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Reselling on Amazon is very popular nowadays. We all know that Amazon is one of the best online marketplaces to buy, sell, and resell things. 147 million people trust this site and use it for significant revenue and higher profit!

It’s a pleasure to inform you that people not only purchase new items from Amazon. They also purchase items from multiple sources and then resell them on the same Amazon marketplace at a greater price. So, establishing a successful reselling business is possible if you tackle the situation correctly.

This article will discuss the overall approach for reselling merchandise on the Amazon platform, how you can become an unbeaten Amazon reseller and other important things. Let’s take a dive into the wilderness!

Who is an Amazon Reseller?

An Amazon reseller is an individual person or a company that purchases things in large quantities and resells them on Amazon at a higher profit margin. They don’t own the product’s intellectual property rights but deliver used products to clients.

Amazon Reseller Vs Seller: Which One Will You Be?

Resellers and sellers both offer sales on the Amazon Marketplace but there are some differences between them;

  • Identity

An Amazon reseller can identify as traders who purchase goods intending to resell them for a higher profit. They’re also known as wholesalers. 

On the other hand, a seller is generally defined as a person who stays in the business of selling a particular commodity and is well-known for doing so.

  • Purchase

Instead of purchasing goods or services for personal consumption, the Amazon reseller buys them for resale. Purchases made directly from the producer by the seller, who then sells to the final consumer, are possible. 

  • Sell

Amazon sellers usually sell products to end-users, whereas resellers of the same place return the sold goods to the relevant authorities in a trade cycle.

  • Goal

The reseller’s sole motivation is to gain profit from the sale of goods. But the seller is typically an individual who purchases goods and services to make a profit on each transaction.

How to Become an Amazon Reseller

How to Become an Amazon Reseller CTA

Amazon’s net income was 33.36 billion U.S. dollars by 2021 and continues to expand rapidly. That’s why it’s not challenging to make money reselling things on Amazon. If you follow the methods outlined here, you’ll be managing your own thriving resale business online. 

But, before we get into the details, let’s review the below checklist for success at a glance.  

  • Create an account as an Amazon seller.
  • Determine whatever you want to sell on Amazon.
  • Locate retail outlets or suppliers regarding your products.
  • Draw up a list of your products.
  • Make use of the FBA.
  • Take home the buy box.

We’ll go over each of these phases in further detail to help you understand exactly what you’ll do to create an Amazon business from scratch. Let’s start with Amazon account creation!

  • Create an Account as an Amazon seller

To begin reselling on the Amazon marketplace, you should first create an account with the company. Just visit their website to get started.  

Two alternatives will be available to you when establishing your business page.

  • To Sign up/register as an Independent retailer, go to “Sign up becoming an individual seller” and fill out the form. This seller account is completely free. However, you won’t have full access to many features as a paid account would allow you to. There is also a $0.99 fee for every item you sell on the site.
  • To become a professional seller, fill out the “Sign Up” form. A seller’s profile on Amazon costs $39.99 a month and includes access to all of the features and tools available to vendors on the platform.

Which account will be the most beneficial for you?

If you’re just getting started with Amazon selling, an individual account may be a wonderful place to start. On the other hand, a professional account is the best option for those trying to launch a real business on Amazon. 

As soon as you begin to sell more than 40 things every month, there is no reason not to upgrade to a professional account, as you will save money.

What exactly do you need to register?

Amazon will require a few things for you to open your Amazon account. Take a look below;

  • An official government identification card
  • A valid credit card
  • Your tax information

2. Determine What You Want to Sell on Amazon

After creating a new Amazon account, the second stage is to conduct market research about the products you’ll be selling. Further research will be required if you haven’t determined what you want to sell. 

As an Amazon reseller, the deals you discover will primarily determine the products you sell. However, it’s good to look at some information/data to avoid getting caught in a highly competitive category with products that everyone is competing to sell.

Some products are much more popular than others which can lead sellers to assume that they’ll do well. The thing is, if these products are highly sought after, they can lure more competition and become quite challenging to sell. 

Although you can get these products with a great discount upfront, if you can’t resell, chances are you’ll meet financial loss to a greater extent. 

We’d recommend you take your sweet time in researching the product categories and products. Only then you’ll know which one to pick.

3. Locate Retail Outlets or Suppliers Regarding Your Products

If you intend to engage in retail arbitration, you should begin by visiting the store as frequently as possible to find the best deals. 

In that case, you need to download the most popular Amazon Seller app. This will permit you to scan items with your mobile and immediately see what they’ll sell on Amazon, which will be extremely useful.

Keep an eye on the local flyer and look forward if such big sales are going on, and always keep an eye out for clearing sections while you are shopping.

Anyone interested in arbitraging online should list the selling products they discovered in the previous section and then see if they can locate a market where they’ve been sold at a low price. 

