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Taking back the space

Seigla Athletica is an established yoga studio that had begun building up an e-commerce presence, only to be overshadowed by new competitors emerging in the sector. We helped maximize their Amazon potential with a branding refresh and product line expansion, optimized listings, targeted PPC ad campaign and management, and transition into fulfillment by Amazon.

Connecting with our ideal customer

With the help of Facebook’s Audience Insight tool, we pulled data about the group of people most interested in what Seigla has to offer. This would guide our content creation, product development, keyword research, sales follow up, and everything else that relates to customer acquisition and retention.

Rising up the ranks

Starting with Google AdWords and evolving into Amazon-specific tools and direct competitor research, we determined the keywords that would pack the most powerful punch. These were incorporated into the final customer-facing copy and backend search terms to position ourselves at the top of yoga-related queries.

Nama-slay the competition

We know the skill and art of copywriting is especially important on Amazon’s extremely crowded marketplace of nearly identical products fighting for shoppers’ incredibly short attention spans. Establishing a strong brand presence with a compelling, unique, and persuasive listing was the boost Seigla needed to rise above the rest.

High-impact PPC performance

We initiated an aggressive PPC campaign for Seigla, devoting our advertising budget to bidding on only those keywords which we had researched and determined to be the highest performers. This strategy placed ads for Seigla products in valuable spaces: the top of search results for yoga-related terms, and competitor product detail pages.

Seigla Athletica Amazon store front

Expanding the brand

A single product can be successful, but a fleshed-out product line is even better insurance for Seigla Athletica to hold its own in the yoga category. Market research tools such as JungleScout aided us in identifying emerging products in the niche, and we helped Seigla add the low-competition, high-demand yoga swing to their inventory.

And these results are just the tip of the iceberg. Email open rates have more than doubled, click-through rate have tripled, and the website’s global conversion rate is close to 3%.

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