Increase Sales On Amazon: The Ultimate Guide To Boost Your Sales

Getting started to sell on Amazon isn’t always easy. In the beginning, most retailers struggle to reach their sales goals because they miss some crucial criteria. Many ask, is there a solid way to increase sales on Amazon?

Of course! There are several ways to increase sales on Amazon. Most beginner sellers miss out on the basics — like growing brand recognition, providing brand awareness, setting up an attractive Amazon buying page, and giving the customer the best experience possible. And 42% of ad expenses on Amazon solely work for brand awareness.

When you look at the businesses that are succeeding on Amazon, you’ll notice they incorporate all, or even more, of these crucial points. 

In this article we’ll share the ropes to learning to get more sales on Amazon starting today. Let’s jump in! 

How To Increase Sales On Amazon: The Crucial Tweaks You Must Make

The tips we’ll be suggesting can be divided into two categories — things you can do for the product and brand itself and tips & tricks to follow when enlisting a product on Amazon. Let’s start with the most important of the two, how to best showcase your products and brand to the public. 

Improvements To The Products & Brand Impression

Improvements To The Products & Brand Impression to Increase Sales On Amazon

It always starts with the product & your brand recognition when you want to increase your sales on Amazon. A study says, more than 50% of Amazon’s sales are generated by third-party retailers. 

So, if you want to stand out on the platform as a third-party retailer, the products you display should have a purpose to stand out on the platform. They should add a certain level of value to the customer. Otherwise, it’ll be challenging to stand out in the competitive market space.

Educate Customers On Your Product’s Category

The first step to achieving this is to let the customer know you’re knowledgeable. Share your knowledge with them and let them know everything you’ve learned the hard way. 

When you educate them to make the right buying decision instead of just promoting your product, they’ll grow trust in your brand. 

Create Content: Set Up A Blog or Website

One of the best ways to increase sales on Amazon free of cost is to have an online blog or a website for your brand. You can’t make sales without a strong online presence in the digital age of content. 

Blogs and websites are ideal for generating stable amazon traffic and retaining customers for the long haul. 

Formulate The Right Content

On your blog, website, or social media page, educate the customer as we discussed. Every piece of content should offer the reader value. This way, you can gain their trust. And with trust, it’ll be easier to maintain an audience for your content. 

You can easily redirect more people to your Amazon page by formulating good content. Amazon prefers websites that turn users onto their platform. So in return, you’ll be increasing the popularity of your website too. You can create a win-win situation for yourself in this way. 

Create Leads Through Email

Another important reason for having a blog is to create potential leads in the future and increase your sales on Amazon. Offer rewards to users to sign up with their email addresses. 

Use the data to start email newsletters to promote your products and run different campaigns. With a solid and loyal audience and the right incentives, you’ll notice sales increase steadily.

Advertisement To Grow Brand Impression

Growing brand recognition and outlook doesn’t just stop at blogs or websites. You should incorporate other methods to generate the maximum possible audience for your content. The more people know about you and your brand, the more purchasing behavior and trust you can induce in them. 

One of the most popular ways to increase brand recognition is through advertisement. Here are the top advertisement methods you should consider —

Get Popular Influencers On Board

Get Popular Influencers On Board to Increase Sales On Amazon

Studies have shown that people are more likely to buy a product if they trust the source. If you haven’t grown the trust and popularity yet, taking the help of online Influencers is the best way to do so. 

Influencers have a large following of a loyal fanbase. They’re like a tight-knit community based on transparency and trust. Almost 49% of the survey believe in social media influencers for product recommendations. 

You can leverage this by getting influencers to promote your products to their large loyal following. When they see their favorite trusted influencers promoting a product, they’re more likely to trust it and know it’s legit. 

Popular ways to do influencer sponsorships are —

  • YouTube Channel Sponsorships
  • Promotion Tweets
  • Facebook or Instagram Posts & Stories

Social Media Ad Campaigns

Social Media Ad Campaigns to Increase Sales On Amazon

Almost every social media platform runs some sort of ad campaign. We see sponsored Facebooks or Instagram posts by a company all the time. Through Google Adsense, it’s common to see ads on different websites and even Google platforms such as YouTube. It’s expected that annual ad spending on social media would exceed $134 billion by 2022!

