Our Leadership

Our Vision, Mission, and Values

Our vision at Lab 916 is for independent retail businesses to thrive on Amazon’s global marketplaces without suffering from not knowing how Amazon works.

Our mission is to make that happen by providing a full-service Amazon agency based on real-world seller experience. The agency’s team provides not only e-Commerce but shipping, logistics, product branding, data services, SEO, advertising, and more – everything an entrepreneurial brand needs to grow on Amazon.

How do we make all this happen?

By leaning hard on our core values as an organization :

One of the issues many sellers have with Amazon is inaccuracy. This is a problem when it comes to, for example, accurate P&L reporting. We however, highly value accuracy to make accurate metrics and accurate reporting part of the way we do business.

Lab 916 operates on the principle of transparency and continually tries to help our clients uncover the murky world of doing business on Amazon. We’re very transparent about our pricing, our commitments, our team, and the sales and metrics that are important to our customers.

We value long-term commitment in our business which aligns with our long-term commitment to Amazon expertise. We don’t believe in “get rich quick” schemes or approaches to marketing and selling on Amazon.

We believe in staying lean and keeping costs low and flexibility high. We’re committed to growing carefully and maintaining s lean team of experts and professionals.