Agar Industries Case Study
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A growing industry

The concept of Agar Industries came from a grower who identified a need for accessible, affordable solventless extraction equipment. Our goal is to capture market share in the cannabis industry by targeting the exploding niche of rosin tech.

Riding the upward trend

Our research phase confirmed the climbing interest in rosin:

With few competitors in the relatively new rosin tech niche, we were confident about carving out a space for ourselves.

new rosin tech performance
new rosin tech performance 2

Creating space to grow

For our initial venture, we chose to source, private label, and distribute nylon press bags. These have a much lower barrier of entry than the presses themselves. Plus, selling something consumable has its own advantages: looking ahead, it is easier to remarket and build a repeat customer base than it is to convert new customers.

Design/building the brand

We went with minimal, industrial styling for Agar Industries, whose target audience is professional and home growers breaking into rosin production. We created a clean logo and packaging to reflect the technical, utilitarian nature of our offerings.

Design/building the brand

Scattering the seeds

We knew this was a project to introduce both on and off Amazon, so we built and optimized an eBay store and custom domain shop to capture maximum multi-channel revenue.

Building a one-stop shop

Lab 916 could bring in higher-investment products once we had gained brand credibility and seen significant profit. Our first product line expansion introduced the pre-press mold, and we look ahead to investing in presses to offer Agar Industries customers the full range of equipment that they need for excellent extraction.

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