Amazon Storefront

Bring your brand to life by utilizing the Amazon storefront feature which allows you to build a “mini website” of your product collection, brand, and videos on a custom shopping collection page on an Amazon subdomain.

What is an Amazon storefront?

With an Amazon storefront, you can create a custom website inside of Amazon’s storefront modules. When we think about how the Amazon experience has evolved, no longer is your actual listing the only place where your customer can interact with your brand. With the new storefront feature, this area of your brand asset on Amazon is becoming extremely popular.

Your Amazon storefront is highly customizable, with interactive product and brand videos, shopping tiles, and custom comparison tables that allow you to create a 100% branded and immersive brand experience for your product that you could not get with your listing and A+ content alone. 

We have found that Amazon Stores are becoming more discoverable and easily clicked by your customers. If you register your brand, your brand logos, Sponsored Brand ads, and brand name become links that lead to your storefront. Another reason to get a storefront is if you don’t have the feature installed, then clicking on your brand name will bring you to a search index page that also shows your competition.

Examples of Amazon storefront below:

Why is an Amazon storefront important?

Businesses that are successful on Amazon recognize the need to constantly change and adapt to the conditions of the marketplace in order to succeed against the increasing competition. To get your brand and products noticed by your customers in an overcrowded market, you must utilize the latest Amazon features – A+ content, previously known as Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) was previously a paid feature but now available free for all brand registry users.

  • With your Amazon storefront, you receive much more options to enhance your brand image through high-resolution images, videos, and GIFs embedded at an subdomain for your brand.

  • You can also update your brand content, and messaging as part of your seasonal promotions such as changing the graphics for Father’s Day to Christmas-themed product selections.

  • Creating a storefront gives you the ability to run “Sponsored Brands” advertisements, resulting in effective Amazon advertising campaigns. According to Amazon, linking your Sponsored Brand ads to Stores, instead of product pages is likely to boost RoAS by as much as 22%. 

  • Brands can now offer a “follow” button on their storefronts to create a social media-like experience for Amazon customers to follow their favorite brands for updates.

The Lab 916 Storefront Design Process

1. Onboarding and Research

Create A Branded Storefront Design

2. Creative Design and Copy

Upload and Troubleshoot

3. Recommendations

Our Key Focus Areas

We design your storefront with the following principles in mind:

What to expect?

Your Amazon storefront will be delivered within 14 business days of onboarding. Our team will take care of the entire process from design, your approval, all the way to upload to ensure your storefront design is set up and optimized for your storefront.


For most businesses, our basic storefront package will fit your brand with 3 custom design pages with custom images and keyword content. 

You can take the first step to better tell your brand story on Amazon and establish your storefront within the Amazon marketplace.

Amazon Storefront Design

Custom Amazon storefront design with your brand principles
$ 1500 One-time fee, includes all products in design
  • Your storefront will be delivered in 14 business days
  • Includes up to 3 pages
  • Service includes 1 hour free upload time
  • We will fix any error on store upload at no charge

Frequently Asked Questions

During our onboarding process, our creative team will gather as many of your brand resources as possible. We recommend at a minimum that you have high quality white background photography of your products and your logo in vector format. It is preferred that you also have some lifestyle imagery and video available. If you do not have lifestyle or video available, then our creative team can also photoshop new lifestyle imagery for you.

Yes – our team will research your top rated competitors to reverse engineer their formula for success in their Amazon storefront.

Yes – our team will take care of uploads – pending any brand name issues with your ASINs. Typically, accounts with brand registry do not have this issue – if the issue does arise, you can use our Amazon Troubleshooting Service to fix this backend issue on your Amazon account.

Our team will take care of revisions required unlimited for Amazon’s approval for our storefront.

Our custom approval process will provide for 1 revision for your storefront. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the first draft, we will happily provide 1 revision.