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Amazon Posts is the newest update feature from Amazon that has made a revolutionary change in the whole e-commerce buying and selling system. Amazon introduced the Amazon Posts feature in 2019. 

More or less, we all know about Amazon PPC by now. But to get results using PPC, you need to pay Amazon and bid online. Indeed, everyone can’t do that. 

amazon posts beta

That’s why Amazon came up with this tremendous opportunity for all sellers at no charge. Although the features and charges may change in the future, Amazon is running this in beta version for now, and it’s free.

You’ll know more about Amazon Posts by the end of this article. So, stick around and explore.

What Are Amazon Posts?

What Are Amazon Posts?

Amazon Posts is a social media feed for Amazon sellers. However, it has some differences from other social media platforms. People don’t just scroll through the feed for recreation, unlike others.

If you use the Amazon mobile shopping app, you can use Amazon Posts, and it’s also available on the mobile web.

It’s all about product-related images and texts. And users come here and look in the feed with the intent to buy something. Ultimately Amazon Posts is your social media platform for buying and selling purposes.

When a person sees your product on an Amazon Post, they can follow you by clicking on the “Follow” option that shows at the top right corner beside your brand logo. 

Unfortunately, they can’t comment on any of your posts, but they can post reviews if they purchase anything from you. 

Who Is Eligible To Use Amazon Posts?

There aren’t a heap of rules to be eligible for Amazon Posts. Following only two major factors will allow you to use the feature.

  1. You have to be a US brand registered seller or vendor. That means you can’t do Amazon Posts if you’re not brand-registered or outside the US. 
  2. You have to have an Amazon Storefront. That means you have to set up an Amazon store which isn’t very tricky. Here are some examples. This is the fact that most sellers don’t know and often freak out about.

That’s it. You’re eligible for Amazon Posts if you have met the above criteria.

You may think these are some run-of-the-mill type rules, but there are more than meets the eye. A person should be a brand-registered US seller or vendor and have an Amazon store, which means not all people have access to post on Amazon.

Statistics from JungleScout show that 66% of sellers use Amazon Ads and only 6% of sellers use Amazon Posts. That’s why, you have fewer competitors here with more customers, leading to more profits! This is a great opportunity for you to snag! 

Why Should You Utilize Amazon Posts And How It Works?

As Amazon Post is a new thing for Amazon users and sellers, there’s a lot of confusion. At this point, we understood that Amazon Post would make more sales for us and totally for free. 

But how? How’s it going to work in practicality? Here’s the answer.

  • It’s an image-based free advertising system. US brand registered sellers or vendors make the posts here. They also create an Amazon storefront to advertise their products.
  • People who come to Amazon to buy something see those posts. When they find a product similar to their needs, they click on the post and make the decision.
  • Every Amazon Post consists of mainly two things. One is the image, and the other is the text Amazon calls a caption. 
  • When you create a post, you attach your product’s image and the dedicated text to the post.
  • Submit the post to Amazon. Then Amazon will take the post and show it on the product details pages. Your advertisement will also show on other product pages that relate to your product. 
  • When anybody clicks on your competitor’s post, Amazon will show your post below the page in the “Related Post” section.
  • If the customer isn’t buying your competitor’s product, they could scroll down, probably click on your product, and buy yours. 
  • Even if they click on your product and don’t buy it, you’re not at a loss. You’re still going to get the impression with the clicks. And more impressions notify the Amazon algorithm to make your post more visible to customers. A win-win toss for you, after all.
  • Setting up the Amazon Storefront is very simple. You have to put a headline image with your logo. Then the product feed is auto-populated by Amazon.
  • Amazon Posts also gives you a template you can use and go like plug and play. Just input the information that they need.
  • If you have one product, you create a one-page storefront. Or, if you have multiple products, you make numerous page storefronts.

Amazon Posts are beneficial for sellers who are just starting and don’t have a big budget. Don’t wait to make your move, this step could be huge in getting traffic to your products!

How To Set Up Amazon Posts – Step By Step Guide

How To Set Up Amazon Posts

Setting up Amazon Post is effortless. Follow the quick, simple steps below to set up your account.

Step 1:

First, go to your Amazon Seller Central account and get into Amazon Posts.

Step 2:

In the post section, insert the image first. 

Now, choose the image and insert it. Amazon will give you some recommendations about pictures here. And you must follow those rules. Otherwise, your post won’t be approved.

Step 3:

Add the Caption in this step. Amazon Post gives you a limit of 2,200 characters. While writing, be creative and make solid content that adds value for your customers.

Step 4:

Now, you need to add ASINs to your post. FYI, you can link one ASIN for one specific post. Or, you can also add multiple ASINs of your related products or whole product catalog, or your best sellers of your product catalog in one post.

Step 5:

When you’re done adding images, text, and ASINs, you’re good to go posting. 

