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After dominating social media, the Amazon Live streaming feature is now dominating the E-commerce market as the company launched its standalone Amazon Live Creator app. The app is available on iOS platform as at the time of this post. It is a value-added Amazon feature where sellers can stream videos about their products on a dedicated Amazon page and within the app itself.

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The feature can help engage your visitors, and you can easily get in touch with your potential customers on the platform.  Using the Amazon Live creator app, brands and veteran sellers can stream shows and guide people as to how they can use their products while interacting with them in real time, which is great.

You can get started with the app with just a few touches and can stream directly from your phone or set up a professional environment to entice your audience. Besides, with built-in application analytics, sellers can also improve their next live streams while monitoring several stats relating to their previous videos.

The new Amazon product means increasing competition for other online brands, such as HSN and QVC. But this feature is not something new and many E-commerce giants in China are already letting their sellers benefit from their features. This particularly includes Taobao which has more than 617 million active users per month.

Inside The App

The app was formally released on Feb 7, and claims to empower brands to have more control and influence over their promotional campaigns. This can help small and new brands to participate in Amazon with their products and beat the competition.

The app features high-end user interference while letting shoppers stream what interests them the most. If there are several live streaming videos at a time, then shoppers can easily switch between them with just a tap or click. Also, there is also carousel of products beneath every video which features the product being promoted by the seller.

Whether the product on live stream promotion is a handbag or children toys, you will likely see how it would work and its quality as well. In other words, the Amazon Live creator app is more like a network of sellers where they can podcast their products on E-commerce giants and influence people’s decision to buy their product.

Why Go Live?

You might be curious to know the reasons for going live with your product. Why would you even want to try it out if you are already bagging tons of sales and are one of Best Amazon sellers? Well, there are multiple reasons for vendors to go live and use this feature to increase or sustain their market share in the industry.

A page on Amazon with the live stream application talks about how live-streaming videos can escalate sales and create brand awareness for your niche in real time. With Amazon, Live sellers can increase direct sales for their products by the carousel displayed at the bottom of the stream.

Besides, interacting with your viewers and answering their questions and concerns can also help resolve several hindrances user face before purchasing your product. In short, Amazon Live is a great way to make the customer go from “Is it the right product for me” to “Yes this is what I am looking for.”

You might already be a top seller on Amazon and have made significant efforts to rank better by using Amazon keywords optimization. But your competitors can easily outperform your efforts just by a simple live streaming video! Why?

The answer is straightforward. More engagement! If your rivals are coming up with highly interactive sessions for their products and talking about its cutting edge features while offering on-the-spot discount, they can easily surpass you in competition.

This brings more challenges for veteran Amazon sellers to consider the Amazon Live Creator app to maintain their influence and authority over the products.

Starting With Amazon Live Creator App

With the above factor, you might already be wondering about getting started with the Amazon Live creator app. The process is simple, but make sure that you’re a professional U.S. seller and have valid registration with Amazon Brand registry. This is because the feature is not currently supported in China and Hong Kong.

To start recording live sessions about your product, you need to download the app from iOS. The application is only available on the Apple Store; so, it is a major turn-off for those fond of Android devices. Once you are done downloading the application, all you need to do is log in to your Seller Central Account.

This will redirect you to the dashboard within the application. After that, you will need to select the products to feature in the carousel. Make sure that the products you are choosing are actually those you are going to promote and talk about, or else your video will be considered a spamming initiative by Amazon.

Once you are done choosing the product, it is time to go Live, or record and schedule your video for a future time. As per popular opinion, Live streaming has helped several new and intermediate sellers increase daily visits to their products, leading to a significant increase in their sales.

As a side note, your live videos will appear on a dedicated page called Amazon Live. Additionally, your video will also become visible on the product detail page and seller’s homepage. If you are really into growing your sales with live streaming, then there is a built-in option to promote your videos on the Amazon platform as well.

Wrapping Up

Amazon Live Creator app brings a user-friendly feature to broadcast your product and its use cases to a large audience within a short time. As a seller on Amazon, you should look into this amazing feature to boost your sales.

Although the app is limited to professional U.S. sellers only, with time, it is highly likely that Amazon will expand this feature to its entire seller base. Make sure you are already prepared with your videos when it is launched in your geographical location and beat your competitors!

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