Thumbnail Image Design For Amazon

Thumbnail Image Design
For Amazon

Pricing simplified

$1500 per ASIN
Custom designed images for your Amazon listing

Design and copy that converts

Customers rely heavily on product images to make their buying decisions. Basic product images that showcase multiple angles simply aren’t cutting it anymore. Missing the opportunity to engage buyers with information-rich, beautiful, and high-quality images can spell disaster for Sellers, no matter how big the brand is.

Product images are the first module to appear on-screen while using the Amazon mobile app. Because of this, Lab 916 emphasizes the importance of visuals in our approach to optimization.

Our in-house creative team works to arm clients with meticulously made, on-brand images that quickly communicate product benefits.

Over 80% of Amazon shoppers now shop strictly on mobile

Attention spans are shrinking Platforms are changing. Our goal is to help you influence a buyer’s purchasing decision in half the time.

We focus our thumbnail image optimization with the following emphasis

Thumbnail Samples For Amazon

From the main thumbnail image (T0) to the final image in your thumbnail set (T6), there is a total of 7 branded images per listing. Depending on your product’s features, thumbnails can cover everything from testimonials, to ingredient callouts, and step-by-step instructions.

While some products may require very specific information for each individual listing, others (especially those with larger inventory) will benefit more from having universal sets that focus on shared features. We determine which route is best for your products based on our extensive research and competitive analysis process.

Amazon Thumbnail Categories

Each product has its own category-specific requirements for thumbnails and optimizing.
We have experience working with an array of brands, under every category on Amazon. From beauty and personal care products, to health & household, electronics, grocery & gourmet food, pet products, and many more- we’ve optimized it all.

What to expect?

After you place your order, our team will reach out to gather assets, and provide interview questions, so that we can design and create 7 custom Amazon image thumbnails for your brand. Projects are usually delivered within 2 weeks of project start date.

Pricing simplified

$1500 per ASIN
Custom designed images for your Amazon listing