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Brands from all over the world choose Lab 916 as their Amazon and omni-channel partner to grow eCommerce business.

We bring an entire department to your business at a cost cheaper than a full-time employee. You win on value and experience, without having to waste your time leading an area you don’t understand.

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Why Clients Choose Lab 916

Guidance from a team of
Amazon experts & insiders

Saving valuable time &
increasing your revenue

Expand your business from Amazon
to Walmart, Target, and beyond

Get a full-team for the cost
of a single employee

The Lab 916 Benchmark

Get more business intelligence with data and insights from our benchmark.

Your Personalized Benchmark
Will Focus On

Content Analysis

Is your copywriting, images, and enhanced content optimized for conversion? Is your brand content cohesive with your overall brand identity? We will review your listings and provide insight for improvements.

Competitor Analysis

Who are your top competitors on Amazon and what are they doing from a tactical standpoint to achieve their success? We will break it down and propose key actions.

Keyword Analysis

Do you know which keywords are your top-ranking keywords? Are the keywords in your listing indexing on the Amazon search results? We will examine your brand’s keywords and sent you new ones.

Advertising Analysis

What is your current advertising strategy? Are you bidding on the right keywords? We will review your advertising campaigns, and provide insight into the ways your competitors are advertising & what keywords they are targeting.

Pricing Analysis

Does your pricing strategy include potential hidden fees from Amazon that can affect your profitability? We will provide fee breakdowns and competitor reviews for pricing.

Search Trends

Are you reviewing and exploring new keyword ideas? We have access to detailed brand analytics from Amazon that can help reveal the new ways that your customer is searching for you.

Product Trends

Are you on the lookout for new product ideas? Are you thinking about expanding your product line? We have experience in almost every product vertical on Amazon and can help you research the latest product launches on Amazon.

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