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Amazon targeting, also known as Amazon ASIN targeting or product targeting, is an incredible feature of Amazon PPC ad campaign that allows users to add their Sponsored Product advertising on other ASIN sites and in categories of search engine results. As sellers, it’s crucial for you to learn how to promote your product on Amazon.

You can put your goods in line alongside related stuff on the global market by explicitly targeting products from different merchants.

In this Amazon targeting article, we’ll discuss what Amazon targets, how to choose Amazon targeting products, what negative keyword targeting Amazon, Amazon targeting strategy, and go over some essential FAQs.

Let’s get a closer look at it!

What is Amazon Targeting?

Amazon product targeting, also known as Amazon targeting, is an innovative marketing strategy designed to effectively guide sellers how to promote your product on Amazon. It enables you to showcase your advertisements to Amazon users actively searching for products similar or complementary to yours.

  • This is applicable when utilizing both Sponsored Display and Sponsored Products to create ad campaigns.
  • It’ll help boost attention and sales where the Amazon store identifies specific items, including product categories.

These Amazon targeting types or options have their own set of features and characteristics to help you achieve your company objectives. Let’s take a brief look at them.

1. Amazon Targeting on Sponsored Display

Display promotions that encourage recall and sales are possible by Sponsored Display. These simple-to-set-up display campaigns featuring product targeting will help you reach consumers interested in similar or complementary product lines.

Customers will be able to spot exceptional bargains relevant to the user and buy inclinations more quickly if the automatically generated content creators include discounts and saved badges.

These may consist of unique headlines, thumbnail image design, and logos utilizing Sponsored Display, which helps customers understand your product and brand stories.


  • This Amazon targeting strategy can aid product identification by bringing visitors to particular product pages via ad placements.
  • This ad may display under customer feedback, on shopping search results, and even on the extreme top right side of the product descriptions pages.
  • You may also tweak your ads by pricing and star rating utilizing product targeting, making your products and brands stand out.

Wondering how to promote your product on Amazon? Consider utilizing Amazon product targeting for a strategic advantage.

2. Amazon Targeting on Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products allow you to advertise certain Amazon product listings. Amazon targeting makes it possible to reach potential customers looking for products similar to yours through ad placements.

These ads will be shown there at the bottoms of product descriptions pages and categories and within the shopping results. Customers are directed to the product detail page by Sponsored Products advertisements.


  • You can utilize the ASIN recommendations supplied via the campaign manager to find specific items and categories you would like to target.
  • Then you can look for specific product lines you would like to target, with the flexibility to customize by brand, positive reviews, value, and prime delivery eligibility.


How to Choose Amazon Products to Target?

It’s critical that you correctly choose your Amazon target products or Amazon ASINs. Examine the following factors when selecting other ASINs to optimize your opportunity through Amazon product targeted ads. So look for the items or products that meet the following criteria:

·  Well-known brand

Well-known brands generate a lot of traffic. As a result of being shown as an alternate to a product that is doing very well, your advertisement will be much more prominent.

The Amazon targeting in PPC(Pay-Per-Click) ad campaigns may eventually help to raise brand awareness.

 ·  It Costs More than Yours

At Amazon, customers frequently search for the most fantastic offer. You’ll be much more likely to persuade buyers to choose your products if you place your advertisement on a product descriptions page with A+ content that is more premium than others, and it costs more than your products cost. 

·  Have a High Score

You should also consider another product’s ratings in such an Amazon targeting strategy. Both maximum and minimum ratings can be advantageous to you. A high rating might help you by affiliation, while a low rating may make your products appear stronger by comparison.


Where Sponsored Products Advertisements Display When Amazon Product Targets Use?

We did our tests with the assistance of an Amazon seller who was actively executing Amazon targeting marketing. We analyzed data from their “Seller Central Placement Report” – a helpful and essential report for marketers that details the distribution of advertisements amongst the placement, product detail pages, other Amazon products, and top search.

seller central placement report to learn how to promote your product on Amazon

The Amazon targeting report indicates that the seller’s Sponsored Products advertisement displayed upon the following Amazon product description pages:

  • 84.9% (ASIN targeting)
  • 91.6% (Brand targeting)
  • 91.7% (Category targeting)

However, the advertisement was also presented to customers in various ad locations on Amazon, particularly top of search engine results.

What is a Negative Keyword Targeting Amazon?

Negative keyword targeting Amazon is when you create rules that target a specific audience while excluding a subset of that group. This is also known as domain blocking or exclusion targeting. It used to be called ‘blacklisting,’ but the advertising industry is stepping away from that phrase.

Consider the following scenario:

  • An advertiser chooses to target ads to such state of New York but maybe not to New York City.
  • They might use New York geotargeting while using negative geotargeting inside the NYC metropolitan area.



·   What does Amazon’s ASIN stand for?

The ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. This is one of the innovative product identifiers used by Amazon to manage the product listing. ASIN is a ten-digit code composed of numeric values in a technical sense.

·   Does Amazon use behavioral targeting?

Market leaders including Amazon, or Netflix, are current examples of businesses that aggressively use behavioral targeting to increase conversion rate and engagement.

·   What methods does Target use to promote its goods?

Media, internet commercials, and newspapers are all typical promotional platforms employed by Target. The corporation spent roughly $1.5 billion on advertisements in 2018. This company also uses digital media to promote and engage with its clients, such as its app and website.

Final Words

By going over the stages above, you get how simple you can optimize your Amazon targeting by focusing on particular categories based on product price, brand, or rating.

In order to learn how to promote your product on Amazon, you can also hire a troubleshooting & consulting agency to do all these jobs for you. Otherwise, by linking to other well-known listings on Amazon, you may boost the legitimacy and distinctiveness of your offers.

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