So, signing up your products for a social media ad campaign is a great way to increase traffic and broaden your audience. As you can run these campaigns for only a limited time period, strategically determine when you should do so. 

Research to find exactly when your products are most in demand and purchased. Then, sign up for any social media ad campaign and let the internet do its magic. 

Don’t just promote your products, though; promote your blog & website too. By redirecting people to your blog, you’re more likely to add someone to the community and make sales in the long run. Learn more about how to increase sales on the Amazon marketplace and marketplace management.

Offer The Best Buying Experience

An easy way to stand out in the market is to offer an unparalleled buying experience. There are thousands of retailers on Amazon. Naturally, not everyone provides a good buying experience. Often they have delayed replies to questions, go out of stock, or don’t have a good reputation and rating from customers. 

You need to ensure that none of these things characterize your company. Below, we lay out some tips for how you can avoid a bad reputation.

Have Openness & Transparency

Grow an honest and transparent relationship with the customers. Be open about where you get your products from and ensure the customer that your products are high quality.

Be Active & Communicate

Employ people to maintain your brand’s social media and Amazon page. In the beginning, it can just be a close relative or friend. Ensure they reply to all questions about the products posted on Amazon and are responsive to texts on other platforms. 

With one-to-one communication and transparency, you can offer a customer the best buying experience, which will make them come for more. It’s ideal to boost product sales on Amazon like this. 

Keep in mind that Amazon sells almost 12 million products per year. So, boosting on that platform is certainly profitable.

Note: Always keep in touch with the Amazon seller forums. You can get hands-on experience from the real guys.


Put Out Visual Content

In the digital age of marketing, you can’t establish a brand without content. Like written content such as blogs or a website, you can also leverage visual content. This includes videos and attractive posters and leaflets. 

Making The Right Use Of Video

Making The Right Use Of Video

With the advent of YouTube, videos are now the best way to share your message. You should make videos based on the products you offer. 

Nowadays, a customer does plenty of research before buying a product. To have faith in their decision, they often look for videos on how the product looks, feels, and functions as a whole. 

Source: Animoto

If you create videos on all the products you offer in an accessible way, customers are more likely to view them and have more confidence in their buying decision. Multiple studies have shown, that products with videos see almost 3 fold sales than others. 

For videos, the standard categories are —

  • Unboxing Videos to showcase how the product’s look and feel, plus what the customer is getting right out of the box.
  • Tutorial Videos, where you show how the product is used. 
  • Company Interview Videos, where the manufacturer or owner of the company shares the story about the product. This also helps in growing trust.       

Using High-Quality Images & Leaflets

Using High-Quality Images & Leaflets to Increase Sales On Amazon

A picture is worth a thousand words, as the famous saying goes. To make more sales, you should create digital leaflets properly displaying the key features. At a glance, the customer should understand what the product is about and its strong suits. 

Alongside this, make use of high-quality thumbnail imagery. Usually, images provided by the manufacturer aren’t that high-quality and don’t pay much attention to aesthetics. 

So you should take your photos with proper lighting and choreography. This also adds an extra level of trust in your brand. It helps improve amazon reviewer ranking as well. Furthermore, 3.3 stars are the minimum product star rating customers would consider engaging in.

Finally, use some editing magic with Photoshop. Tweak the background, and increase vibrancy until it catches everyone’s eye instantly. 

Add Personalized Texts To Each Package

personalized text

This is a creative way to win a customer’s heart. It’s also an excellent method to share your story and grow a connection with your customers. You can seamlessly stand out in the Amazon seller marketplace using personalized messges. 

Give a pre-written thank you message to the customer inside each delivery package. Thank them for sticking with your brand. 

In addition, you can share the story of your brand. Share the ups and downs of providing the service and be authentic. 

This way, you can grow an unbudging connection with the customer, which will make them come for more. Personalized messaged packages are always more well-received than ones without. 

