3 Last Minute Ways to Make Mother’s Day Profitable on Amazon, from Least to Most Effort

Don’t miss your chance to make Mother’s Day gifts on Amazon more profitable for your business. According to eMarketer, consumer spending for Mother’s Day is projected to hit $25.0 billion this year, surpassing the record for the highest consumer spending to date by $2 billion despite the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As social distancing restrictions are still in place, more customers than ever will be redirected to purchase from online platforms than brick-and-mortar retailers.

Whether you’re experiencing a decline in sales or record-breaking numbers, Amazon sellers can expect to gather some steam in the coming weeks.

To help you with this, we’ve rounded up 3 ways your Amazon store can make this Mother’s Day one of the most profitable. Since this year’s Mother’s Day is right around the corner, we’ve also taken the initiative to sort these strategies from the least to most amount of time and effort it will take to implement them.

Expert Tip: this guide can also be applied to other appreciative gift-giving holidays, such as Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or National Teachers’ Day. Book a free consultation with the experts at Lab 916 to set your Amazon business up for holiday success without doing any heavy lifting.

Even if your marketing effort is somewhat last minute, setting up a promotion will ensure you capitalize on seasonality. You can still make Mother’s Day profitable on Amazon by employing some of the following strategies with minimal preparation.

last minute ways to make mother's day profitable on amazon

Best Products That Make Selling on Mother’s Day Worth It

Is it even worth your time to set up a Mother’s Day-specific marketing campaign given your product range?

At Lab 916, we always recommend taking advantage of gift-giving holidays, though the amount of effort you invest can vary. If your products may not be viable for this specific holiday, limit your effort to changing up a few keyword phrases within the title.

If your products fall into categories that usually spike during Mother’s Day, it’s in your best interest to prioritize optimization. Some of these high-performing categories include:

Additionally, according to a consumer survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, products in Books/CDs, Electronics, and Housewares/Gardening tool categories are expected to grow by a minimum of 20% this year. 

how coronavirus impacts mother's day gifting plans

Long story short, tons of items of various categories can expect to benefit from Mother’s Day gift shopping this year. It’s worth making sure that you adopt a strategic approach if you’ve been anxious to move gift-ready inventory.

easy SEO strategy

Easy: Make Mother’s Day Profitable on Amazon with SEO Strategy

The easiest and cheapest way to prepare your product listings for Mother’s Day gift shopping is to re-optimize your SEO.

We’ll be throwing around some industry jargon in this section. If you need a more in-depth explanation of Amazon SEO, check out our comprehensive guide on listing optimization here.

Include Phrases with High Search Volume

Incorporating Mother’s Day-specific keywords with high search volume can help your product appear in Amazon’s search engine results. 

High-performing, top-of-the-funnel keyword phrases may include:

  • Mother’s Day Gifts
  • Gifts for mom
  • Gifts for her
  • Womens gift

You’ll want to incorporate those top-of-the-funnel keyword phrases into your title, bullet points, or product description.

…But Don’t Overlook Lower Volume Long-Tail Phrases

Because top-of-the-funnel phrases are so broad, they are almost always littered with competition. Amazon sellers should identify long-tail keyword phrases that are more specific and give them a higher chance of ranking on the first page.

Engaging in this hybrid SEO strategy ensures that you’re not only optimizing with the intent to increase traffic, but also to increase conversions.

Intermediate: Make Mother’s Day Profitable on Amazon with Promotions

MED promotions

Buyers want to purchase the perfect gift that will convince their special someone that they’ve thought about it a lot. Even if they’ve just purchased it from a gas station 10 minutes ago…

If you have ever forgotten to purchase a gift for an event or special occasion, you may be familiar with the anxiety that picking the perfect last-minute gift can cause.

Here’s how you can use promotions to target (and relieve stress) for those procrastination shoppers.

Create Amazon Seller Central or Vendor Powered Coupons

Not only does a coupon promotion set you apart from your competitors, it may also be the deciding factor that convinces a shopper to purchase your product on the spot.

