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SACRAMENTO, CA, January 14, 2021 — This week, Lab 916 celebrated another win with a record-breaking launch on Amazon! This time, in partnership with Wilbur Packing Company, the team was able to achieve the coveted #1 New Release badge within the walnuts category, right out of the gate.

After a series of listing management services executed by the Amazon Optimization Experts at Lab 916, Rio Vista walnuts is in a great position to boost visibility and sales even further. Even successful product launches take time to get to this position and they often go without any recognition at all in the stream of ceaseless competitors on Amazon’s marketplace.

The #1 New Release badge in any given category is awarded by Amazon to the best-selling newly listed products. Rio Vista remains the top-performing new product in its category, with 2 listings ranking higher than recent releases by Kirkland and other well-known brands vying for a top spot on Amazon.

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Wilbur first came to Lab 916 without any internal staff with experience, requiring assistance to streamline the launch of their brand both in their own eCommerce website along with a full-fledged Amazon launch.

Over a 12 month period, Lab 916 helped them rank within the top 5 units for organic prunes, increase online revenue by 150%, decrease advertising cost by 50%, and assisted with their establishment into the Costco retail program.

Since then Lab 916 has continued providing guidance on everything from listing optimization strategies to ad campaign management and graphic design. Successfully launching Wilbur’s full range of products while navigating some of Amazon’s steepest learning curves to sustain brand longevity on and off of Amazon.

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About Wilbur Packing

The Wilbur family’s roots in California agriculture date back to 1869 as one of the first to plant orchards in the fertile soil of the Yuba and Feather River bottoms– today considered the preeminent prune and walnut producing area of the world. 

Their long commitment to farming led to the launching of Wilbur Packing Company in 1992 to lend a farmer’s perspective to food production. Five generations later, the Wilbur Ranch continues to be a leader in California agriculture with over 3,000 acres of prunes and walnuts. 

As a grower, packer, and processor of prunes and walnuts, the Wilbur family is involved in all aspects of the supply chain — from the farm to the supermarket shelf. Offering traceable, organic California-grown nuts that are grown, processed and packaged all from one place.

Try the Wilbur Packing Company’s range of top-quality, organic snacks from Looney Pruney pitted prunes and Rio Vista walnuts! Order on Amazon.com or through the Wilbur Packing website

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