But here’s a trick: After creating a post, you can either post it immediately or schedule it for later. 

Analyze some of your peak sales times and schedule your post a bit before that time when your customers are searching with the intent to buy. That will indeed bring you more clicks and eventually sales. 

To understand when to schedule, collect data on your customers in other ways. You can use Amazon Attribution to keep track of your traffic as well. 

Best Practices To Make Successful Amazon Posts

Making an Amazon Post is so easy but what is challenging to do is, convert sales. And that can only happen when a customer finds your post catchy and decides to make a purchase. 

So, it’s crucial to optimize your Amazon Post perfectly. The optimization mainly happens in two places. One is the image, and the other is the text. 

Let’s find out how to do the magic.

Factors To Consider While Choosing And Adding Images

Factors To Consider While Choosing And Adding Images

Image is the main thing in these Posts. It should be selected and optimized to make it look eye-catching and make people understand the whole concept of the product. 

You can use –

  • Images of your product – the original ones.
  • Content created by users and customers of the product and related to the product on different social media like Instagram.
  • Lifestyle images, such as showing a model, influencer, or customer using the product. These are the best ones to use as they convert people to buy the product more. Because these kinds of images build more credibility among customers. 
  • Photos that look natural. If you’re using stock photos, make sure it doesn’t look stock. You can edit with Adobe programs or simply use Canva.

Once you’ve chosen the jaw-dropping photo, now it’s time to upload it. Here are the facts to maintain while uploading your product photo and your brand logo.

In the case of logo:

  • It appears on the top left with your brand name. Make sure the ratio of your logo is 1:1. 
  • The resolution must be 640*640 Pixels or higher.
  • The supported file format should be JPG or PNG.
  • Maximum file size 100MB.

In the case of custom images:

  • It appears in the center of the post. Make sure the image ratio must be 1:1, 16:9, or 4:3.
  • The resolution must be 640*640 Pixels or higher.
  • The supported file format should be JPG or PNG.
  • Maximum file size 100MB.


  • No animated images are allowed.

Factors To Consider While Writing The Text Copy

The text or Caption is what tells everything about your product to your customers. So, you have to write it carefully and in a way that engages your customers. 

Although extended captions don’t attract customers more, you must describe your product features and benefits in this section.

Besides, the number one reason these Posts get rejected is something in the text. Amazon doesn’t approve long-written posts. Here are some rules concerning Content

However, you can use the best practices below to write your Caption:

  • Look at other Amazon posts for ideas. Have a look at the Q&A section of the products and see what people want to know about the product. Apply the answers in your texts. 
  • See the listing reviews. Especially look at the negative ones. Because there, you get the information that keeps your customers from buying your products. 

Understand your customer’s objection and try to answer, then state the solution to the problem in your product caption. 

  • Observe your competitor’s posts to understand their selling points. You can apply them to your post to make more sales. Proper keyword research can be a great help here.
  • Another profitable way to write the text for your post is to think like your customer. That means putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. Think about what you would ask or want in that particular product you are willing to buy.
  • Try to showcase your product’s features and benefits in the customized title. Help your customer to understand your product well.
  • You can use a story to attract your potential customers but don’t copy and paste reviews of the customers in your post. Amazon doesn’t allow direct reviews on posts, but you can utilize stories.
  • Write in a question format addressing the customer’s pain point related to the usage of the product. Then answer with the solution that your product can give them. 
  • Last but not least, use an attractive CTA in your text.


  • What is the purpose of Amazon posts?

Amazon Posts aims to engage customers with the post, inform them about a product, and ultimately make sales for the sellers and vendors. 

Amazon’s social media platform, Amazon Posts, a brand registered seller or vendor, can advertise their products for free. And it becomes easier for customers to choose the right product quickly on Amazon Posts. 

  • Where can I see my Amazon posts?

Amazon Posts are mainly seen in 4 places. These places include:

  1. Product Details Page
  2. Related Product Section
  3. Category Feed 
  4. Brand Feed

Amazon also shows similar customer products in the Related Product section whenever a customer clicks on a post related to your product. Where your post shows up. 

Again, in a post, there’s a category option. When a customer visits the category option, Amazon shows them the product listing in the category. Thus your product shows up. 

It clearly says, there are many opportunities to steal clicks and sales from your competitor 100% ethically. 

  • How often should you post on Amazon?

Consistency is the key to success. It is suggested to post consistently. You should make at least 1 post within 2-3 days of the interval. 

It would be great if you could post regularly because if you take a long gap, you lose an impression. And when you lose your impression, you lack visibility. And we all know what less visibility means, fewer clicks and conversions. 

Final Words

Now, we’ve reached the end of the discussion on Amazon Posts. Hope that now you have a clear idea about what it is and how it can be beneficial for your Amazon business. Don’t hesitate to utilize this free opportunity to boost your sales with Amazon Posts! 

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