The Live Case Study – Time to Prepare for Launch

For those of you who haven’t caught up on Lab 916’s Live Case Study, you can read the first installment here. In short, we’re documenting the entire lifecycle of Majide case that we’re releasing on Amazon and inviting you to follow along. You’ll learn every step of the process of selling on Amazon, in real time.

With our design and branding elements fine-tuned and samples inspected, it was time to place the big order of 10,000 cases in 10 colors. The supplier sent us these photos of the boxes and the cases in their packaging.

case design samples for Majide cases

Today, a very exciting package arrived at the Lab 916 office: a set of 50 samples of the finalized case design. We dove right into the next steps: creating the content for an effective, high-converting product detail page that would provide all the information a customer needs to become informed and excited about Majide.

Taking product photos and optimizing thumbnails

Here are all 10 colors of the Majide as they arrived to us. We turned them over to Kyle, our creative director, to work his photography and graphic design magic to produce a set of compelling, informative thumbnail images.

Majide case

Kyle took close-up shots of the case in use on the JUUL to show off the slim fit and sleek aesthetic. We captured one shot of the device fully covered, one with the mouthpiece exposed, one with the charging port exposed, and one with both ends exposed. We want to highlight the unique three-piece design of our case, which is something that no current competitors offer.

With professional-quality, high-resolution photographs in hand, it was time to optimize them for best performance on Amazon. Although we had our copywriter working on listing copy, the images would be the first impression that customers received of Majide, and incorporating the key features into the images themselves is an essential step.

We opted for concise, infographic-style images that emphasize the 3-in-1 protection of the case.

Majide top cover
Majide charger cover

Writing product copy

To write the listing copy, we first had a brainstorm session about the benefits of Majide. We started with the core issues that had motivated us to create the product, and expanded from there:

  • Protects against scratches, dents, and impact.
  •  Keeps gunk from clogging up the charging port and preventing proper charging.
  • Prevents germs and dirt from contaminating the mouthpiece.
  • Distinguish your JUUL from others, so you don’t accidentally switch devices with your friends.
  • Adds heft and tangibility.
  • Makes it easier to misplace your JUUL.
  • Color choices for personal flair, and customizability.
  • Silicone material adds grip.

From here, we organized our ideas into an Amazon-ready format. Amazon allows 5 bullet points, so we grouped similar concepts and reframed our ideas into five benefits to highlight in the listing copy. Next, it was time to perform keyword research. Using Merchant Words and PPCScope’s Keyword Optimiser, we gathered the search terms most relevant to “JUUL case,” “e cigarette case,” and even “silicone phone case.”

Because the JUUL case market is so new and we don’t yet have any direct competitors, we checked out listings for JUUL skins and thin silicone phone cases to gather more ideas for high-performance keywords. From here, we drafted our first listing copy. We incorporated as many keywords as we could while maintaining smooth readability, and reserved the rest for the backend search terms.

Our Amazon listing is now live. With a solid foundation of strong, informative content, it’s time to start driving traffic. Check-in for the next installment of the Live Case Study, where we’ll go over our advertising strategies to spread the word about Majide and get the first sales rolling in.

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