Here are a few fantastic places to travel:

You’ll find thousands of vendors who offer various items in that directory. To find the best bargain, discuss with different organizations and see who is prepared to give you the best product at the lowest price.

4. Draw Up a List of Your Products

If you have a collection of items that you want to sell on Amazon, the third step is to consider putting them up for sale on Amazon. 

To do this, log in to your seller central account and follow the prompts to add a new product. It is possible to search for a product by its name or enter its ASIN number.

Once you’ve added your product to Amazon, you’ll have the opportunity to make a sale whenever someone wants to purchase that item. Later on, we’ll go over some strategies for increasing your chances of closing a deal.

5. Make Use of FBA

In order to establish a significant firm that sells a variety of products each month, you must employ a strategy that focus on perfection. 

Packaging and shipping orders is a time-consuming task that frequently takes up your valuable time and prevents you from focusing on other aspects of your reselling business.

As a result, you can ship all of your products to Amazon throughout the FBA program. They’ll save and store it for you. 

After that, they send your stored products to your clients whenever a purchase is placed on your website or through an email. Even though the FBA entails additional costs, the advantages far exceed these.

6. Win the Buy Box

The final stage is to win the buy box. The “Buy Now” button appears on Amazon’s listing pages, referred to as the “buy box“. Because there are several sellers on each listing, only one individual can win the sale. Therefore Amazon has a mechanism to determine who will receive the sale.

Some pointers to help you earn the buy box are as follows:

  • A Professional Seller account is required. Only these merchants are eligible to have their products featured in the buy box.
  • Keep your account in good standing by receiving positive customer service rankings and reviews.
  • Provide competitive pricing. You don’t necessarily have to be the lowest, but you should strive to be within striking distance.
  • Make sure you have a large amount of merchandise on hand.

All of the following should result in you having enough purchase boxes to make a high profit if you follow the steps above frequently.

Is it Legal to Resell Products on Amazon?

Is it Legal to Resell Products on Amazon

The act of reselling things on Amazon is legal. It makes no difference whether you purchase them even from a retail store or wholesale from a distributor; as long as they’re brand new but not fraudulent, they also can be sold via the Amazon platform.

It’s important to remember that if you purchase something from a retailer it must be listed under a different category, such as “Very Good Condition” or “Used,” because it’s no longer defined as new. You’ll need to make your purchases via a manufacturer or wholesaler to offer new products rather than from a retailer.

Aside from that, there are various Amazon restrictions on selling particular brands like Nike or Adidas. Some businesses don’t permit their quality products to sell on Amazon, which you’ll want to keep in mind before launching your resale venture.

Fortunately, by using the Amazon seller app and conducting some preliminary research before selling on Amazon, you can ensure that you don’t acquire or attempt to sell a brand with restrictions placed on it.

How to Collect Products for Reselling on Amazon?

Amazon graphic store

To resell Amazon products, you can use various popular strategies from sellers’ points of view. Some of the most prominent strategies we have counted are as follows:

  • Sell Your Old/Used Products

If you already have any used or old products lying inside your house, you may photograph them and post them for sale on Amazon. This allows you to declutter your home while also earning some money. 

However, since you won’t have a limitless supply of products to sell, that’s only beneficial in the near run. Otherwise, you can also use Amazon ads to sell your stored products in the marketplace.

  • Purchase Products From Online Retailing

This is similar to retail arbitrage, except that instead of purchasing products from brick-and-mortar stores, you purchase them from several other shopping websites such as eBay. To do so, you’ll need to look for things currently trading for less than the price advertised on Amazon.

  • Buy Products Through Retail Stores

If you make purchases from a retail outlet, whether digitally or physically, you can easily resell them on Amazon for such a greater price. 

This is known as reselling. Increasing your profitability and earning more money over the long term is a fantastic approach to improve your bottom line.

  • Purchase Products From Another wholesaler

If you are confident that a given item can sell well enough on Amazon, you may want to investigate purchasing it in bulk from another wholesaler rather than individual sellers. 

The advantage of purchasing in bulk is that you can receive the highest expected price without investing a lot of money upfront. This is an excellent strategy to raise your sales and profits while minimizing the time spent shopping for products.

  • Buy Directly From Manufacturers

You may even think about making your purchase straight from the manufacturer. Using this method, you’ll be able to establish a connection with your brand name and negotiate a better price, allowing you to receive more profit and sell enlightened beings.

You can achieve profitability using any of the strategies listed above; however, reselling merchandise or products from wholesalers or manufacturers is the most sustainable. 

Pro Tips For Beginners

For beginners, it may be a fantastic idea to start out using any of the previous strategies, as they do not necessitate a significant financial commitment. Later, once you’re familiar with reselling and you have amassed a good amount of money, you can progress to purchasing directly from suppliers.

