Improve Your Amazon Best Seller Rank in 2 Steps

Do you use Amazon for your e-commerce business, but are having a hard time gaining traction and scaling? One question that may keep you up at night; “How can I increase my Amazon Best Seller Rank and get my sales up?”

Let us tell you, you are not alone.

In this blog, we’ll give you some easy and helpful tricks that will help you increase your accessibility and demand on Amazon search result pages to improve your sales, understanding Amazon best seller rank, and further understand how to maximize ROI.

Understanding Amazon Best Seller Rank

Found in the product description section, Amazon Best Seller Rank (BSR) indicates the sales volume of a product hourly. Said another way, if a product has an Amazon BSR of 1, that means it has sold more than any other product in its specific category. The Amazon Best Seller Rank can change depending on which country’s marketplace it’s selling in.

This numbered rank, like most Amazon ranks, can change as it only takes into account sales data. Other sources argue that the algorithm that determines Amazon Best Seller Rank is calculated with predictive sales rates and historical sales data of a product.

The benefit of ranking high on the Amazon Best Seller Rankings is being listed as an Amazon Best Seller product, which can give you an orange badge on your listing, feature you on a best seller list, and increase a customer’s trust in your brand, or all three.

So in theory, the path to getting a better best seller ranking is easy: just sell more! However, as sellers on Amazon, we all know it’s never that simple. Read on to find out what we’ve found has helped sellers jump in ranking!

2 Factors that Improve Amazon BSR 

Our research highlights two main factors that many Amazon vendors and sellers tend to ignore, which is a huge mistake because they can help you boost your Amazon best seller rank. The only tried and true way to increase your sales and rankings is to focus on accessibility and demand.

Let’s take a look at both of these characteristics. We’ll explain them in detail here, and then pair them with suitable strategies.

1. Accessibility: Make It Easy to Find Your Product 

Searchable product gets more attention from buyers and helps narrow down customer choices. The fact of the matter is simple, and much like the saying, You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Except in this case, you miss 100% of the customers you can’t be found by.

The search for your products depends on how often they are available on Amazon’s search result page. More answered questions from your consumers will lead to a higher ranking on Amazon SERP. Thus, your sales and profit will increase.

The more your products are searched, the higher your Amazon best seller rank becomes which in turn leads to more sales you are likely to make. Here are a few optimizing tips that will help you transform your product description page into a lead-generating engine.

Make Your Product Searchable

Product search has a direct relation with Amazon metrics which are related to the contents of every product in the list. Your main goal should be to get found because all the buyers come here with the purpose of buying.

They will often go with the first best opportunity they get, and they don’t have much time to look for other options before buying. Industry research states that there are only 4% or fewer people who end up buying from somewhere else. This can give you more leverage, but to enjoy this, you will have to make your product findable.

Advertising, Like Real Estate, is All About Location

A high selling product improves your chances to rank higher on Amazon SERP. Popular products are advantageous for Amazon, and so the company brings those products to the top list. This helps the seller in terms of more visibility.

If you are a new seller or even if you are an experienced seller but are not doing great on Amazon, then focus on giving away some promotional gifts and discount coupons with your product. You can also run Amazon PPC ads to get more visibility.

Increase Product Purchasing

Selling your products on Amazon is affected by audience acceptability. When you have a high acceptability ratio, it means that your products will be sold according to the best market price. To convert the incoming traffic into potential buyers, you will need to start conversions.

For this, you will have to design a lead magnet. When we say lead magnet, we mean that your page must be catchy so that the incoming traffic and users would want to stop and read every little thing, be it your product description, testimonials from your previous buyers, or anything else.

The more time visitors spend on your description page, the higher the chances of conversions. In the long term, this will not only lead to more sales but will also create a positive brand image.

2. Demand: Make It Easy to Know Your Product

After making sure that online shoppers can even find your Amazon products in search results, you’ll need to make sure that your shopping page is optimized to receive inquiries from those shoppers. 

After all, if you’re hungry and want to catch a fish, but you have no net, how’re you going to eat?

A foolproof way to increase desire for your product and get more sales is to remember to think about shopping from a customer’s point of view.

Consider the pain points your product cures for them, and run with it. Emphasize it in the bullet points, the product description, and customers will be sure to let you, and other potential customers, know how they feel.

Bullets: Point Out Product Features As Benefits

A boring and mundane bulleted list of features won’t work anymore. The main reason behind this is the fact that “necessity is the mother of invention.” Until and unless you won’t spark a need for your product, you won’t be able to sell it.

Use some creative ideas while developing your page. Merge features with benefits to make your customers realize that your product is not just something want, but something they need.

Product Description: Keep it Updated & Accurate

Make sure that your target buyers have the required information about your product or service and business.

Somewhat obvious, but if you have hundreds, or even thousands of Amazon seller SKUs, it can be hard to keep up with updating product information.

If the information about your products and your business is not up to date, then Amazon’s search filter may not give the correct information and you may not be visible to your buyers. This is something that you don’t want.

Updating your product description regularly must be your priority so that your basic information is up-to-date and accurate. Ensure that every report is accurate, be it product characteristics, your pricing strategy, product warranty, or the important features of your product.

Word of Mouth: Keep The Conversations Going

Positive reviews and comments give you the leverage to outweigh your competitors. Engagement with your customers through live comments is synonymous with attracting more traffic on Amazon. Make sure to take every opportunity you get to converse with your buyers.

Think of some creative strategies so that whenever your buyers buy something from you, they feel inclined to leave a comment.

For example, you can use a small card that requests them to leave a comment with a suggestion or a review of the package that you are sending. Also, you can offer a small giveaway for a comment, and there are endless possibilities to compel the customers to comment.

The Takeaway

Just hoping that customers will notice your Amazon listing won’t be enough to increase your Amazon Best Seller Rank. You will need a proper plan to create a best-selling listing on Amazon.

In addition to improving the content within your product page to increase your Amazon sales rank, work on your planning and initial marketing strategies as well. Smart decisions will allow you to beat your competitors and make sure your product is selling more.

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