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Amazon is one of the largest marketplaces, featuring millions of sellers, where many companies try to entice shoppers to their web stores. But effectively representing your marketing strategy and brand value after a buyer visits your product there is quite tricky. Here the Amazon Storefronts come in the limelight!

Amazon Storefronts is a “mini-website” that helps raise your company’s recognition and increase product sales. It’s a great addition to the Amazon marketing plan. 

You may be wondering how or can sellers build a distinct and unified brand experience for customers that stands out on product listings?

This blog post will discuss Amazon Storefronts and share some incredible Storefront tools for Amazon sellers. Let’s dive into it!


What are Amazon Storefronts?

An Amazon Storefronts is a tiny eCommerce site that allows firms to offer their customers the best, brand-specific buying experience while still selling things to Amazon customers.

Storefronts allow brand-registered merchants to present all their items in one place by highlighting A+ content, photographs, multimedia, graphics, and personalizing with bespoke branding and logos.

With a well-designed Storefront, you can also attract customers and utilize this as a landing page for adverts to show off your whole product line.

Creating an Amazon Storefronts has several advantages:

  •       Increase brand awareness
  •       Simple (no-coding) customization
  •       An website address that is unique to you.
  •       Insights dashboards (excellent for your brand’s sales strategy)


How to Setup Amazon Storefronts

There is a simple procedure for opening your Amazon Storefronts and configuring these in a way that will endure and be manageable in the future. Here are five simple steps to get you started:

Step 1

Navigate to the “Stores” tab in Seller Central. After that, click on the “Manage Stores.”

Step 2

Select your product or brand and click “Create Store.”

Step 3

Congratulations! You’re now in the Store builder. This is the first step in creating your branding display name and the official logo. After that, click “Next.”

Step 4

Now, let’s design a Home Page. This is the first-page visitor’s view when they enter your store. Amazon provides several alternative templates from which you can pick. Some of the options include the following:

  •     Create a story concerning your company
  •     Spotlight a top-selling product
  •     Present all of your items in a grid

You can also begin with a blank page.

Additionally, you must write a meta description for a home page, which gives search engines details about your website. This little text excerpt helps your Amazon Store rank higher in Google searches and it’ll provide viewers with an overview of your business or products. Make it interesting, informative, and attention-grabbing.

Step 5

Begin constructing your store! This is the place, where you can include product catalog page sections, photos, and thumbnails

Examples of the Best Amazon Storefronts In 2022

A professionally designed Amazon Storefronts seems to be an excellent tool for differentiating your business from competitors.

There are dozens of Amazon Storefronts Design examples available in the market. 

Do you want to witness some storefronts in action? Are you thinking about how do these Storefronts help you promote your business online? Let’s look into it.



Tutublue is one of Amazon’s most prominent storefronts, with various products to choose from. You can receive a preview of their extensive range of swimsuits (including; male, female, kids, and accessories) when you visit the store for the first time.

Their smaller grids shape is ideal for showcasing various swimming products in a compact space. The picture is straightforward, sleek, and uncluttered – qualities likely to appeal to buyers who are highly interested in Tutublue products.

Along with their professionally branded graphics and intriguing mission statement, they encourage you to spend time looking through their clothes inventory.

TUTUBLUE Top Amazon storefronts
  1.   NUTTVIA

Nuttvia is a natural sweetener brand that has received the Orangutan Alliance’s 0% palm oil stamp of approval. They use an excellent combination of visuals and language to display hazelnut spread with vegan-friendly content.

The graphics include a text overlay that highlights the essential aspects of each beverage. In contrast, a large Nuttvia container appears within the website, directing customers to the goods.

Besides that, the text overlay informs customers about the product description, beverage kind, sugar, and other required content. For a more effortless buying experience, the upper navigation offers several categories.

NUTTVIA Top Amazon storefronts
  1.   SHAMBAR

In addition to being cruelty-free, Shambar offers an easy-to-use conditioning shampoo bar that is formulated for all hair types. Their webpage greets you with eye-catching photographs of their goods together with sufficient information about the company.

Three elements are displayed on the store’s homepage, each describing what distinguishes its product as unique for each customer. Customers can find a remedy to their dull hair problems across the entire showroom.

The store is decorated in the bright colors of yellow and purple. It also includes their products and pricing, which you may use to purchase straight away.

SHAMBAR Top Amazon storefronts

LĂ“R DE SERAPHINE is an excellent example to follow if you want to learn how to construct an Amazon store for multiple audiences. Their clean and tranquil banner image welcomes you to its site.

They also contain various categories that permit you to browse based on designer collections. Also, they have a burning candle and vessels for their target customers to distinguish their business.

Although their landing page showcases all their products, this storefront also features the category on the upper side so the audience can easily choose the best fragrance for their house.

LĂ“R DE SERAPHINE Top Amazon storefronts

BULK HOMME provides one-of-a-kind product suggestions on your browser history. Their web page greets every audience with a real-life experience video that showcases their goods.

This is one efficient method for offering customers precisely what they want and increasing Amazon sales. In addition, its Amazon storefronts webpage blends its branded innovative concept with the Amazon listing.

The layout puts their items in the spotlight and helps them promote new or prominent products all over the page. Furthermore, its press area at the bottom of the website offers an extra unique touch that helps build social proof.



Nutrivein promotes itself as a natural brand that provides high-quality nutritional supplements. On their Amazon storefronts, you’re greeted by a stunning homepage that emphasizes the excellent quality of the product instantaneously.

