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When selling on Amazon, you must convert your Amazon ASIN to UPC. Because product identifiers, such as UPC and ASIN, assist merchants in keeping track of their inventory, tracking products, and rapidly obtaining product details. Online retailers also require these identities to order and transport merchandise correctly.

What if you don’t have an ASIN number? Do you still have the ability to sell or promote your product ads on Amazon? A new Amazon seller may be unfamiliar with ASIN and UPC. Although they have the knowledge of marketplace management, they don’t understand why converting ASIN to UPC is necessary.

Amazon ASIN to UPC

This post will go over all you need to know about an ASIN, UPC, why these identifiers are essential for your products, and how to convert an Amazon ASIN to a UPC using a few simple steps.

What is ASIN?

What is ASIN?

ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. It’s an Amazon product identifier of ten characters that contains alphabets and digits. Amazon and its partners use this one-of-a-kind product identifier.

They are one of the critical parts of Amazon’s selling policies, which assist customers in finding the things they seek. If you don’t use ASINs correctly, you risk breaching Amazon’s selling conditions and losing your opportunity to sell your products on the Amazon Marketplace.

Know more about ASIN.

[Note: Instead of an ASIN, books on Amazon are assigned an ISBN (International Standard Book Number)]

What is UPC?

What is UPC

A UPC, or Unique Product Code, is a one-of-a-kind code provided per each product on Amazon. It aids in differentiating a product from the millions of other goods available on the market. 

Such codes function in a similar way as the barcodes found in local markets. On the other hand, they are exclusive to Amazon’s data warehouse. Different types of products sold on Amazon can be easily identified using these codes.

  • What is The Purpose of a UPC?

Below, are some of the ways that UPC are being used in Amazon:

  • They aid buyers and sellers in the identification of products.
  • These unique codes are used to control and track inventory.
  • These codes will assist in tracking products or consignments while they are being shipped.
  • These codes make it simple to search for products both online and in warehouses.
  • Where Do You Need UPC to Sell on Amazon?

You can’t sell on Amazon unless you have UPCs. When you offer a new product for sale, you must enter this code in the ‘Product ID’ area. Before you enter any information, focus on choosing UPC from the “drop-down” menu. You can’t list products unless you supply the UPC.

UPCs and EANs are the standard product IDs used on Amazon marketplaces in the U.S, U.K, Australia, Canada, and other European nations.

The Importance of Converting Amazon ASIN to UPC

Amazon allows millions of businesses, sole proprietors, and merchants to sell their wares on Amazon’s online shelves. This is one of the most popular product search engine platforms available today, with over 12 million different kinds of products in its catalog. 

And you’ll be amazed to know that Amazon sold 75 million products up to March 2021. That’s a hell of a number, right?


Before selling, each product must be labeled and wrapped. Businesses must verify that a few details are correct during the labeling and packing procedure. They must notify Amazon of any unique identifiers which the products may have.

As a result, for your goods to be featured on Amazon, they must have an ASIN. Your product on Amazon will be unsearchable without an ASIN, and you will wind up with a miserable pile of deadstock. To make things easier, if you give Amazon the UPC, they’ll automatically add the relevant ASIN to your product listing.

Because the UPC is universal, several retailers, such as Walmart and Amazon, will require it to recognize the product and verify if it’s sold elsewhere. You must also include the UPC whenever selling on eBay because it helps customers find things more quickly. 

It’s critical to provide the Universal Product Code since it’ll increase your product’s/item’s placement on eBay and search engine platforms such as Google.

Why Should You Convert ASIN to UPC?

Every product on Amazon’s shelves has an ASIN number, a unique 10-digit  identification, and it is an abbreviation for Amazon Standard Identification Number. In the previous days, Amazon solely sold books, ISBNs (unique identifiers for books) were used to catalog them.

Why Should You Convert ASIN to UPC

To make it easy to promote new items without affecting its existing methods, Amazon is using the same 10-digit code approach. Every Amazon product now has a unique ASIN. A UPC, like an ASIN, is a unique identifier for supply networks worldwide to identify distinct commodities, and it’s an abbreviation for Universal Product Code.

This is a 12-digit code created by the GS1 organization to offer a uniform manner for identifying products rolling on the conveyor belts. The UPC or the Universal Product Code is the most frequently used product barcode identification throughout the world.

