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As Amazon sellers, we all are aware of the importance of running marketing campaigns that can increase our revenue. Amazon coupons are available to all individual and professional vendors under the advertising tab. One of the coupons you should take advantage of is the Amazon VPC (Vendor Powered Coupons).

Have you ever browsed products under the coupons section of Amazon? If you have, you would already know that this category is already a department in itself. Both promotional and coupon-based campaigns are given their own unique permalinks and are highlighted in the coupon category.

If as a seller you are in need to boost your earnings then Amazon VPC is one of the best and most cost-effective strategies you can look into.

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How to Beat the Competition with Amazon VPC?

1. Promote Them

Coupons work like any Amazon product. If you are a new seller and have just started with Amazon, then this strategy would likely be quite useful, to begin with. The coupon promotion works like a charm to dominate a niche market, especially if you are facing stiff competition from your rivals.

 The visibility of your product and store increases, which in turn can increase your chances of expanding your sales revenue.

2. Keep a Close Eye on Your Competitors

You are not the only seller who is looking to beat the competition with Amazon coupons. In fact, your rivals are trying their best to give your customers the best deal. In other words, look for your competitor strategies, find the best selling products in your niche and analyze their marketing and promotional campaigns.

Make sure that your discount and coupons are slightly bigger than your competitors, so shoppers are tempted to buy.

3. Promote Your Coupons on Third Party Sites and Affiliate Networks

Affiliate marketing is becoming a gigantic industry and is generating more than millions of dollars in commission. You can ask influencers and third-party websites to talk about the products and coupons you offer in your store.

In case, it is difficult to find a niche in your market, then it is always a good idea to Google “submit your deal” and promote your products on the search engine result pages. If your deal stands out from most of your rivals and is really compelling, then you will surely see steady traffic coming to your store.

4. The Friends and Family Amazon VPC Hack

This works out most of the time and is also a great way to influence your rankings on Amazon. This strategy is one awesome hack to achieve great success as a seller. You can create coupons and discounts for your product, and then give it out to your friends and family.

Ask them to buy the product using the coupon and submit an honest review of your goods. Many of your colleagues would be willing to buy and review your product because of the amazing discount offers.

 As a result, you will get a “Verified Purchase” review on your listings which could serve as a great step to boost your sales.

This also works well for new sellers who lack authority and influence in their niche. This strategy can work as a ladder to achieve higher and more profitable results in the future. But make sure that your Amazon VPC is at least breaking even.

All of these factors seem a great deal, to begin with. If you are a new seller on Amazon and are facing stiff competition and finding it hard to list your product in search results, then the coupon strategy can be useful to project your stores on various third-party sites and Amazon itself.

But before you close this window and log in to your Amazon seller’s account, there are few factors you should consider before launching your Amazon VPC campaign.

The Precautions

  • For running an Amazon VPC campaign, it is important to set your budget and specify a period for the coupons. You should also consider the fact that coupons wouldn’t work after the expiry date; so, give your potential shoppers a decent amount of time to claim the discount.
  • Whenever a buyer clicks on the coupon to avail its feature, as a seller you will be charged $0.60 fee for using this feature. Also, you would need to pay the dollar amount of the coupon.
  • Once you have consumed 80% of your campaign budget, Amazon will automatically take your coupon offline, and you will need to start from scratch.

Hence, there are some costs new sellers should consider before enticing their customers with sweat and profitable deals. It is also important to know that Amazon coupons are different from Amazon promotions, so you don’t end up confusing them.

In Conclusion

It is vital to know that Amazon coupon features give you more control over your sales and promotional campaigns. They are a good way to attract more traffic to your store, which can convert into leads.

As an Amazon seller, you shouldn’t ignore this attribute of the E-commerce giant. At first, you might look at coupons as something which is costing you extra money, but in turn, they are highly beneficial for your long term and steady growth in the niche.

Amazon VPC makes your products inexpensive and cost-effective in comparison to your competitors. By using coupons, you are making more money. This is because as more people redeem your coupons, the higher will be your sales. This can also result in Best Seller Ranking (BSR) for you and might even win you the Amazon Buy Box!

However, as a seller, you should initially consider the added cost before running any promotional campaigns on the platform. Work with some numbers that give the highest possible discount to your potential buyers while keeping it profitable. Of course, you are not willing to climb the ladder on Amazon search rankings while incurring losses.

Also, if you are finding it difficult to boost your Amazon sales, then feel free to contact us. We will surely develop an effective blueprint to increase your influence in your niche!

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