Amazon Live: What Is The Entire Buzz About?

With Instagram Live, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Adsense on Air, it seems like every tech giant is trying to penetrate the live streaming market. The new Amazon Live service proves that there is no limitation to E-commerce when it comes to your brand and product promotion through live streaming. And experts at Lab 916 can help you achieve your corporate promotion goals.

With the launch of Amazon Live, the company is competing with Quality, Value, and Convenience (QVC) by offering interactive sessions between merchants and customers. The host in the videos demonstrates Amazon products that are available online.

In online marketing, interactions play a major role in influencing your potential customers. And by combining live stream videos and E-commerce Amazon is set to more stiff competition from QVC and its parent group.

 Also, users can browse more than one live stream at a time, which is great. So, they can continue with the one which interests them the most. You can also use several other functions in the app, such as watching the earlier live stream videos and sneak into the upcoming shows to go on the air.

As per the E-commerce giant, live streaming on Amazon can skyrocket your sales exponentially as people will discover and explore your product with ease. They will also learn about their features and characteristics.

Although this feature is still new and needs refinement, it is quite hard to say when it will grow into a behemoth and influence online shopping.

You might consider this feature as something new and mind-boggling, but in fact, Amazon was right to claim that it isn’t something new. We all know the fact that Amazon was deeply interested in live streaming for quite a while and the company even patented the idea of its live video shopping.

Availability Of Amazon Live Platform

As of now, the new Amazon Live is open to all US sellers with valid registration with Amazon Brand Registry. This means it is not for you if you are located outside the US, like in China or Hong Kong as the feature is still in its testing phase.

Besides, you need an iOS device to live stream any video of your interest or promote your products. Although Amazon Live represents a new concept in the US e-commerce market, similar features are already popular among many giant Chinese E-commerce platforms on the market, such as Taobao.

Additionally, this Chinese E-commerce giant has its own influencers with accounts that have more than half a million followers each.

This also gives an insight as to what Amazon Live can achieve from their application. If the service becomes popular in the United States and elsewhere, it will surely open a new gateway for influencers to promote different types of products on their channel. LAB 916 can help you in this regard by developing effective Amazon strategies.

Where Will The Videos Be Featured?

The e-commerce giant says that the new live stream videos will appear on the dedicated Amazon Live page as well as in the seller’s store and product detail pages. Also, sellers can boost their sales revenue by paying for the promotion of their videos and reach more customers.

Besides, sellers can also have a direct question and answer session in real-time with buyers during live streaming. Also, a buyer can see all the recent live videos in case they are unable to watch it on time. With videos available on a seller’s homepage it is likely that brand engagement for many companies will increase significantly due to this amazing feature.

Competition Is Increasing

As high-speed internet makes its way to the South East Asian and African countries, the competition to dominate social media and E-commerce is significantly increasing with each passing day. As a matter of fact, anyone can make a huge difference with a 5-minute live video by talking about their product and its feature.

This creates a buzz among both social media giants and tech companies to push for projects that can bridge the gap between sellers and shoppers in an effective manner. Further, Amazon Live is intrigued when there is a rumor that Instagram will launch its own standalone shopping app to create more opportunities for influencers.

Also, keep in mind that QVC has also announced its plans to dive deep into E-commerce marketing and launch its own video app to facilitate users. With Taobao globally taking the lead in E-commerce live video shopping, it is likely that the trend will also pave the way for American and European companies.

But there is more you should know about why Amazon Live is all the rage in the E-commerce industry. This includes changes in the way consumers discover new products around the internet. Previously, a majority of shoppers would just come across PPC campaigns running on social media pages or “Google” the product, but now this is no more the case and things are changing fast.

In fact, many users are discovering new brands using videos and influencers that talk about them. Besides, social media influencers are becoming an industry in itself as they are people who can influence and convince thousands of followers to purchase a product or service. These influencers stream quite often with different products and some companies even pay them to do this!

Hence, the launch of the Amazon Live application and page only means that live streaming is not just for social media but is also dominating the E-commerce sphere bit by bit and will have a big effect on sellers and how they market their services and products.

In Conclusion

As an end note, there is still no guarantee whether this feature will succeed and open a new way to influence brand image. Besides, Amazon Live is limited to America, which is likely to keep non-Americans out of this reach (in the near future), providing opportunities for Amazon competitors. However, it is important to accept the fact that tech giants are heavily investing their resources to make live video shopping a convenience for Millennials.

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