Our Story

Lab 916 is a full-service Amazon firm created by sellers for sellers.

We bring our clients real-world experience in product branding, storefront and product listing management, logistics and marketing. We have helped over 700 brands optimize over 20,000 product listings on Amazon since our agency founding.

Quick Facts About Lab 916

Lab 916 was founded in 2011 not as a consulting firm but Amazon merchant.

That’s how they learned what it takes to design, manufacture, and sell a product on Amazon.com. They learned the hard way, too. They innovated the popular yoga wheel product and successfully sold it on Amazon but soon realized how cutthroat the global e-commerce world is. Based on their ongoing success as Amazon merchants (Vince and Ary still sell on Amazon), other sellers started to seek them out and hire them for their advice and services

In 2016, Lab 916 was created as an Amazon marketing agency and consulting firm.

In 2020, Lab 916 managed over 1 million in Amazon ad spend with 4 million dollars return on investment.

This isn’t a data point we take lightly – multi-million dollar brands from around the world have turned to Lab 916 and put the Amazon side of their business into their care. The results have been remarkable – 50% revenue increases in a little as 6 months for client after client. The human side of the story is the warm, strong relationships that Lab 916 had developed with clients. And something else Lab 916 has built : a tight-knit team of marketing, branding, and Amazon experts. Like Lab 916 clients, that team is growing fast.