It’s critical to understand that Amazon generates ASINs, and no seller is required to buy one from the company. In reality, anyone with a basic understanding of the internet can locate a product’s ASIN by simply searching the world’s largest online marketplace.

Once you have an ASIN, you may need to quickly locate the UPC for every desired product. You’ll need your product’s UPC to place a purchase, and this is the process of converting an ASIN to a UPC. Furthermore, if an ASIN for such a product currently exists, you’ll have to sell the goods on Amazon using a UPC.


The corporation forbids products from being sold without their GTINs. These GTINs can be UPCs, which are widely used in North America, EANS, commonly used in Europe; or JANs, widely used in Japan.

As a result, companies/sellers can use ASINs to determine whether or not they require a UPC. An ASIN is not assigned to a product not listed on Amazon. As a result, listing that good on Amazon may not necessitate the use of a UPC.

Finally, you may need to convert your ASINs to UPCs in placing orders to determine whether a specific product is currently available on Amazon.

How to Convert Amazon ASIN to UPC?

UPCs are an essential aspect of Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon service. A UPC barcode label must be attached to every product supplied to Amazon by a merchant. Amazon’s FNSKU barcode technology is also used to stock, sort, and distribute items from its inventory.

How to Convert Amazon ASIN to UPC

Now that you understand the value of a UPC label on the goods, let’s look at converting ASINs to UPCs.

  • Various tools and APIs are accessible on the web to enable you to convert preexisting ASINs to their UPCs. Enter the ASIN, and the API will perform a quick search and return the UPC you require.
  • To use the services of these applications, you’ll want an Amazon Seller Central account. These programs also allow you to mass upload a comprehensive list of ASINs in an Excel file to acquire a complete list of all the UPCs you require.
  • You may bulk import your ASINs list. You can choose which columns of data to submit using a CSV importer. Large processing capacities are available in specific identifier converters.
  • They can handle up to 100,000 IDs at once and provide you with findings in seconds. They’ll also give you information about the goods, such as their sales rank and price.
  • Every time you go to work, you’ll see new and updated information about these products. These ASIN to UPC converter APIs and apps are completely free to use.

The Function of Product Identifiers

Since product identifiers such as the EAN, UPC, and ASIN are universally recognized, most online marketplaces such as eBay, Walmart, and Amazon rely on them to detect whether or not a similar product has been sold on all other websites.

The Function of Product Identifiers

They’re helpful if you need to keep track of all your Amazon products and inventories while also looking at some of the other product descriptions quickly.

Note: If you want to track your traffic too, check out Amazon Attribution

These product identifiers will help you order, store, and transport your inventory effectively if you already have more commodities in your portfolio.

When you first start selling on the Amazon platform, you’ll need to give an ASIN so that your product may be listed and ranked in the Amazon SERP

When sharing your product’s UPC, Amazon will immediately add the proper ASIN to your listing, making life a lot easier for you!


  • Can ASIN be converted to UPC?

Algopix’s tool can be used to convert. An ASIN can be entered and the corresponding UPC will be returned in a couple of seconds using this tool. However, to see whether a product is already listed on Amazon, merchants often need to convert UPC to ASIN.


  • What does ASIN stand for when it comes to shipping?

ASIN is an abbreviation for Amazon Standard Identification Number. Essentially, it’s a ten-character alphanumeric unique identity issued by and its affiliates to each customer. It is used by for the purpose of product identification. It is only inside a certain marketplace that ASINs are guaranteed to be unique.


  • Is it possible to get a Universal Product Code (UPC) from an ASIN?

If you have an ASIN but need a UPC to place an order with the manufacturer, you’ll need an ASIN to UPC converter in these situations. On top of that, as most of the ASIN to UPC converters are free, you don’t have to spend a cent.


  • How to find a UPC on Amazon?

To find items before you begin selling, you may input their product codes in the Amazon search field; this results in the display of a listing page including the product codes that you looked for. If you prefer mass searching, you may utilize online tools to submit and search several codes simultaneously. You may also use this approach to discover ASIN-coded goods on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

We hope and believe that now you have a better understanding of how to convert an Amazon ASIN to UPC after reading this article. 

Furthermore, when you put a product for sale on Amazon, you must ensure that you have included all of the necessary product information on the item. 

You should also check that all fields have been optimized for search engine visibility.

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