This Storefront emphasizes the importance of working with experts to ensure premium quality, continual innovation, and a healthy lifestyle. You’ll see a constant loop of beneficial videos as you go through the store.

Additionally, the store features a product display with its costs. Nutrivein can uniquely mix contents, photographs, videos, and a product description, which distinguishes its store.



Rapid Brands provides excellent storefronts with a slew of engaging visuals, directions, and a patented design for optimal cooking, among other things! The way they present their cookware items at each step will compel the audience to visit the entire website at least once.

This shop features a variety of possibilities including image parts, video sections, product listings, and even a section where you may choose cookware from the upper menu bar.

All in one, they’re left with nothing to display their design. Entrepreneurs, particularly restaurant owners, might profit from this type of storefront design when it comes to their Amazon presence.


  1.  BOIESS

When creating an Amazon shop, it is critical to analyze your ideal customers and choose what design style will most appeal to them. If your company sells children’s and infant accessories, Boiess is one of the top storefronts you can rely on.

When visitors or consumers visit your website, they will quickly recognize your company’s concept. Mommy conveys her affection for her baby, and the kids & baby colognes content indicates the type of goods available in the store.

If you want to attract customers solely through your stunning image, Bioess is the most pleasing Amazon storefronts for you.



The vast majority of consumers want to view more photos than product descriptions. Once they’ve decided on an image, they may walk into the store and purchase their required item.

BIOLYTE supplies consumers with this type of Amazon Storefronts for those who prefer less material while also valuing high-quality images at the same time. You may quickly demonstrate your business story by including some highlighted material in addition to the picture.

Besides that, their storefronts are decorated in a vibrant color that can easily take clients’ minds away at first glance.


If L’OR DE SERAPHINE depicts beautiful storefronts, then Flatyz adds a touch of elegance to the company’s website page. This shop is visually appealing because of its fantastic color combination, product details summary at every level, and high-quality image representation.

Another unique feature of this storefront is unquestionably the font type used. When clients visit your website, they’ll be able to appreciate the beauty of your goods by viewing each product’s primary outlets in each photograph.

No matter what product your company offers, you may inform them that a qualified person developed it. There are separate displays to identify the skilled artisans or business owners there.


  1.  UCARI

Ucari is a fantastic Amazon Storefronts where the product image, rich material, and expert video all work together to greet you and grab your first impression.

This storefront places its most fabulous test kits over its pages, even though it offers many products. The uncomplicated design of their Amazon store makes browsing and purchasing their products an easy and painless experience.

Businesses have the option of displaying their advisers’ images at the bottom of the page, along with a helpful remark. That may be an image or a video, or anything else you can do with your storefront while keeping in mind who your target audience is.



First appearances are crucial. Maskwise uses dramatic lifestyle photographs and a rich, earthy color scheme to capture the attention of prospective customers. The experimental product image is presented beside each image before customers scroll down.

In this storefront, the top section of Maskwise’s storefront provides more information about their items, as well as an essential checklist. Grooming basics purchasing has never been more accessible or visually appealing than this Amazon site.

Each product’s placement is chosen independently in the header section. On some pages, in addition to product descriptions, you can specify the size and price of the item too.


How to Find Amazon Seller Storefront

If you have ever bought or sold something on Amazon and tried to locate a specific seller, you’ve definitely had a difficult time doing so. Even if you have a seller’s precise store name, Amazon has made it incredibly hard to locate them.

The best and quickest way to locate an Amazon seller will be to look for their store name. This URL will work even if you don’t know what store name the merchant has.

If you know that store name, just add it to the end of this URL. You should have a URL that looks something like this: / shops / storenamehere

Additionally, you’ll be sent to the seller’s shopping list, which contains a complete list of almost all of the items they are currently trading.

Simply press on each of the product pages to be taken to their shop owner page. Afterward, at the bottom line of the Buy Box, underneath “Ships From” and “Sold by,” click their store name.


  • Who is eligible to open an Amazon Storefronts?

You must be a member of the Amazon Brand Registry program to create an Amazon Storefronts. It is provided to sellers, agents, and vendors for free.

  • Is setting up Amazon storefronts costless?

No technical knowledge is necessary to set up an Amazon store. Amazon offers a variety of appealing designs that allow users to create a multi-page storefront in minutes. Most of all, any verified brand owner can open an Amazon storefronts for free.

  • How many new or small businesses have storefronts on Amazon?

Amazon presently features 20,000 new/small businesses in its Amazon Storefronts area, with more to come as categories develop over time. Those businesses are covered in a few different sections.

  • Are storefronts visible on all devices?

Yes. The Storefronts modules and themes are responsively designed, which means they can adjust to any devices and screen resolution.

  • What is the best-selling item on Amazon?

There are a variety of things that sell well on Amazon. Electronics, books, baby toys, apparel, gadgets, even consumer electronic goods are best-selling products.


There are plenty of advantages to designing a plan for Amazon storefronts, especially for small enterprises. 

In a crowded marketplace, this may not be easy and Amazon brands and dealers will have difficulty overcoming this challenge if they hope to maintain and grow their consumer base.

However, your tale is one of a kind, and customers want to hear it. Amazon Storefronts are a great way to start a new strategy for attracting and retaining your ideal consumer.

 It’s definitely worth giving a shot, for your brand and your customers.

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