Properly Monitoring Inventory

How does inventory planning help you increase sales on Amazon? Probably the most common question we hear from new Amazon resellers

It’s common that you have orders for an in-demand product but can’t deliver because it’s out of stock. This happens due to lousy inventory management from the retailer’s side and not estimating when sales will go up or down. 

To avoid this, employ at least one full-time employee in inventory management. They should monitor shipments, update inventory, and restock whenever necessary so that your brand is never out of stock. The customer should know that they can rely on you. 

Amazon also doesn’t prefer retailers who are often out of stock and don’t promote their products on the top page. Count on FBA or FBM if inventory becomes an issue.

Technical Tips To Increase Sales On Amazon

Now we can get into the technical tips on what you can do on Amazon’s platform to increase your sales. Let’s start with the very basics —

1. Gather More Reviews & Ratings

Gather More Reviews & Ratings to Increase Sales On Amazon

Reviews are the cornerstone of any successful Amazon brand. It’s one of the most crucial Amazon selling hacks. Before buying a product and trusting a brand, a customer’s first thing is to read its reviews. 

Try to add as many reviews and ratings on your products as possible. The more four or 5-star ratings a product has, the more reliable it becomes. 

For reviews, try gathering authentic reviews from genuine customers. The reviews shouldn’t be a blind endorsement of the product but should be able to tell the bigger story. 

Reviews are voluntary at the end of the day. So you should incentivize customers to write them. These are some popular tactics to incorporate —

  • Send an Email: Probably the most common and highly effective way to get a review. After a customer has received their package, send them an email saying thanks and ask them politely if they’d like to leave a review. This is best executed if you send the email at least one week after receiving the product.
  • Using Personalized Messages: You can use the personalized text tactic we discussed in a previous section. Alongside your message, you can ask the customer to write a review and help them grow your brand. As the note in itself stands out and builds trust, customers are more likely to take up that offer and leave a helpful review for your sake. 
  • Give Out Vouchers: Incentivize customers by giving out occasional vouchers and goodies for writing reviews. This way, they have a reason to participate and are also more likely to say something positive about your brand and product. 

2. Don’t Slack On Product Descriptions!

Don’t Slack On Product Descriptions

When it comes to listing a product properly, good product descriptions are often overlooked. But this is the most rookie mistake. Product descriptions are crucial, as they hold the necessary keywords to boost SEO and increase sales on Amazon. They also showcase the key features of a product, so the customer knows right off the bat what they’re getting.

A well-written product description says a lot about the brand as well. It implies that you’re knowledgeable in the field and know the details.  

The best way to approach product descriptions is to first create a raw layout. Let it run on Amazon for a while, and occasionally visit the page and incrementally make changes. As you learn more about Amazon SEO, you can incorporate those changes and you should see your sales soar. 

3. Play Around With Amazon’s Autocomplete Feature

You’ve probably noticed that when you type in just a few keywords in Amazon, it autocompletes it and shows the most relevant product. This feature was created to help guide shoppers to the right products with the least amount of searches. 

But what’s interesting is this feature showcases the most commonly searched keywords by the users. You can utilize this as keyword research — at first type in the most general keyword for your product category, and see what Amazon suggests. 

Note them down on a spreadsheet and continue by adding other relevant words or even just a single letter. Once you have the keywords, incorporate them into your product descriptions and you’ve just gotten better at handling SEO to increase sales on Amazon!

4. Do Split Tests

Split testing refers to creating two or more listings of the same product and seeing which one fares better. Usually, it’s done with just two products, products A and B. This is why you’ll also hear the term A/B testing

The products differ slightly in the description, images, bullet point, keyword density and separation, and such. Split testing is a unique way to test a strategy. With split testing data, you can make immediate changes to all products of a subcategory and keep repeating the process until you get your formula right. 

To start split testing, you can use tools like Figpii, etc. Note though, that you need to have your own brand on Amazon and own an ASIN

5. Getting Into Amazon Sponsored Products

Getting Into Amazon Sponsored Products

Pay to win might sound odd, but if you can afford it, you should do it. Amazon runs a campaign for sponsored products, where the selected products are shown at the very top of the result page. It’s a great way to increase sales on Amazon, expand your brand, and reach more customers. 