If you’re late to the game in terms of marketing strategy, creating a percentage discount or dollar amount coupon may be your best bet. You can set your coupons to run just a few days before Mothers Day to capitalize on the mindset of last-minute shoppers and increase sales with a deal.

To create a coupon, simply hover over the Advertising tab in Seller or Vendor Central, then click on Coupons.

For a deeper look at how to take advantage of vendor powered coupons (VPCs), read all about it here.

Create New Ad Campaigns

Creating sponsored product ads and headline ads to promote your items require a little more work, since balancing your ACOS can be tricky if you haven’t cornered your keyword strategy and target audience.

However, creating new ad campaigns is pretty much necessary if you’re not a legacy brand with lots of loyal customers. This is the route you’ll want to take if your listing is already expertly optimized because it will increase your product’s visibility.

Consider if your products are best to buy items for mothers, sisters, wives, grandmothers, etc. If you know your target customer, you can adjust your PPC strategy to incorporate seasonal keywords and implement new ad campaigns.

Complex: Make Mother’s Day Gifts on Amazon Profitable with Inbound Marketing

Hard inbound marketing

Here’s where networking comes in handy. If you’ve spent a lot of time building the foundation of your brand, and have the resources to direct additional publicity and exposure to your products, employing the following strategies can help make sure you get the most return on your Mother’s Day gifts on Amazon investment.

Partner with Affiliate Sites

If you have a PR team on your side, use them. A great way to utilize their expertise is to have them pitch your products to journalists, bloggers, and Amazon affiliate sites for their upcoming editorials.

Doing this can help your products be featured on high-traffic listicle blogs and gift guides, like this one that we’ve created at Lab 916.

Not only will this build your relationship with other networks, it will expose you to a larger audience of ready-to-buy consumers. Being featured on other websites can also create backlinks to your website or Amazon listing, which further supports your SEO strategy.

Set Up An Email Marketing Campaign

A great way to get the word out about your products is to remind people who have already purchased from you! Use your email list to your advantage.

Returning customers are more likely to interact and convert with your email campaign. This is because you have nurtured a mutually beneficial relationship built on trust in your product and brand.

You can set up a themed promotional email or newsletter with Mailchimp and feature some of the products that you think would work best as Mother’s Day gifts on Amazon.

Another great thing about this is that if you link the products to your Amazon listing instead of your website, you’ll increase traffic to your listing, which will increase conversions, and increase your ranking.

Create A Landing Page

Alternatively, if you set up an email marketing campaign, you can direct traffic to a landing page. A landing page is a webpage that’s been specifically designed to get customers to buy. You can also do this if you’re running Facebook or Instagram ads. 

At Lab 916, we have in-house designers, copywriters, and front and back-end developers that build these for our clients.

You can also choose to create a simple landing page yourself. Our optimization team recommends using a Shopify template or Portals from Helium 10 to do so.

The Takeaway

We’ve outlined 3 ways to make your Mother’s Day gifts on Amazon profitable for your business. If you have the time and resources, consider employing every strategy listed above to make the most of Mother’s Day.

The easiest way to prepare your Amazon business for a holiday is always to touch up your Amazon SEO strategy. It’s the cheapest option. It also gives you the most control since you can include keyword phrases that are most relevant to your products.

Though setting up promotions on Amazon may take a little more time to perfect, it’s probably worth it. It may provide the most value to your marketing strategy because it’s the only sure-fire way to increase visibility.

Lastly, if you’re an Amazon business owner with media connections or a large customer fan-base, it’d be wise for you to put a lot of effort into promoting your products on affiliate websites. You can double down on this by having a team create promotional email newsletters or a conversion-centered landing page.

Try implementing these strategies today so you can reap the benefits over the holiday. You can also apply these tips to get your Amazon store ready for any upcoming holidays. This includes the big ones, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, and more.

Happy optimizing!

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