5 Best Demanding Items to Resell on Amazon

5 Best Demanding Items to Resell on Amazon

The online retailer Amazon sells 4,000 items per minute, where millions of people buy and resell things on the same marketplace. The fact is that many of these individuals are earning a modest living due to their efforts. The reselling method has even been used to launch entire enterprises in some cases.

However, how do you determine which products to resell? Among the varieties of products available in the market, the following seem to be some profitable genres and goods that are excellent options to begin your reselling journey:

  • Jewelry

If you sell jewelry, one of the most significant advantages is that many of these things are extremely lightweight, which means that your shipping expenses will be reduced. 

Furthermore, if you choose to sell via Amazon FBA, you’ll save revenue there, too, because their fees (Amazon fees) are likewise based on the quantity of the order.

[Note that: if you aren’t selling or marketing valuable metals and gemstones (such as gold and silver), you won’t have any trouble getting approved on Amazon.]

  • Books

Reselling books on Amazon has become a lucrative business for many people. It’s possible to make significant profits if you purchase the correct books, and many old books are regarded as collector’s items. 

Non-fiction publications, particularly textbooks, are typically the most profitable product to sell due to the highest resale value.


  • Toys and Games

Toys are a perennially popular item, especially during the Christmas shopping season. This sector has witnessed massive sales growth over the past year as individuals seek things to keep them entertained at home. 

Baby toys, colored pencils, board games, and card games, to name a few things to think about for this category.

Just make sure you stick to simple toys when playing with them. Tech products can be notorious for breaking and malfunctioning, resulting in negative customer feedback and product recalls. As a result, you should stay away from those goods.


  • Electronic Parts

On Amazon, electronic parts and devices are one of the most popular categories with the biggest number of sales. As a result, while it can be competitive at times, there is frequently a high level of demand. 

Some of the most profitable items to resell are; computer and smartphone accessories and chargers for various electronic gadgets.


  • Home and Kitchen Appliances

The Home & Kitchen category has seen a significant increase in popularity over the previous year. Some of the best goods in this category are; scales for weighing food, bottles with a shaker top, and tumblers.

What is the Best Way for Beginners to Get Started Reselling on the Amazon Platform?

Amazon reselling process

The best way for beginners or new sellers is to follow the reselling model we have covered below. They are:

  • Dropshipping

In Dropship, the seller publishes products on Amazon. Then takes an order from consumers. Finally, it requests that the supplier ship the product directly to that buyer. This overall processing is considered an Amazon sales model. Amazon’s dropship profit margins generate between the wholesale and retail prices gap.

  • Wholesale

Wholesale sale on Amazon refers to buying bulk products directly from a manufacturer or supplier at a discounted price. And then selling them on Amazon at a retail price.

  • Retail Arbitrage

Retail arbitration is a simple sales model when a seller buys discount products through retailers to sell on Amazon. These include online retailers.

  • Private Label

A private label sales approach is when the seller identifies a product with rising demands and uses it to build its brand around it. If you want to improve your profits with this model, you can sign up for an Amazon reseller program called the Amazon Brand Registry.


  • What is the most effective method of reselling on Amazon?

The best practical method to start reselling products on Amazon is to build your online store. Also, register yourself as an Amazon seller. You’ll be able to charge more for your products than you would if you bought them directly from a supplier or manufacturer. That means you’ll make more money.

  • Is it necessary for me to have a Professional Seller Account on Amazon?

If you intend to sell over 50 products each month, then you can create a professional seller account. Otherwise, a private seller will suffice!

  • What kind of products should I sell on Amazon? 

There are many regular and expensive things on Amazon to choose from. All that can assist you in making your Amazon reseller job a prosperous one. Clothes, athletic goods like golf clubs, and housewares like kitchen appliances are good selling choices. Electronics like laptops and iPhones are other common and successful commodities offered through resale.

  • What Amazon selling method is available for sellers?

As a seller, you can sell on Amazon using either Fulfillment by Amazon(FBA) or Fulfillment by Merchant(FBM) method. You’ll get a quick turnaround with Prime Shipping options. Fulfillment by Merchant gives you more control over consumer orders. You have the freedom to select your fulfillment (FBA/FBM) and supply methods.

  • Is it worth reselling on Amazon?

Buying and reselling on the Amazon platform might be a terrific method to generate additional money digitally if you’re searching for a way to supplement your income. Reselling is purchasing a product at a cheap cost and then reselling it to other customers at increased prices to benefit from the transaction.

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Final Words

Purchasing and reselling on Amazon can be a lucrative side income or a complete enterprise. A lot relies on your personal goals and objectives. Provided you do your research and give it enough time, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be successful. 

If you’re prepared to put in the effort to conduct a thorough study, there’s nothing that can prevent you from implementing this method to develop a profitable firm.

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