There are a few things to keep in mind, though, when getting into this program —

  1. Ensure the product is already doing well on its own. The campaign shouldn’t be a way to get sales; it should be a way to increase sales on Amazon.
  2. Adding to the previous point, get into the program when you know the product is likely to sell in large volume. Don’t keep the campaign running all around the year as it’ll be a waste of money. Rather go through the data, crunch the names, and guess what the right time period will be. 
  3. Don’t go overboard. If customers see all your products are always sponsored, they’ll lose faith in your brand. Rather it’s better to use them sparingly. Show the customers that you have products that do well on their own without being on the sponsored campaign. 

6. Regular & Amazon SEO

Amazon’s growth has only been increasing. So, you should grasp Search Engine Optimization (SEO) properly if you want to increase sales on Amazon or any similar platforms. When a customer searches for an item, your Amazon page should be well optimized so that yours is the one that comes on Google’s top page. This is considered regular SEO.

For Amazon SEO, your products should come on the top of Amazon’s search page. Customers usually type in some specific keywords for a product. Do thorough research and find out what these keywords are and incorporate them into your product’s Amazon page. 

In the world of SEO, there’s a lot to learn, and you should plan on mastering it if you want to hit it big on Amazon. To learn how to improve SEO on Amazon, you need to get better at keyword optimization

7. Dig Deep into Your Rivals

It’s smart to access where your rival market is to best understand where you’re headed. The top rankers incorporate all the tips and tricks there are to do well on Amazon.

So you should study their approaches. See which keywords they’re using and note them down. Take inspiration from them and make some changes to your page. Don’t straight up copy them, though, as that’ll cause your brand to lose its unique identity.

To find who your competitors are, use Amazon product ranking tools. Scroll down your product’s page to the Product Details section and you’ll see its ranking for your niche. It’ll also define the niche and once you click on it, you’ll see the top 100 best-performing brands. These are the ones you should study. 

8. Add An Automated Repricing Software

On the note of studying your rival market, automated repricing is a strong approach to match your product’s prices so it’s competitive within the market. 

This usually means selling the product close to, or slightly lower than the price your competitors are offering. As this is tedious to do manually, you can simply enable an automated repricing tool to do the job for you. 

Add An Automated Repricing Software

Having a competitive price is good, as consumers on Amazon always want the best deal. Even if they see you’re selling the product at just a few bucks off, they’re likely to take up on that offer. 

To make the best use of this consumer psychology, you can make use of any Amazon Automated Repricing Software, like Repricer, Bqool, ChannelMax, etc. Be sure to also check in on the prices manually from time to time to ensure everything is in order. 

9. Sign Up For Amazon Global Selling

One of the best ways to increase sales on Amazon is to increase your customer audience. Amazon is dominant in certain countries like the US and Great Britain, but there is still a large consumer market left untouched by it. Amazon recognizes that which is why they’ve started their Global Selling program.

By signing up for it, you can expand your reach to the global arena and ship your products worldwide with ease. This works wonders in multiple ways, like widely spreading your brand image and gaining loyal customers throughout the globe. 

Word of mouth gets better as well, so this is one of the most lucrative offers you should take up by Amazon.

10. Use Amazon’s Program Early Reviewer 

This is probably the best-incentivized way to get reviews on Amazon. The Early Reviewer Program runs on products that don’t have at least 5 reviews yet. After signing up, any consumer who is one of the first to review has the opportunity to win lucrative gift cards and vouchers. People can’t abuse the system, though, as Amazon only allows customers with good buying history and rating behavior to get the goodies. 

Keep in mind, though, that once the customer gets a gift card, you’ll be billed an amount for it. 

Unfortunately, the early reviewer program is currently terminated by Amazon. It’s sometimes rumored to come back, so be sure to check on Amazon for related offers. 


To increase sales on Amazon, you just have to put in some extra effort. You have to stand out from the competition, but that doesn’t mean you have to be outright unique. Rather approach it one step at a time, getting better along the way.

As a final tip, we’d recommend getting deep into Google & Amazon SEO. This is something to learn long-term, so get better at it in little steps every day and you’ll surely see your sales and brand impression rise to the top. Good luck!

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