Get Support and Find Solutions: How To Prepare & Contact Amazon Seller Support

Amazon has an extensive list of contacts with several support teams all over the world who are ready to help when issues come up. Amazon seller support is one of the venues you can contact for resolutions.

Whether it’s reviews, listings, orders, or customers, there’s always something Amazon sellers need to deal with. But with so many points of contact, we know it can be tough to navigate who to reach out to, or when to reach out for support.

We created a list of contacts that sellers might need at some point or another, including how to prepare so you don’t get caught in a never-ending sea of transfer calls.

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Navigate Amazon Seller Support Page

For basic solutions to frequently asked questions like changing a listing, contacting a buyer, product and inventory, payment and fees, policy information, sponsored products, and more, refer to the Amazon Seller Support Home Page.

Find Solutions Now

Here’s a list of some common queries you can navigate through the Amazon seller support page. 

How to remove review:

Get support  > Contact us > Product and inventory > Product Review > FBA Issue

How to remove feedback:

Get support > Contact us > Customer and orders > [type the order ID] click “next” > choose “Customer Feedback Removal Request”

FBA related issues:

Get support > Contact us >  Fulfilled by Amazon > FBA Issue

Inventory feed/template:

With Bach ID: Get support > Contact us > Products and inventory > Issue with listing products > Provide a Bach ID

Without Bach ID: Get support > Contact us > Products and inventory > Issue with listing products > I don’t have an ASIN or SKU > Next> Inventory file upload issues

 Fix/Merge/Split product page:

Get support > Contact us > Products and inventory > Product page issue > Fix a product page/Merge or split product page

Ads related issues:

Get Support > Contact us > Sponsored Products

Tax issues:

Get Support > Contact Us  > Other Issues – Tax Questions

 Suggest to Amazon:

Get support > contact us > other issue > make a suggestion

Report Listing Abuse:

Get support > contact us > other Issues > report a violation > Report listing abuse

Report A Violation:

Get support > contact us > other Issues > report a violation > Report a violation

Report Infringement:

Click Here

Category Ungate: Request approval for restricted categories

  1. In Seller Central, click the inventory link and select Add a Product.
  2. Run a search for the item you wish to sell.
  3. In the search results, click the Listing limitations apply link across from the item.
  4. Click the Request Approval button to begin the application process.

To check the status of an application, return to the Add a Product tool and click the Selling application status link located toward the top of the page.

Contact Amazon Seller Support

The best way to get support is to contact the support team within Amazon Seller Central. To do this, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Sign in to your Amazon Seller Account 

Step 2: Select ‘help’ (top right) > get support> then choose what your problem is associated with. 

The 2 options you will see include:

  • Selling on Amazon –Select this option if you have issues or questions related to selling or listing
  • Advertising & Stores – Select this option if you have queries related to sponsored brands, stores, and sponsored products

You need to be specific about your issue so you can get in contact with the best rep to help you solve it. 

Step 3: After you choose one of the above options, you will be redirected to a page, which has a search bar and a list of common questions as hyperlinks.

Step 4: Look through the hyperlinks to identify any that match with your issue.  If you find one, you can directly click on the question and get the answers you need. 

Step 5: If your question is not listed, type the issue into seller support’s search bar. If that doesn’t turn up any results, then on the left pane, click the dropdown option named “Other account issues.”

Step 6: Upon clicking the above option, on the right pane, you will have a dropdown to choose the language you want to communicate in.

Step 7: At the bottom, you will see three tabs to communicate with the customer support team – Email, Phone, and Chat. Choose the one you think will be the most efficient form of contact for your specific problem.

Contact Amazon By Phone

When you click the phone tab, you get the option to talk to an Amazon associate directly. Select the country from the dropdown menu provided & enter your contact number. If you feel that your issue needs to be addressed immediately, check the box that says “this issue is urgent and requires immediate attention.” You will need to write a few lines about the issue and press the “call me now” button.

A member from the customer support team will call you momentarily so you can get proper assistance.  

If you want to skip all of that, Seller Support also has a toll-free telephone number 1-866-216-1072 for general USA support for complaints, issues, or account activity. If you opt to call automatically, you will need to follow the automated prompts to find the support you need. 

This number is also good to contact the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) department. The FBA helpline is available 24 hours a day.We recommend you to call between 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Central Time for the best assistance.

Being fully prepared before you Contact amazon for support will make things run a lot smoother.

Below, is a list of information that representatives will ask for in a call. To avoid any delays, prepare this info in advance. 

Information Checklist:

  • Seller or Business name
  • Address on file
  • Customer order number
  • Last four digits of bank account or credit card on file

(If you don’t have this info reps can only answer basic account questions).

Once you have all your information together, read the tips below to help you get the Amazon seller support you need.

  1. We suggest talking to representatives about issues individually to avoid confusion. This can also save you the hassle of having to transfer from rep to rep. 
  2. Make sure to have all your questions written down before you contact a rep. Also have your 
  3. When you are asking questions, go one at a time and take a moment to fully understand the answer before moving on to the next question or topic. 
  4. You can check off your questions as they are answered. This is the best way to ensure you don’t forget and nothing gets skipped over.
  5. Always get the rep’s name so you can keep in touch with them about the issue via email or leave a bad review if they give you incorrect or contradictory information, which happens sometimes.

Remember: If you run into any issues with the customer service representative you get or if you are having trouble getting anywhere, you can always ask to speak to someone in management or hang up and call back for another rep. 

Live Chat Support

Amazon also offers Live Chat for all sellers. 

To access this feature you will need to be logged in to your Amazon account. This option is best for questions and issues that don’t require you to go into much depth.

Email Support For Account Issues:

To email Amazon seller support about issues select the email tab. When you compose your email, always write out your reason for contact and summarize the problem in a short description. The customer service team typically responds to an email through your seller ID  within a day from when you submit it.

How to prepare and send your email:

Step 1: Research your issue 

Step 2: In your research, you will likely find several things that may be the cause of the issue. Be sure to keep note of these and add them when writing your email.

Step 3: Write out your email, make sure you are specific and direct about your issue and what you need.

Step 4: Thinks ahead. Require a plan of action for suspensions related to policy violations.

Step 5: Look over your email and make sure you’ve included everything you need in a precise manner. 

Step 6: Send your email.

Step 7: If you don’t receive a response in time, schedule a call or try sending another email.

Tips for writing your email:

  • Communicate to your rep in a clear and concise manner and explain the issue as best as possible. Provide as much information as you can.
  • Do not get off subject, writing about different things that aren’t related is a direct path to having your email transferred through several departments.
  • If you have multiple issues, organize and explain each one clearly.
  • Provide your own ideas of what might be causing the issue (this will help guide the representative assisting you).

Most Importantly: Always keep track of your emails and jot down notes that may be helpful if you need to schedule a call or if the issue persists.

Amazon Email Contacts

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s Email:

Amazon Official Emails:

Apply for Vendor Express:

Seller Performance Review: 

Brand trademark infringement: 

After the infringement of intellectual property rights:









Get the unpaid earnings after your account is closed by Amazon:

Amazon performance team:









Appeal for product quality issues:










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