Walmart includes a “Customer Reviews” section on each product detail page and customers find them useful when making decisions.

5. Account Health Metrics

Performance measurements are especially noteworthy since they show how successfully you keep your promises. The marketplace will consider a variety of metrics, including seller history, order error rate, shipment rate, and customer feedback.

6. Advertising

Advertising is the most crucial factor in product discovery. It also improves your search results and the conversions you ultimately receive. Because Walmart Performance Ads are Cost-Per-Click (CPC), you don’t pay until potential customers click it. Using them is an efficient and affordable approach to boost your visibility.

7. Fix The Right Issue

The issue refers to the optimization phase. In addition to the causes mentioned above, your product listing on Walmart could fail to win the buy box if you haven’t optimized it with the appropriate keywords in the title or if you submitted a low-quality image. To top the chart, you must fix all the underlying issues.

What Are Walmart’s Buy Box’s Advantages?

There are some core advantages of winning the Walmart Buy Box. Scroll down for the details;

  • Credibility

Buy Box winners are picked only after exceeding exceptionally high standards. Gaining customers’ trust is simple if you can offer your goods on one of the biggest retail platforms globally, which will result in your company’s expansion.

  • Visibility

Winning a buy box allows you to build a solid and favorable reputation for your company while developing your success.

  • Selectivity

Because only one seller may win a buy box, you will be the sole seller for your products with effortless and one-click purchasing capabilities, ensuring your brand reputation is promoted.


  • How do you get into the buy box as a new seller?

There are five methods to win the Walmart Buy Box;

  • Sell things that are brand new. In most cases, the seller that wins the Buy Box will provide a unique product version.
  • Provide competitive pricing. Walmart associates low prices with satisfied consumers.
  • Register as a seller and participate in sales events like Deals For Days (formerly known as Walmart’s “Big Save” event)
  • Maintain high inventory levels
  • Keep positive seller comments coming in.
  • What is a decent buy box’s winning percentage?

Some vendors perform well in the buy box, as seen by seller forums. More winning rates are as low as 2% to 5%, while some anticipate 15% sales.

Rather than comparing rates, sellers should note their optimum percentage for their goal sales volume and aim to hold onto it for as long as feasible.

  • Why am I not eligible to purchase the box?

If the seller has a poor performance rating, there is a possibility that they will no longer be eligible for the Buy Box. The listings of sellers qualified for the Buy Box will compete with one another to win the Buy Box; if they’re unsuccessful, the duplicate listing will be considered for inclusion in the Buy Box section.

Final Words

At Walmart Marketplace, competing for the treasured Buy Box is a complex endeavor, with simple steps. Ultimately, your products listed with the Walmart Buy Box can increase sales and revenue. 

To gain Walmart buy box exposure, you must regularly review your product prices and ensure that you offer the best price and quantity. 

Additionally, keeping good seller metrics and adequately controlling your inventory is essential. If you want your items to stand out from the crowd, you must give them every advantage possible.

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