1. Protect your brand

You’ve worked hard to build your business. The product you have to offer the world is the result of your own relentless efforts and originality— and that is something worth protecting.
Brand Registry is the initial move towards preventing intellectual property rights violations. You’ll gain greater authority over listings bearing your brand name, as well as access to text and image search and the ability to report suspected violations. All of these tools help you maintain your brand integrity on Amazon, but you shouldn’t stop there. Amazon has over 2 million sellers and is exploding with new competition every day, and the best way to stand apart is to take every possible step to differentiate and elevate your unique brand. Taking the time to create Enhanced Brand Content is one powerful move to deter would-be imitators. These competitors would rather tackle something easier to replicate and compete with, leaving your brand to create its own success.

2. Let your story make the sale

Enhanced Brand Content introduces rich media to your listing page: images, video, and sound that work together to produce a more engaging experience for page visitors. The advantage of rich media in advertising is well documented: rich media content achieves 3 to 6 times the conversion rate of plain text. With those numbers in mind, fortifying your listing pages with Enhanced Brand Content is an ideal solution for increasing conversions on your products.
Beyond the attention-grabbing appeal of Enhanced Brand Content, this is also a powerful space to build your brand story. This differentiates your product and brand from competitors, allows you to showcase the unique values of your company, and gives shoppers every reason to choose your product amongst the others. An effective brand story gives your customer something to identify with and connect to, which is much more memorable than the straightforward sales pitch that traditional advertising relied upon. This means a story not only adds a competitive edge, but creates a more meaningful experience for your customers.

3. Include your mobile audience in the story

We learned that mobile shoppers make up a sizeable chunk of Amazon customers when we talked about the importance of strong thumbnail images. Recognizing the prevalence of mobile users is crucial to prioritize tailoring your listings to the mobile format as well as desktop.
An Amazon listing without Enhanced Brand Content partially obscures the product description, pushing it to the bottom of the page and displaying only the first 200 characters. This means customers have to click to open a new page to see the full description, placing more pressure on your title and thumbnail images to generate enough interest to incite that click.
In contrast, a listing with Enhanced Brand Content displays everything on the mobile page, no extra click required: photos, the full description, and any extra features such as video that you may choose to include. This makes for a much more enticing experience for the mobile viewer, as well as catering to their demand for convenience. By eliminating extra clicks and giving your potential buyer all of the information they may need at once, you’ve created an effortless opportunity for a browser to turn into a buyer.

With these advantages in mind, investing in Enhanced Brand Content is the smart decision for sellers who stand proudly behind their products. Lab 916 can help you level up with EBC, with custom crafted imagery and storytelling that make the most of this invaluable tool.