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SitPack is the home of an innovative product that fell victim to imitators who infringed on their unique appeal, and whose initial Amazon success was interrupted by damaged account health— suspended product listings, frozen funds, and a resulting influx of negative reviews. Although SitPack had experienced high sales volume on Amazon previous to this, recovery proved difficult.

We used our connections to Amazon to resolve the issues surrounding SitPack’s account health, then helped elevate them from new competition by translating their unique brand identity to their Amazon presence. Optimizing their listings with valuable keywords and immersive Enhanced Brand Content, then driving traffic with a custom PPC campaign, resulted in a 50% increase in page views and 4x increase in monthly sales.


SitPack is a portable, foldable seat that acts as a comfortable alternative to standing— an original design that enjoyed great initial success on Amazon. The emergence of a knockoff product, a string of negative reviews, and a freeze on funds due to poor account performance quickly halted their upward climb.

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With our expertise and connections to Amazon, we first resolved the suspension of listings and funds. Then, refreshing SitPack’s content and building an immersive shopper experience with optimized images, copy, and Enhanced Brand Content allowed shoppers to visualize how SitPack could improve their life. Combined with a targeted ad campaign using our in-depth knowledge of the backend of Amazon to pull more customers into the captivating story of SitPack, we balanced an increase in sales and page views with a high return on ad spend.

Results / Discussions

4x increase in sales
2.5x return on ad spend
50% increase in page views


Our initial focus was to combat logistics issues to repair SitPack’s account health. After assigning an Amazon channel expert to the issue and working with our team of Amazon insiders to remove irrelevant negative reviews, SitPack was once again an accessible, thriving account. With optimized listings in place, our custom advertising campaigns allowed them to stand out and shine even in the face of ever-increasing competition.

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